Gorgeous Copper Bathroom Accessories You Need To Check Out

If you're looking for a sophisticated look in your bathroom, copper bathroom accessories may be just the thing. Copper is a warm reddish-brown color that can range from deep, dark brown with a hint of red to a bright firey shade with a tint of brown. Copper may also be described as 'rose gold' or 'bronze' by some manufacturers.

You may be thinking that copper won't work for your bathroom, though. You have fixtures that are made from silvery metals, or even oil brushed bronze. However, using copper against these cooler colors will add depth to your overall design. Combining metallics is a great way to add visual interest to a room rather than leaving it feeling monochromatic and bland.

Gorgeous Copper Bathroom Accessories You Need To Check Out

For other elements in the room, consider grey for your paint. The cool tone will allow the warm copper to stand out. Using a blush pink or bright jewel tones for other accessories will also create contrast with copper. Marble tile for the backsplash around the sink or tub is a great choice for a solid backdrop to showcase copper accessories against.

Keep reading to see 15 awesome copper accessories that are perfect for just about any bathroom!

Copper Toothbrush Holders and Soap Dish Sets

1. Hammered Copper Set

This copper set has a two-toned appearance to give it a more metallic quality. The hammered texture of these pieces contrasts well with the smoother portions of each item. This difference gives the set great visual interest. The raised dots on this set also adds extra detail. Using the different textures and adding details like the dots makes this set a luxurious addition to your bathroom. This works well in the white bathroom it's pictured in, and as you can see looks beautiful even next to the silver faucet on the sink.

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2. Square Plastic Set

If you're looking for something a little different, check out this set. The square design and clear plastic create a look that's right at home in a bathroom with more contemporary or modern leanings. The coppery look of the solid portion of each piece gives it an edge and makes this set stand out rather than fade into the background. Shatterproof plastic keeps these pieces from breaking if you drop them also making it easy to keep clean with a little soap and water.

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3. French Provencial Bath Set

This set combines the marble and copper tones to create a luxurious set. It comes with one toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish, and a tumbler. The pale, cool tones of the marble contrast well with the warmer colors of the copper stripe. The visual interest this creates will make for a stunning display on your bathroom counter. Ceramic material makes this set a sturdy option that will stand up to long-term use.

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Copper Shower Rugs

1. Aged Copper Rug

This gorgeous rug showcases the different colors and tones found in copper that's gotten better with age. Green, blue, and orange mix in with the red and brown to create a rainbow of hues that add to your bathroom's overall design. This rug is highly absorbent and dries quickly. It also has anti-skid polyester rubber on the backing to prevent slipping when you step on it. You can wash this in your washer in cold water, and it will dry quickly when tumble dried on low.

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2. Lion Head Copper Rug

Even though this rug is made from 100% cotton, it has a great metallic appearance that's made even more prominent by the black lion head design. It's constructed from quick-drying memory foam to create a cozy spot when you get out of the shower. The backing is dotted with rubber to keep it in place and to keep you safe when you step on it. This rug is machine washable as well. Using this lion head rug would be perfect for adding to a boho-themed bathroom.

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3. Copper Microfiber Rug

This rug is made from super soft microfiber with rubber backing to make for a comfortable, safe place for you to step after a wash. The design gives a metallic appearance, and the coloring keeps to that copper hue we love so much. This rug would work perfectly in a bathroom that is heavy on the cooler tones to add a bit of warmth or to contrast with darker hardware. You can machine wash this rug with a gentle detergent as well as dry it in your dryer.

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Copper Shower Curtains, Rings, and Rods

1. Ombre Shower Curtain

The shimmery brown and gold of this shower curtain create a coppery look that's perfect for any bathroom that wants for metallic accents. A piece of high-quality polyester fabric is used to make this curtain both water repellant as well as mold and mildew resistant. It's also textured, which adds visual interest to a room that's full of sleek, smooth surfaces. You can easily wash this shower curtain in the washing machine and it will air-dry quickly.

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2. Tension Shower Curtain Rod

While this shower curtain rod is listed as rubbed bronze, it definitely has the reddish-brown hue copper is known for. The smooth surface combined with the textured detailing around the brackets adds texture and interest to the room. This rod is super easy to install and has plastic on each end to help it grip the wall. This subtle design is perfect for a more casual design or for a less distracting but still pretty look in a bathroom with more bold looks.

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3. Antique Copper Shower Curtain Rings

The antique copper finish of these rings would add a great metallic element to a rustic or traditional bathroom. These rings are made from solid brass and covered with the copper finish. The copper keeps the rings from rusting, making them last longer. The clip design allows these to attach securely to the rod and curtain which keeps everything right where it's supposed to be rather than slipping off every time you slid the curtain back. It also makes the rings easy to use as you simply slide the curtain on and then hook the ring onto the rod before snapping it closed.

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Copper Toilet Paper Holders

1. Hammered Copper Paper Holder

This hand-hammered toilet paper holder is a darker variety of the copper color, pulling more brown than red. The texture of this item would be great for adding some visual interest to your bath. With easy installation and easier use, you'll love having this added bit of luxury in your home. The copper metal that's used in this toilet paper holder is rust-resistant as well, so no worries about the moisture in the air from your shower and bathtub.

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2. Freestanding Metal Wire Holder

This toilet paper holder isn't just a gorgeous copper color, it's also a handy little holder for your phone, too! The sleek design makes it easy to keep it stored in tight spots and small bathrooms. Its freestanding design makes it easy to move around. You can also use this holder in spaces like RVs and campers. This assembles easily and cleans easier. If you're looking for something with the most value for the least space, this one deserves an extra look.

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3. Industrial Copper Toilet Paper Holder

If you want to keep to an industrial design but still want some copper, check out this paper holder. Made from an actual bent pipe, this holder is easy to install and the paper roll slides on and off easily, with a removable end piece keeping it on when you want it to stay. All hardware comes with the holder, so don't worry about having to make a run to the hardware store when you get ready to put it up.

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Copper Towel Hooks

1. Brushed Red Copper Hook

These simple hooks are as sturdy as they are pretty. Brushed copper overlays brass metal to ensure the moisture in the air from the bath won't rust or tarnish this set. They each hold up to 15 lbs of weight and install easily for a quick and reliable storage option. These hooks would be great in a bathroom will minimal modern or contemporary design, or as a subtle option to not take away from an intended focal point. You can buy these hooks in either the set of 2 that are shown here or a larger set that includes 5 hooks.

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2. Hammered Copper Hook

This hand made hook is perfect for bathrooms with a rustic design. Hammered copper gives a great texture aesthetic while also resisting rust from the moisture that collects in bathrooms. The square mounting plate screws directly into the wall for easy installation and all necessary hardware comes with the hook. And if you're looking for something eco-friendly, you'll definitely love this hook. It's made from 99.7% pure recycled copper.

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3. French Country Copper Hooks

These hooks have a little more flair and detail. That makes them perfect for a shabby chic or charming country bathroom! The antique copper finish adds a vintage air to these hooks, perfect for any rustic design. The designs would also work well for a boho bath to add to the artistic elements. These large, sturdy hooks aren't just for decoration but can withstand holding heavy towels as well. Each hook is made from cast iron to give it longstanding durability.

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Versatility and Style

As you can see, copper bathroom accessories come in many shapes, sizes, and design styles. You can easily find something with a little extra metallic sparkle to fit with everything from modern decor to rustic charm. This color is classic and pairs well with cool colors for a warm addition in tone. Copper metal is also especially good for a bathroom as it is rust-resistant, meaning no worries about your accessories being damaged in a few years. Choose from any of these items and you'll have a bit of luxury you can count on for many years right in your home.

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