27 Gray And Brown Living Room Ideas

Brown and gray are two of the most classic, timeless colors. That's why combining the two is a wonderful way to create a cool, comfortable space. There's also a lot of variety with these colors as they can come in lighter or darker shades. The versatility works wonders in any living room, regardless of your personal style.

But because there are so many options, it can be easy to start to feel overwhelmed by all the choices to be made. To help you out, we created an inspirational photo list of  27 gray and brown living room ideas. So without further ado, let's check them out!

A living room inspired by the shades and tints of gray ranging from the furnitures to the dining table and curtains, 27 Gray And Brown Living Room Ideas

1. Color In A Grand Space

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Huge windows inspired with a brown colored wall all over the living room and mixed with wooden patterned tiles

In a grand space, color plays an important role. Warm espresso browns and cool grays play off each other wonderfully. The espresso brown walls match the shiny wood floors to pull the room together. Even the sofa and the accent wall match each other. A dark brown shag rug adds softness. 

2. Industrial Grays

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Gray panel walls in front with a wall mounted TV above a black colored cabinet combined with a gray colored furniture with a wooden paneled wall

An industrial aesthetic is cool and calming. The sweeping gray cement walls contrast beautifully with the hardwood floors. Cut firewood runs vertically up the wall, adding organic texture into the space. The various shades of gray in the room ensure that the design doesn't fall flat.

3. Cloud Gray

Gray colored furnitures paired with light gray colored walls and complimented with a mix of brown cabinets and furnitures

Cloud gray is just a shade darker than a crisp white color, but with the ability to add some added depth. It stands out from the wall color and complements the espresso brown furniture and hardwood floor. The brown leather pouf, coffee table, and entertainment shelf pull the dark colors into the room.

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4. Added Plant Life 

A rustic themed living room with brown furnitures and a wooden paneled flooring

One guaranteed way to infuse color into the living room is with the addition of plant life. Houseplants come in an abundance of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you're guaranteed to enjoy intrigue. The vibrant color also looks phenomenal in a gray and brown living room design.

5. Stone Fireplace

A rustic inspired living room with protruding brown colored trusses paired with a light tint of brown color of the wall complimented with a brick cladding interior

Don't let the fireplace go unnoticed in the living room. Call attention to it by using natural brown stone. The stone rises until it meets the brown wood-paneled ceiling, encapsulating the room in warmth and comfort. 

6. Accent Wall

A luxurious modern living room with a brown wooden paneled wall on the TV section and a wooden paneled riser

An accent wall is a great way to create a focal point in any room. This one features three different colors and a handful of various textures. It's almost as if the accent wall serves as a piece of art. Don't shy away from using bold options in the home. 

7. Warm, Ambient Lighting

Rustic designed living room installed with wooden panels on the ceiling and on the walls for the cabinet

A great way to incorporate gray and brown into your living room design is through the use of lots of organic colors and textures. Natural wood and stone feature these rich colors, so all you have to do is pull them together. Warm lighting, like table lamps and floor lanterns, throughout the room adds to the overall ambiance. 

Decorative Lantern

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8. A Soft Color Palette

Gray furniture complimented with a white complimented with a white ceiling mixed all together with gray walls

Grays and browns don't only have to be in dark shades. Their lighter counterparts can make a room feel airy and open. The light feeling also allows for colors and darker shades to stand out. Steely gray upholstered furniture ensures that the color doesn't get lost in the room design.

9. Color Balance

A classy but classic living room with a contemporary look to the entire living room

Employ the use of color balance to really pull out the depth of each hue. To have both a moody and a light room, balance is key. The dark charcoal wall plays up the moodiness while the light brown herringbone floor ensures that the room still feels light and airy. Colorful accent pieces pull the two themes together.

10. Industrial Minimalism

A cool contemporary inspired two storey apartment living room with a decorative gray wall and dark wooden paneled flooring

Maintain a minimal industrial aesthetic through the careful selection of materials. Shades of gray and shades of brown can create harmony in a space like this. All it takes is different shades of hardwood and different gray-colored materials. 

11. Vertical Stripes

A gorgeous living room with a brown flooring and a brown colored fireplace mantel incorporated with striped walls and white couches

You probably know that wearing vertical stripes helps a person look thinner, but did you know the same principle can be applied to design? If you have shorter ceilings or simply want the room to look grander, opt for the use of vertical stripes on your walls. The two tones of gray look well-balanced and intriguing. A chocolate brown area rug anchors the room.

12. Colored Pendant Lighting

A spacious living rom with brown wooden paneled flooring and gray furnitures and a colorful hanging lamps

The pendant lighting is a great way to infuse color into the light gray and brown living room. These colorful pendant covers really draw the eye in. The soft colors that surround the room are relaxing, so the pop of color does a great job of adding just enough interest. 

Colorful Pendant Light

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13. Platform Seating Nook

Gray and brown themed living room with gray colored furnitures

One way to truly elevate your living room is through the installation of a raised platform for a seating nook. Separate the main living room space with the couch and TV and a sitting area by installing a platform. It turns the room into a very versatile space. Soft gray furniture and walls are complemented by the light blue and yellow room accents. 

Light Blue Velvet Accent Chair

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14. Modern Traditional Aesthetic

Living room combined with gray and brown furnitures blended with wooden paneled floors

Upgrade your modern traditional aesthetic by using chic colors like light gray and sandy brown. Your furniture and other decor elements can still have that modern traditional aesthetic you crave, but with these soft colors. 

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15. Geometric Patterns

Luxurious living room with gray flooring incorporated with gray furnitures and a brown colored cabinet

Another way to make your gray and brown living room exciting is with the use of geometric patterns. This can be done with rugs and other furniture. Area rugs are a wonderful addition because they're available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. There's always going to be one to add the perfect finishing touches on a room.

If you don't quite know how to arrange an area rug, check out our guide on How To Position An Area Rug In A Living Room.

16. Marble Accent Wall

Modern living room with gray granite stones combined with brown decorative flooring and an indoor plant placed next to the curtains

A marble accent wall is one way to quickly turn the space into one that oozes with luxury. Whether it's real marble or faux marble, it adds glamor to the room. Then, it's easy to incorporate brown flooring and gray curtains into the space. 

17. Charcoal Furniture

A brown colored flooring incorporated with black colored couches and a small rug on the coffee table area

Charcoal furniture is nearly black in color. It's bold yet inviting in a room. Other dark features easily complement the dark charcoal shades, making the room appear mystic and moody. To prevent the space from becoming too dark, employ a light hardwood floor color.

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18. Glamorous Brown And Gray

Turn your browns into golds and your grays into steely sheens. These metallic versions of brown and gray transform a space into complete elegance. Various fur accents, like pillows and throw blankets, also foster that same upscale feeling. 

19. Dark Hues

In a room like this, you'll always feel cozy. The dark grey and brown hues are dramatic yet rich. The large circular mirror reflects enough light in the room to make it feel airier and open. Don't shy away from playing around with patterns and textures. 

20. Large Living Room Space

If you have a large living room, you should fill the space with lots of large, beautiful furniture, lush plant life, and flowing curtains. Marbled fixtures bring together the light sandy brown furniture and linen gray curtains. 

21. Gray And Brown Furniture

Light gray walls serve as the perfect blank canvas for furniture to make its own imprint on the design. The long gray couch features brown legs that match the color of the two accent chairs. 

22. Elevated Luxury

This gray and brown living room is all about luxury. The high ceilings, intriguing light fixtures, and textured wallpaper create a lot of visual appeal in the room. Even all the furniture subtly matches. All the different patterns work together wonderfully. 

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23. Simple Designs

The light floods into this space through the large windows. The geometric-patterned area rug anchors the room, tying the various design elements together. Organic fibers are found throughout all the furniture pieces, adding a unique texture to the space. 

24. Rustic Charm

Rustic charm can be incorporated into any room with careful consideration. Even the accent wall is rugged, weathered shiplap. The gray wall allows for the tan and brown furniture and decor accents to stand out. 

25. Boho Aesthetic

A boho aesthetic embraces a warm, relaxed feeling with the careful selection of color, furniture, and texture. The soft gray velvet sectional couch and naturally woven tan rug are the two main components in the room. An assortment of accent pillows and throw blankets are layered onto the furniture to add warmth and diversity of pattern.

Natural Jute Area Rug

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26. Nearly Monochromatic

This room is nearly monochromatic with all the different shades of gray. The patterns and textures look captivating in the light and airy space. The tall stone fireplace is the focal point in the room. 

27. Functional Modern

This room is all about functional modern design. Brown hues are found throughout the room in a variety of items: the couch, rug, and many pieces of decor. The painted white brick walls add a nice touch of texture to the room, too.

In Closing

Gray and brown can truly transform a space. There are many ways to enjoy a brown and gray living room, so we hope you enjoyed this article and found an inspirational set up for your home! 

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