15 Gorgeous Dark Oak Flooring Ideas

One of the most popular woods used for flooring in America, oak floors, are beautiful and classic. Dark oak floors add a sleek modern look to your space and accentuate other colors throughout your room. 

Finding the perfect look to pair with a dark oak floor for your home can be a challenge. We did some digging to bring you an inclusive listing of gorgeous dark oak flooring ideas for your home. 

Dark floors may look modern and sleek, but they can also make your space look smaller. Dark floors will also require more upkeep than lighter-colored floors, and dark oak is no exception. 

Dust, scuffs, and scratches will show a bit more on dark wood than light wood. Although dark oak may be a bit harder than lighter woods to maintain, it is well worth the extra work. 

It can be challenging to pair your dark oak floors with colors and looks that complement your flooring while not making your room look any smaller. Dark wood floors are striking but can be overbearing if not paired with the right colors and atmosphere.  

We will take a look at some looks that work well with dark oak flooring, just keep reading!

white empty interior with two windows and a dark oak wood flooring, 15 Gorgeous Dark Oak Flooring Ideas

1. Bare Minimum

Minimalism is a fantastic look that has recently become hugely popular in home decor. All-white spaces are a very popular minimalist style that appeals to many different areas of your home. 

Pairing stark white walls with wide wood planks creates an expansive look in any space. The wide planks of dark oak add a simple elegance to your space that is unmatched and eye-catching. 

white empty room with 2 white vase on the ground

2. True Blue Elegance

blue interior with a white sofa

Plain dark oak floors typically create a bold traditional look. By using subtle and muted colors for walls and accents, the rich-colored flooring easily becomes the focal point of the room. 

For a stunning but conservative look, use classic colors like light shades of blue and white to pair with the warm tones of your dark oak floors. This look is sophisticated and vibrant and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits. 

3. In The Red

White sofa in front of red wall Dark wooden floor

Nothing catches the eye like a bold contrasting color palette. Vivid shades of various colors can be the perfect contrast to dark oak floors.

Deep shades of red are sure to accentuate the deep rich tones of dark oak flooring for a dramatic contrasted look. Pairing this striking duo of colors with bright white furniture will introduce some light into this color scheme.

4. Bold Beige

Cream cabinet on the wall with a pot of plant on the room with wooden floor

Some may think of beige tones as boring and predictable, but this isn't always the case. Pairing a strong beige hue with the boldness of dark oak floors adds a dramatic flair to your space. 

White accents with beige walls make for an enchanting contrast that adds a remarkable warmth to your room. Natural light and greenery can add some brilliance and a spray of color to this look.

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5. Just Peachy

Begie interior of a living room with a wall mounted tv and a white sofa and a portrait frames attached on a wall

To liven up a room, consider a bright pastel peach. To keep this color from overtaking your space, use a peachy tint to paint your accent wall, or add lots of white accent pieces.

Unique white furniture adds some modern touches to the room and helps to tone down the peach shade. Find eccentric pieces of furniture that accentuate the natural architecture of your home to add a cohesive touch.

6. Sunny Side Up

light orange interior with 2 white chairs and a white frame attached

Bright shades of yellow are a brilliant color partner for your dark oak floors. Using a vibrant warm shade such as yellow allows the wall shade to become the focal point of any room.

This decor method allows the rich brown oak flooring to ground the look of your entire space. White accents will add definition and light color contrast to this look. 

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7. Black Magic

Dark living room interior with black comfortable sofa, coffee table with books and houseplants, curtain and oak wooden floor

Black furniture and accent pieces make a great contrast to warm dark oak floors. Use rugs, pillows, or throws to add shades of black to your space for a classic sophisticated ambiance.

Deep and moody, shades of black bring out the red undertones of dark oak wood. Lighten this look with stark white walls and natural green accents. 

8. Shades Of Grey

Corner view on dark kitchen room interior with sofa, dining table with armchairs, cupboard, oven, grey wall, sink, oil and oak wooden

One of the most popular colors in home decor, grey is a cool neutral color that makes the perfect accent color for dark oak floors. Dark oak wood flooring in a room painted deep shades of grey can add a dramatic vibe to this cool modern space. 

Adding an accent piece such as a chair, couch, or rug is a great way to add a pop of contrasting color to accentuate this fabulous flooring material. Alternative styles of furniture and lighting give this space a sleek contemporary style. 

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Dark Grey Oak Flooring

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Grey may make the perfect accent color for oak flooring, but it can be even more show-stopping when used as the flooring color. Dark grey oak creates a stunning statement when used in various spaces of different colors and looks.

This modern take on dark oak floors adds a sleek modern look to your home. Pair this deep grey-colored floor with almost any color for a strong brilliant color scheme. 

9. Stunning Parquet

blue interior with a stairs and a black table and a white lamp on it

Parquet placement of flooring involves installing wood planks in a repeated geometric pattern throughout your room or home. This particular flooring installation method creates an eye-catching look in any space. 

Pairing this flooring method with a bold-colored room will create an unmatched look. Monochromatic accents will add to the dramatic effect of this dark oak flooring look. 

10. Herringbone Pattern

Dark living room interior with empty white poster, panoramic window, sofa, shelves with books and crockery and oak wooden parquet

The herringbone pattern is achieved by placing wood flooring planks in a zigzag pattern. This pattern creates a distinctive look that will add a ton of personality to any room in your home. 

Because this look is so extraordinary, using neutral wall and furniture colors with your dark oak floors will help to balance this look. Combining greys and tans with dark oak flooring installed in a herringbone pattern will give your space a sense of intrigue and awe. 

11. Chevron Pattern

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While at first glance, the herringbone and chevron patterns may look a lot alike, they are different design schemes. The chevron pattern ends at a 45-degree angle while the herringbone pattern ends at a 90-degree angle. 

The chevron pattern is easier to install and is sure to give your space a unique look. Regardless of the color of the room that you pair this flooring with, your chevron-patterned floor is sure to be the focal point. 

12. Grand Geometry

white interior with a lot of shelves and with green armchair

Bold patterns are a brilliant way to add some sophistication to your dark oak-floored spaces. Nothing adds a geometric touch to your room like a wall of shelves with a random geometric theme. 

Pairing this spectacular accent piece with some strongly shaped accent furniture only adds to this look. Vibrant colors are the perfect companion to a strong geometric piece.  

13. Urban Brick

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To add a rustic urban twist to your room, consider the use of a brick accent wall. The natural warm shades of brick add a contemporary touch to your home. 

The orange-brown tones highlight the deep tones in dark oak flooring for a rich warm look. A brick wall will also add some texture and personality to your space. 

14. Bold And Beautiful

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Dark oak floors make a grand statement in any space all by themselves. Adding a bold look to this flooring can create a fun flashy look that will turn heads. 

Uniquely colored walls paired with daring accent pieces and vibrant wall art is sure to make an impression on anyone who visits your home. This fearlessly eclectic look will allow you to express your style and personality in your home. 

15. Antique Chic

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While you may often think of the addition of flooring to change the look of your home, don't forget what lies beneath the current floors. Antique oak hardwood floors are often located under a layer of carpet or vinyl. 

Peel back your current flooring material and take a peek at what's beneath. Antique oak hardwood flooring can be refinished with a dark stain for a chic and charming look. 

To Wrap It Up

white empty interior with two windows and a dark oak wood flooring

As with any decor in your home, your flooring should center around what makes the most sense for your home, family, and lifestyle. Dark oak flooring isn't for every home or family, but it can add the perfect touch to the right space. 

With so many spaces that would look great with dark oak floors, it can be daunting to find the perfect look to pair with this beautiful flooring material. We hope that the above selection of gorgeous dark oak flooring ideas has helped to inspire your inner decorator. 

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