15 Gray And Green Living Room Ideas

If you love a gray and green combination, then this post is for you. We’ve found fifteen gorgeous inspirational living rooms that use shades of green and gray. These two colors work well with each other and depending upon the intensity, lightness, or darkness of the colors can create all sorts of design moods. Whether you’re pairing a rich emerald with deep charcoal for a dramatic zone or choosing a soft sage to pair with even softer dove gray, you can create very different looks with this combination of colors.

Computer, sofa and tables in living room, 15 Gray And Green Living Room Ideas

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1. Pair A Grass Green Area Rug With Light Gray Flooring

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Grass green area rug with light gray flooring, black sofa, bicycle and a work desk

This minimalistic loft space uses a grass-green carpet to break up the overall use of whites and grays on the walls and flooring. The couch is a darker charcoal gray which is a nice contrast. The single house plant near the couch brings in another slightly deeper tone of green to play against the rug.

This grass-green shag rug will help create the look in the simple space above.

2. Get A Green Leather Accent Chair For Your Gray Living Room

Green armchair standing in living room interior with retro cupboards, fresh plants, white rug and end table with tea set

If you’re worried about too much color in your space but need a little, think of the accents. In this sumptuous paneled room of dark charcoal, the designer has chosen a single green leather chair. A wealth of potted plants brings in more greens without it being too permanent.

This soft green midcentury chair with leather cushions can help you achieve the look in the above photo. This chair is stylish and would be gorgeous paired with deep charcoal grays as well as lighter grays.

3. Paint An Accent Wall In Rich Emerald

Fashionable living room interior with wooden commode, Scandinavian sofa and rich emerald green armchair and accent wallFashionable living room interior with wooden commode, Scandinavian sofa and rich emerald green armchair and accent wall

We adore this luxurious-looking space. The rich green accent wall is picked up by a similarly colored armchair. Soft gray sofas and a small dresser look great with this color. Notice the subtle additions of green in the boxes on the coffee table. Golden brass fixtures give this room a very current feel.

A small coffee table accent like these decorative green vases put the finishing touches on a design idea. The details are what make your room stand out.

4. Use Houseplants And Throw Pillows To Bring In The Green

Gray living room with sofa, house plants, green throw pillows and white curtains

This room is so airy and bright but still doesn’t shy away from color. The large wall behind the sofa is a lovely textured dark-medium gray. The white sofa and curtains bring a lot of brightness to the room while still keeping things neutral. For accent colors, this room uses natural beige in the carpet, lighting fixture, coffee table, and outer drapes. And for color, we see gorgeous green throw pillows along with a healthy smattering of green-leaved plants.

5. Don’t Shy Away From Chartreuse

Modern living room with chartreuse throw pillows and shelf

In this ultra-contemporary space, the designer has paired vibrant chartreuse with many shades of gray. When you enter the room your eye is drawn to all of the lovely details in green, from the back bookcase, to the vase, to the pillows, and to the stunning leather chair. If you have the boldness to take on this bright green, you are a real design superstar.

Chartreuse in silk? Yes, please and thank you! This gorgeous pillow cover is gorgeous and a striking color.

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6. Get The Green Sofa Of Your Dreams

Stylish and elegant living room of apartment interior with green velvet sofa, marble stands, pillow, blanket and chic accessories

Who says you can’t have a deep green sofa? Not us. We love this look. And this sofa looks gorgeous against the soft gray wall with white trim. There’s even a green throw to drape over yourself when you get chilly.

This tufted velvet green sofa has a luminous color. Its midcentury modern styling is on birch legs with a bit of gold metal finish on the bottoms. Imagine yourself curled up on this comfortable couch. Your friends will be green with envy.

7. Gray Curtains Are Gorgeous With Your Green Couch

Green corner sofa in bright living room interior with gray drapes and flowers on table

This room has an awesome green sectional. And though the floors are a natural hardwood shade, the designer has brought in gray with the use of flowing curtains. Curtains are a great way to bring in a color you really want if you’re limited in what you can do with your flooring color. In this case, gray!

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8. Pair A Deep Green Pouf With Gray Walls

Small studio apartment, green pouf with gray walls

This greige-toned room has an elegance to it. The mantel against the wall, the velvet tufted pillow on the couch, and the gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the coffee table are thoughtful details. But the one that stands out to us is the lovely deep green pouf that offers extra seating in this small space. Its simple shape and neat piping make it both useful and beautiful.

Here’s a similar shape. The addition of tufting is a nice pairing with a tufted pillow on the sofa.

9. Paint Your Walls Sage Green To Go With Your Gray Sectional Sofa

Walls in sage green, gray sectional sofa, picture frames on the wall

Paint color is another thing to think about when choosing a new color palette. It’s an inexpensive way to change up your home decor with just a minimum amount of labor invested. Here a soft sage green wall color provides a nice neutral background for the interior decor. The slightly darker gray sectional is livened up with some brighter green throw pillows mixed in with the gray.

10. Let Your Artwork Add To The Color Palette

Plant on table next to settee with lamp and blanket in gray loft interior with green poster

Another way to create a gorgeous gray and green look is through the strategic use of artwork. Here, an abstract painting on canvas stands out as a minimalistic design element on a soft gray wall. A throw pillow on the couch pulls out similar colors, and the plant draws the eye around. A gray throw on the sofa pulls in the wall color, and sunny yellow accent pieces round things out.

A simple botanical print would be a nice look on a gray wall.

11. Add A Third Color To Your Gray And Green Design

Modern white living room interior design with green and blue sofa

In this bright space, a large teal sofa adds a third color to the combination of green and gray. This bold interplay between the three colors creates a room that is lively and interesting. Notice the throw pillows on the sofa that match the armchair and the ceramic vase on the coffee table that is a mixture of the two colors.

This teal vase turns to a slightly greener shade toward the textured bottom. This would be a cool accent piece for a green/teal/gray combination.

12. Mix Patterns, Textures, And Tones

Modern apartment with wall of green leaves, gray and green pillows on a gray sofa

This fun apartment room matches grays with various shades of green. A live wall of green leaves stands behind a gray futon sofa that’s dotted with green and gray pillows. A gray macrame pouf and textured wallpapers add depth to the space to create something that is fresh and fun. We really love the geometric throw rug in a deep greenish-gray with white. 

This lively rug would look super in a space like this. The mixed shades of green and gray give you lots of colors to start with.

13. Paint A Home Office Area In A Cheery Green And Match With Gray Desk

Metal organizer with polaroid photos placed on study corner desk with glasses on notebook and gray tea cup standing in green room interior

Many living rooms have a section cordoned off to act as the home office. Why not brighten it up with some cheery paint in your favorite shade of green? Then use a gray desktop to create the perfect gray and green color combination. We also love the use of the grid here to hold notes and random photographs. And, of course, a few of your favorite deep green houseplants.

14. Use Gold Accents With Green And Gray

Small coffee tables with marble tops and gold in front of elegant gray couch with emerald green pillows

When you’re thinking about coffee tables, lighting fixtures, and other metal room accents, gold is a beautiful color to pair with gray and green. In this room, a pewter gray sofa sits against a deep green wall. Velvet green throw pillows dot the couch and a large green glass bottle asks as a vase next to the sofa. We really love the basket bottomed small coffee tables in gold metal. They really finish out this rich look.

These glass nesting tables in gold would be perfect for this look. They are compact and moveable, which is super convenient in a small space.

15. Use A Gray Accent Chair Against A Green Wall

Green vintage room interior with plants, mirror, chair, wooden cabinet and floor

If you’re combining green paint with wooden furniture, then consider having your upholstered pieces in tones of gray. Here, a mid-tone gray chair is upholstered in soft fabric. Various greens are used to accent along with the paint color. 

This modern chair is cute and it swivels.

Gray And Green Inspiration

We hope one of these combinations was what you were hoping to find when thinking about your own gray and green living room. Between paint colors, flooring, furniture, and accent pieces there’s no shortage of ways to make this work for you.

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