23 Fantastic Gray and White Bedroom Ideas

Mink. Rhino. Seal. No, these aren't just animals - they're also names for gray paint colors. Oher colors get names like Flamingo's Dream or Whispering Peach (both by Benjamin Moore). Colors like gray and white aren't quite as romantic. On the contrary, they get pragmatic names. Sensible. Down to earth. Like Trout - no, really! That's an actual name for one shade of gray.

But when you think about it, pragmatic and sensible are great qualities. Sure, maybe you didn't know that's what you wanted from your paint. But is it a bad thing? Decorating in a gray and white color scheme is soothing. It is sophisticated but simple. It doesn't need to mask itself in flash or pomp.

Gray and white are strong and formidable colors. These outstanding colors are easy to balance and coordinate. Also, gray and white work with almost anything. They lend themselves to both a naturalistic decor and also a more urban, gritty city look. Keep reading further for 23 of our favorite gray and white bedroom looks. We'll help you find pieces to recreate each look. And finally, we'll help you find the perfect look for a gray/white dream bedroom of your own.

Clean and neatly arranged gray and white bedroom with a large window, 23 Fantastic Gray and White Bedroom Ideas

1. Simple and Sensible

Empty bedroom interior with armchair, bed and lamp, simple and sensible gray and white bedroom

One of the biggest downfalls of gray and white decor is that it's fairly nondescript. Because there's no vivid color, there's not always an eye-grabbing spot to look. But this design pulls the room together with just a few simple pieces. For example, big windows, fuzzy carpets, and warm lighting. These details seem small but bring the room into focus.

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2. A Room With A View

Wooden floors and gray walls, decorate with white furniture, large windows with a view

Here, there's no doubt who the real star of the show is. It's the gorgeous view outside, of course! If you're lucky enough to have a stunning panorama like that, enjoy it. Don't try to compete for attention (as if you could!) Let the window take front and center. Then, use subtle, neutral colors to simply add support.

For a similar look, try:

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3. Cool But Cozy

Glass votives and vases in a cool but cozy white and gray bedroom

In a small space, using glass is a great idea. This is because clear glass reflects light. As a result, the room appears bigger and brighter. In this room, we see simple glass votives and vases.

Sticking with white and gray also helps in a small room. This is because they are light-reflecting colors. Finally, adding candles also help to make a small bedroom seem bigger. Meanwhile, bright green eucalyptus brings cheer and color into an otherwise tame space.

4. A Sheer Delight

Flowers on nightstand table in delightful bedroom interior with gray and white design

The warm gray walls and beige tones add comfort to the room. Overall, though, there's a flair for elegance to this design. The flowers together with light, wispy curtains prove the charm and romance present here.

To get this look, try:

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5. Prime Patterns

Decorative pillow with houndstooth pattern placed on the bed in white bedroom with window and simple lamp

The perfection of this room is in how all the various textures and patterns work together. In a gray and white decor, things tend to be simple and fresh - but this can quickly become boring. To combat this, rely on patterns for appeal. Together with textures and contrast, the room is engaging.

For example, this room has sleek curtains, a houndstooth pillow, and more. The nubby blanket together with a smooth comforter creates contrast.  This room is all the proof that you need - there are more ways to decorate than just color.

To get this look, start with:

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6. Modern Simplicity

Modern bedroom interior in a light gray color with wooden furniture

This room has a modern style together with a classic charm. It's simple, with fun wooden touches that warm the room up. And who doesn't love a timeless wall sconce?

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7. Charismatic Charcoal

Charismatic charcoal gray bedroom with a wooden chair and a bed

Gray is a versatile color that comes in many shades and tones. A dark-gray like this one can be charismatic and stately. But be sure the room isn't too dim. After all, gray can quickly go from comfortable to cave-like. Only proper lighting can prevent this.

Light-colored wood together with white accents adds brightness. Meanwhile, the careful use of black helps ground the space. It also adds visual interest.

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8. Bright Bedroom

Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed

This is another example of a bedroom that is designed with interesting patterns and textures. For example, look at the patterned cushion, the rope basket, the wood, and the fuzzy blanket. These all create an evocative image. It appeals to the senses without relying on many colors. Use bright plants with a distinctive scent for yet another clever addition.

Side note: If you just love the homemade headboard, look here for tips on designing a headboard yourself.

9. Warm Wood

Warm wooden nightstand table next to king-size bed with white and gray bedding in simple bedroom interior

This is the perfect room for country or rustic decor. Overall, there is a classic, homey style. The rug brings texture and warmth to the room. The wood pieces are fashionable and also unique. But, more importantly, they can be a storage space at the same time.

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10. Chic and Modern

Chic and modern gray and white bedroom with large bed in the middle with gray sheets

In this design, touches of blue and black are added, together with gray and white. Because the room is long and narrow, the extra colors help bring balance to the room. For example, patches of blue appear on all four walls. This helps to guide the eye around the room. As a result, the movement makes the bedroom seem larger than it is.

11. Marble Masterpiece

Marble masterpiece of a wall design for a gray and white bedroom

Marble goes naturally with a gray and white color scheme. However, it can be hard to incorporate. Marble tends to seem over-the-top for a private space like the bedroom. This room does it well, mixing up the style with a unique marble wall. Hints of subtle marbling elsewhere - for example, the blanket - also help to unify the room. 

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12. New-Age Princess

Two small lampshades hanging in modern pastel girly bedroom

Sometimes you just need a space that's girly but not too girly. In this case, gray is the perfect choice to tone down the liveliness of pink. The gray and white walls make a great canvas. As a result, the pink has a surface to really pop against.

These colorful accents push the room away from drab. Not to mention the fun, fuzzy puffballs on the headboard. There's no doubt they make a room that is fun rather than frigid.

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13. Natural Spaces

Plants behind wooden bed near hammock with pillows in natural spaced bedroom with posters on white wall

This room has an authentic, natural vibe.  This is the ideal place to rest for someone who likes a cozy, simple room. Lots of plants, wicker baskets, and rope all contribute to the decor. And the hammock seat looks like a perfect place to unwind!

To try this look, consider:

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14. With An Accent

White furniture, gray wall, dark wooden floor, bedroom with an accent and symmetry

For those who prefer structure and stability, this is your room. The perfect symmetry alone is eye-catching. Then, the clean, uncluttered look creates a space that is elegant and refined. The large wall molding accents also provide balance against the dark floor.

To make your own accent molding, use this:

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15. Small Space, Big Style

Room with black gray and white color and hidden light on wall, small space with big style

The long striped floors make this narrow room appear much bigger. Similarly, the block pattern on the walls creates the illusion of a super high ceiling. If you have a small space, you probably want every bit to count. If so, then this is a great model to follow.

This room also has excellent symmetry.  Both sides look almost entirely balanced - even down to the pillows. As a result, the room is more formal but still inviting and comfortable.

16. Tactile and Textured

Bedroom interior with a combination of wood furniture and gray textile

Very simple wood pieces create a great back-to-nature vibe. The fuzzy bedding and textured rug also add warmth to an otherwise plain room. 

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17. Neutral Nursery

White rocking chair with pillow next to wooden cradle in elegant baby room with duck poster on the wall

Gray is becoming a popular color in nurseries. It works well when a gender-neutral decor is desired. What's more neutral than simple gray and white? It's classic, and it's contemporary. It's the perfect room for your little one.

For your own fun take, try this pouf:

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18. Vintage Style

Gray bedroom with grunge wall, wooden bedside table, white walls and blue vintage style armchair

The blue chair here really makes the room. You don't need a ton of vintage pieces for a vintage look. Just one incredible piece that stands out is plenty. Although, the distressed accent wall does solidify the style. 

For your own take, first, start with an accent chair:

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19.  Nature And Technology

Modern classic bedroom with white wall, furnished with light gray leather bed

This modern and stylish room blends subtle hints of contrasting elements. For example, the bedframe is leather - a natural material. However, the tables are made of metal - the essence of a man-made item.  Neither item is enough to overpower the other. Instead, it manages to look balanced, modern, and interesting.

20. Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian style bedroom design in modern loft with white canopy over bed and indoor palm tree in jute pot

This bohemian bedroom is fun and flirty. The bed canopy is sheer and romantic. The sheer curtains also coordinate. This adds a romantic flair but also offers a needed pop of color. 

It's also a nice touch how the bedding is left to pool on the ground. This mimics the look of the bed canopy. The unique stool repurposed as a bed table also stands out nicely. Since there's little other furniture, it gets some well-deserved attention. Such a simple piece could easily be lost in a busier room.

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21. Simple Spaces

Checkered blanket thrown on the bed in a room with wooden desk

Here, a simple room is made more interesting by lots of little details. Layers of bedding and pillows add depth and texture to the bed. A fun, unique light adds variety with an unusual material. The light stands out since it's also a bit off-centered. However, it's balanced by an equally off-centered mirror. Somehow, multiple off-centered pieces create an overall sense of balance. 

Like it? Start with your own unique feather light:

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22. Cool Luxury

Big comfortable bed in cool luxury New York style bedroom

Textured bedding and an area rug make the center of the room the focal point. However, the floor-length curtains are also eye-catching. Also, the height and pattern make the ceiling appear incredibly high. As a result, this brings a sense of luxury to an otherwise plain room.

The relatively bare wall blends in. So do the clear lamps and white nightstands. However, this helps keep the focus on the room center. Carefully placed plants add a spot of color and interest. Otherwise, the entire wall might seem to drift with no visual anchor.

To get this look, first, try this:

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23. Absolute Elegance

Absolute elegance in a classic bedroom with expensive furniture

This room is clean and elegant. The wall sconces and matching chandelier set the tone right away. It's obvious that every detail was thought out. The nightstands coordinate with the bed. The mirror is even trimmed to match the lights. It's classy, elegant, and refined - but never gaudy.

In addition, the long, clean lines in the design add to the feeling of luxury. For example, the wall trim, tall closet doors, and headboard all make a room that seems grand and opulent.

To Summarize

Gray and white are a great color combination. The colors together are soothing and low-energy. This makes them ideal for a relaxing bedroom. Just be sure to add visual interest with lots of textures and patterns. You can also use contrast to spice up the arrangement. Finally, consider using plants, light, and other details for an interesting space.


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