15 Gorgeous Gray Accent Wall Ideas

Have you been considering a gray accent wall in your home? If you’re trying to find some inspiration for your home makeover, then you’ve come to the right place. We have found 15 suggestions for you to explore and consider, and we provide tips and tricks on how to get the look and complete it. 

Gray is an elegant color choice for any home, and being a neutral color, it goes well with almost anything. As an accent wall, it welcomes other neutrals or brighter, more colorful hues. You can choose light, medium, or dark gray for your accent wall depending on the color of the surrounding walls, your decor, and your preferences. Keep reading to see some creative and beautiful ways to incorporate gray accent walls into your living space.

Interior of a cozy and warm living room with a long pink sofa, white colored fireplace mantel, and white and brown colored curtains, 15 Gorgeous Gray Accent Wall Ideas

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1. Modern Medium Gray

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A gorgeous open space living room with wooden paneled cabinetry

Using a medium or dark gray against stark white creates a beautiful modern contrast. The gray accent wall enhances the natural wood tones in the cabinets. The floating white wall shelves pop against the gray wall, drawing attention to the decor on display. Orange was chosen to introduce some color to the room, playing off the orange wood tones in the cabinets and floor. The floral vase in the center, the bowl of oranges on the counter, and the orange vases on the wall shelves also help carry the orange tones throughout the space. 

Brewster Gray by Prestige Paints

This medium gray by Prestige Paints is very close to the color shown in the photo and would make an excellent option for a modern gray accent wall.

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2. Enhance Decor Colors

Interior of a cozy and warm living room with a long pink sofa, white colored fireplace mantel, and white and brown colored curtains

This image shows a room with a light gray accent wall against white walls. Using these colors together provides minimal contrast, making the room appear larger. To accomplish this, choose a gray tone just a few shades lighter than the white tone you are using. This is an excellent option for small spaces. The gray in this photo enhances the room’s brighter colors, like the natural wood tones and the pink furniture and decor.

Pearl Gray by Prestige Paints

This light gray hue by Prestige Paints is almost identical to the gray from the accent wall in the image above.

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3. Shades of Gray

Interior of a gorgeous gray living room with flower mural paintings, indoor plants, and laminated wooden flooring

In this room, a medium gray accent wall is surrounded by dark gray for a regal appearance. Gold and green hues were used to add color to the room in an elegant fashion. While using two dark colors can make a room appear smaller, it also makes it feel cozier, making a large room feel more intimate. 

Knoxville Gray by Prestige Paint

This dark gray made by Prestige Paints would work great to imitate this look.

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4. Wooden Wonders

[PIN id=”5066618321718202″ size=”large”]


Using shiplap style wood planks for an accent wall adds texture as well as color. You can find planks with natural gray wood tones or paint them whatever shade of gray you prefer. This image shows shiplap planks painted a dark gray, which contrasts the surrounding white walls.

UFP-Edge Gray Shiplap Board

This shiplap board is prefinished to have a natural gray wood appearance.

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5. Wallpaper Please

[PIN id=”155303887275532243″ size=”large”]


Using gray wallpaper on an accent wall can have a considerable impact. Striped or geometrical patterns help create a designer look that can be carried throughout the rest of the room using decor. You can find all kinds of gray wallpaper with different patterns, textures, and images.

CiCiWind Grey Pattern Wallpaper

This medium grey patterned wallpaper would look stylish as an accent wall in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms.

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6. Wall Stencil Success

[PIN id=”560698222363871735″ size=”large”]


Using wall stencils with gray paint bares spectacular results, and there are so many patterns to choose from. Creating an accent wall with this method would undoubtedly yield breathtaking results. Wall stencils also have the added benefit of color customization and dual tones. 

Stencilit Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil

This wall stencil would create a sophisticated gray accent wall, which would be sure to earn compliments.

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7.  Painter’s Tape Temptations

[PIN id=”AVelxUJsOeyDcCB-FyiEbbXoufZ4O4JBDvrZQbh3wW_jIIzHElUDY-g” size=”large”]


Painter’s tape is another way to easily create a custom pattern for your accent wall. It’s another option that allows you the freedom of using dual tones. You can create geometric patterns, stripes, zig-zags, and just about anything else with painter’s tape. 

3M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape

This painter’s tape is specifically designed to help create sharp lines and edges for a professional appearance.

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9.  Sponge Painting Surprise

[PIN id=”AXKtceFw-PAXNe8engzalgIabRBbYwu1Lzg1fGNaBOpuSc1yG2Z-ozs” size=”large”]


Using a dark or medium gray base and then sponging over top of it with a lighter shade of gray creates a stunning effect that will easily inspire accent wall envy. The texture’s appearance almost makes the wall appear to look like concrete, the perfect addition to industrial-style homes. 

Lullingworth Store Natural Sea Sponges

These natural sea sponges create the perfect effect for sponge painting walls.

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10. Chalkboard Charm

[PIN id=”191332684157567660″ size=”large”]


Gray chalkboard paint is a fun and interactive way to create an accent wall that you and your loved ones can put a personal mark on. This is a great option if you enjoy a lot of company, or if you have children. Chalkboard paint can also be found in varying shades of gray to meet your needs.

Rainbow Chalk Markers Chalkboard Paint in Grey

This grey chalkboard paint is slightly darker than the shade used in the image above, but the chalk will show up easier.

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11. Terrific Tile

[PIN id=”27373510225277309″ size=”large”]


If you are remodeling your bathroom, then you can make an accent wall out of your shower tile for a luxurious effect. Tiles come in many shades of gray and many different shapes, and they can be cut to create custom patterns. Use white-colored grout to create contrast, gray grout to create a more seamless look, or black grout to provide subtle contrast.

Soulscrafts Glass Subway Tile in Gray

This medium gray subway tile is a great choice for any shower accent wall.

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12. Backsplash Beauty

[PIN id=”6614730693289494″ size=”large”]


Gray backsplash can make for an eye-catching accent wall in any kitchen. Backsplash tile can be found in various gray shades and an astounding array of different shapes and sizes to fit any home. This method can add texture and depth to your kitchen or bathroom. 

STICKGOO Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile

This backsplash tile is beautiful and contains varying shades of gray to extend additional depth to the room.

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13. Wall Panel Perfection

[PIN id=”426012446002608190″ size=”large”]


Wall panels can be a quick, cheap, and easy way to add a beautiful accent wall to your home. The panels are usually embossed to create texture, and most of them also provide extra sound blocking properties. They come in a variety of patterns and textures, like brick or tile-look.

Wasait Gray Brick Wall Panel

This brick-look wall paneling would create a stunning accent wall in rustic or industrial homes.

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14. 3D Desires

[PIN id=”9429480460175811″ size=”large”]


you can also use lumber to create a cost-effective accent wall with a 3D effect. Cut the lumber to create your desired pattern, and then secure the boards to the wall for a stunning effect. Use gray as the base color of the wall and paint the lumber whatever accent color you like. You could also paint the wall and lumber the same color for a cool geometric 3D effect without any contrast.

15.  Shelving Shenanigans

[PIN id=”25825397853614470″ size=”large”]


Turn your whole accent wall into a space to show off your collections. Use a darker gray with white shelves to really draw attention to the area. Decorate the shelves with your favorite possessions and use the opportunity to add color to the room. This look can be a real showstopper, and the customization level is infinite due to the shelving.

Accent Wall Assurance

Now that you have seen all these fantastic ideas for gray accent walls, you are sure to have some ideas in mind for your next project. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new materials and customize your area to express your personality. Have fun creating your dream home!

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