51 Gray and Navy Bedrooms [Including Pictures]

One of the most classic and timeless color combinations has to be navy and gray. These two colors compliment each other so well, creating a perfect balance in the room. With the combination of navy and gray, you can evoke a sense of tranquility while simultaneously creating an unforgettable sight to behold. You can use patterns, textures, and light to generate further interest.

White wooden commode next to bed with dark bluepillows grey duvet and striped black and white blanket in bedroom with framed art gallery on the wall

With how comforting these colors are, you'll want to spend all the time you can in your bedroom! We've put together a series of inspirational photos to get those creative design gears turning! Check out the photos below to inspire you with your navy and gray bedroom makeovers!

1. Warm and Inviting

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Modern bedroom with blue pillows and black lamp on table

Make your bedroom warm and inviting with the right bedding and pillows. The room basks in natural light, featuring the bedding set.


2. Statement Artwork

Modern bedroom interior with blue curtain and artistic wall design

Don't shy away from using bold pieces. Using statement artwork along a wall adds great visual interest.

3. Shades of Gray

Cozy and modern domestic bedroom interior design

Mix in plenty of different shades of gray; the color is chic and timeless. Any color will pop against it. Fascinating art pieces, like these ceramic horse heads, will be captivating as well.

4. Solid Wall

Modern bedroom interior with a stylish combination of trendy blue and light wood texture

Put your bed against a solid navy blue painted wall. It serves as an accent wall, excellent for placing your bed against it.

5. Classic

Cozy bedroom with carpeted floor

Using gray, navy, and soft brown colors ensure that the space is calm and cozy. The soft upholstered headboard is timeless.

6. Dark Room

Elegant blue bedroom with yellow carpet

If your bedroom has plenty of natural light, try painting all your walls in that gorgeous navy tone you've dreamt about.

7. Softened Features

Modern blue bedroom

Soften the features in your room with the incorporation of natural wood elements. Navy and gray don't have to be dark and moody.

8. Accent Colors

White wooden commode next to bed with dark blue pillows, grey duvet and striped black and white blanket in bedroom with framed art gallery on the wall

Gray and navy will pop in a room when they're used as accent colors. White walls make for the perfect backdrop.

9. Organic Elements

White pillow on blue bedding on king size bed in fashionable bedroom interior

Soft organic fabrics like linen and cotton instantly add warmth to the room. The beautifully made rug anchors the room.

10. Space Travels

Telescope near bed with knit blanket against dark wall with star stickers in blue bedroom interior

Feed your inner astronaut with a room like this one. Take your adventures to outer space with navy, gray, and carefully selected accent pieces.

11. Small Space, No Problem

Dark and elegant bedroom with double bed and upholstered wall

Even with a small space, you can make your room pop with navy and gray. The dramatic navy headboard gives the illusion of a larger area.

12. Differing Patterns

Bedroom corner setting with comfortable graphic pillows in neutral color with navy blue painted wall

Check out how well these colors complement each other, even with different patterns and fabrics.

13. Patterned Bedding

Add in some light patterned bedding to create some complementary contrast to the room.

14. Moody

If you like to make things moody, use heavy doses of navy and dark gray.

15. Light and Airy

Soften your gray and navy tones by the use of organic fibers and materials. Incorporate light wooden furniture and plants for additional warmth.

16. All Matching

Clean lines, matching furniture, and wooden furniture can make a room look very put together and orderly.

17. Accent Rug

With the right accent rug, you can liven up a space. Consider how intriguing this cowhide rug looks in this space.

18. Stripes

Using stripes in the bedroom helps to elongate the space and make spaces look wider. The varying width in stripes creates visual interest.

19. Wow with Lighting

The lighting in this bedroom adds a level of whimsy to the room. A perfect companion to the gorgeous tufted sleigh bed.

20. White Accents

Placing white accents in the bedroom helps to highlight various features and broaden the space.

21. Big and Bold

Make everything about your room big and bold. The lighting, headboard, and rug demand attention from anyone that walks in the room!

22. Warm Texture

Let the texture of your bedspread, rug, and other items in your bedroom warm the feel of the room.

23. Canopy Bed

Canopy beds can make your room look luxurious. With tall ceilings, these types of beds fill the space well.

24. Touch of Industrial

With natural wood and exposed brick, you have the perfect recipe for an industrial-style room.

25. Coastal Flair

Soft gray and navy blue can be used to style a room to create the perfect amount of coastal flair. These beautiful colors are accentuated with an abundance of natural light.

26. Comfort Colors

Anchor one wall with a beautiful navy blue color and pull in accent pieces of the same hue to tie the room together.

27. Room with a View

Capitalize on your view if you have a breathtaking one. Natural light gives the navy room a soft glow, brightening the features in the room.

28. Personal Art

Personalize your room with large art pieces above your bed.

29. Shiplap

Shiplap has become a household favorite over the last few years. The gorgeous planked wood is the perfect companion for a gray and navy themed bedroom.

30. Pendant Lighting

The pendant lighting in this room brings in simple, modern, intriguing touches to the room. Lighting in a room can add interest just as much as other decor pieces.

31. Texture Galore

Sometimes there can never be too much texture, as long as it all complements each other.

32. Pink Accents

One way to add in some color to your gray and navy bedroom is with the help of an accent color. The soft pink color does enough to break up the color scheme just enough.

33. Textured Wall

Texturize your walls to add more dimension to the space, allowing the color to captivate the viewer.

34. Eclectic

Intersperse eclectic pieces throughout the room to give it even more of your personality.

35. Luxurious Living

Reflective surfaces help to brighten a room and make it seem larger; it also makes it look more glamorous and luxurious.

36. Kid's Room

This kid's room is cozy and play-friendly with its gray and navy theme.

37. Breezy

Who says navy and gray can't have a light and airy aesthetic? This room is a take on the classic style but with an airy, breezy feel to it.

38. Details

Use details to showcase your gorgeous gray and navy bedroom style. Bedding, pillows, and artwork do a great job of anchoring the style.

39. Subtlety

Subtle navy makes its appearance in this bedroom. The soft hue pairs beautifully with the light gray bedding and headboard. The gold tones of some accent pieces add a nice sophisticated touch.

40. Striped Walls

Let the walls do some of the talking. The navy striped wall captures attention, serving as an excellent backdrop for your bed and bedside tables.

41. Velvety Smooth

Velvet accents add softness to the room. The gray and navy colors are timeless and classic, so using those colors in velvet pieces adds to the allure.

42. Navy Artwork

Pull in additional navy colors through carefully selected art. The splashes of navy stand out against the soft gray wall, making it even more tastefully dramatic.

43. Neutral Palette

Let the neutral colors highlight other features in the room. Create a collage of photos above the bed, as seen here.

44. World Traveler

Inspire your dreams with a gorgeous world map mural on your wall. Make a bold statement with something like this.

45. Watercolor Walls

Add whimsy to your bedroom by painting your walls in a watercolor painting fashion. It will be one of a kind wall, serving as an unforgettable piece of art.

46. Unique Decor

Tell a story with the unique decor items you add to your room. Think outside the box, get creative, and go all in. The crown molding emphasizes the room's intrigue.

47. All Modern

Clean lines, neutral color palette, natural light, reflective surfaces, and organic fibers are handily used in this style. Statement artwork neatly completes the look.

48. Small Living

Even if space is limited, you can design big. Utilize space well, and take creative liberty to design a special bedroom. Tucking the bed against the wall will add to the cozy factor!

49. Bringing the Outdoors In

Bring in a part of the outdoors into your room design. Cross-sections of trees, painted and left natural, add an organic element to the mix.

50. Simplicity is Key

Sometimes all you need is a simple design. Remember, simple doesn't mean boring! Solid colors, matching lamps, bedside florals, and an above-the-bed photo are low-key, yet wonderful.

51. Lunar Loving

Space doesn't have to seem cold. Design a captivating space, inspired by space itself. The moon wall piece sets the stage. Caged pendant lights are reminiscent of planets or other extraterrestrial bodies. The navy blue and gray color palette mimic the colors of galaxies.

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Telescope near bed with knit blanket against dark wall with star stickers in blue bedroom interior

Cozy and modern domestic bedroom interior design

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