19 Gray Sectional Ideas For Your Living Room

When it comes to interior decorating, furniture plays a key role in the process. It provides both form and function to the room. Gray is a beautiful neutral tone that makes for an excellent color option for a gray sectional.

A gray sectional has its challenges in a room design, too. It could take time to find the best layout for the room with the shape of the couch. While gray is a fantastic neutral color to work with, it could also feel overwhelming with the sheer number of ways you can style it.

That's why we're here to help. We created a list of 19 gray sectional ideas for your living room to help inspire you. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A two level apartment with a gray sectional sofa, 19 Gray Sectional Ideas For Your Living Room

1. Overstuffed Soft Gray Sectional

Scandinavian interior design living room with grey and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Soft features abound in this living room design. The light gray sectional has an overstuffed appearance that looks inviting. Earth-toned neutral throw pillows bring additional warmth and tie together with the rug and accent chair.

2. Monochromatic Grays

Modern living room with cozy grey sofa and throw pillows

This gray sectional couch is accented with throw pillows in various shades of gray, creating subtle intrigue. The silver couch legs give it a touch of modernity. 

Divano Roma Sectional

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3. L-shaped Sectional

Contemporary design of cozy grey living room interior with simple sofa, coffee table, rack, plant and yellow cushion

If the living room is smaller, an L-shaped sectional is a great option. This one blends in nicely with the industrial concrete wall. 

Goodwin Sectional Sofa

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4. Gray Simplicity

Luxury living room corner with sofa and table

While rather simple, this gray sectional is massive, filling the room wonderfully. The gray area rug and marble top coffee table foster a look of cohesion.

5. Traditional Aesthetic

A modern living room with a gray sofa and a black fur rug

Continue your traditional aesthetic with a gray sectional that features straight lines and a sleek, clean look. Green and red patterned pillows add a pop of vibrancy. 

6. Tweed Gray Sectional

Stylish scandinavian interior living room with small design table and grey sofa with blanket

A tweed gray sectional is truly eye-catching in a room design. It features rich color and texture that brings valuable depth to the room design. 

7. Large-Cushioned Couch

Scandinavian interior design living room with grey corner sofa, lamp, coffee table and framed wall art decors

Large cushions on a couch can make any room appear larger than it really is. They're also perfect for curling into and relaxing. 

8. Rounded Charcoal Gray Sectional

Modern living room interior with grey corner sofa, throw pillows, abstract art decor on wall and glass top coffee table

A rounded charcoal gray sectional helps soften the features in a room. With a straight-edged coffee table, this type of couch works wonders. 

9. Patterned Gray Sectional

Designed corner sofa and coffee table

If you feel like a plain gray sectional is too ordinary, then branch out and find one that has patterned upholstery. The grid check pattern is subtle yet bold enough to capture attention. 

10. Sections Of A Sectional

Modern dark grey sofa with different pillows and house plants in living room

Piece together your dream couch with portions of a sectional. With a sectional like this one, you can build your perfect-sized couch according to your tastes and preferences. 

11. Throw Pillow Patterns

Grey corner sofa with throw pillows and coffee tables in wooden floor apartment living room

Since gray is such a versatile neutral color, it's easy to spruce it up with some carefully selected throw pillows. These striped, checked, and solid throw pillows perfectly complement the smokey gray sectional.

Grid Checked Throw Pillows

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12. Gray Leather Sectional

Elegant and modern living room interior design with high quality furniture sets and grey sofa

Gray leather is luxurious and warm. This sectional couch features an extremely broad chaise section, which adds to the allure of its design.  

13. Stone Gray Microfiber Sectional

A white colored modern living room with a black colored sectional sofa

The stone gray color of this sectional grounds the room. The microfiber couch is plush and stands out in the room design. 

14. Corner Sectional

A two level apartment with a gray sectional sofa

Find a cool gray sectional that fits the corner of your room just right. There's no awkward space in this room thanks to the well-sized sectional. 

Poundex Sectional

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15. Plush Sectional

A gray sectional sofa with a throw pillow

There's no lack of plush comfort in a large, curved sectional like this one. Create some contrast through geometric patterned throw pillows. 

16. Colorful Throw Pillows

Bright colored minimalist living room with cozy light grey sofa

Since a pale gray couch is such a cool neutral color, it's easy to spruce it up with colorful throw pillows. It serves as the perfect backdrop for color. 

17. Headrest Sectional

Grey corner sofa in modern living room with chandelier

This hazy gray sectional couch takes up a significant amount of space in the room, serving as the main focal point. The couch even features a unique headrest along the top of each cushion. 

18. Neutral Color Scheme

White living room corner with sofa and poster

A smooth gray sectional blends right in with a neutral color schemed room. Its expansive cushions help shape the flow of the room. A faint yellow throw pillow adds just the right amount of color.

Yellow Velvet Throw Pillow

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19. Heather Gray Upholstery

Modern black and white cloth sofa with matching throw pillows

This sectional shows off a lot of texture with its heather gray upholstery. It ensures that the furniture in the room design stands out.  

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