Gray Tile Bathroom: What Color Should The Wall Be? [Including 26 Photos Examples]

As you head into a bathroom renovation, you want to know what is the best wall color to match with gray tiles. You've heard things about cool colors versus warm colors, but doesn't gray go with absolutely everything? For the most part, it does, you can pair many colors with gray tile, but you do want to think about the right tone for the space you're trying to create. You also want to think about the overall light or darkness you want for your room.

We've gathered some super examples for you to peruse as you choose a paint color to match with gray tile.

An orange colored modern bathroom with huge mirror, Gray Tile Bathroom: What Color Should The Wall Be? [Inc. 26 Photos Examples]

Gray Tile Bathroom With Monochromatic Walls

Neutral spaces are all the rage these days, which is why similarly neutral paints work well with gray tile.

1. Gray Tile With Soft White Walls

Pick a beautiful shade of just off-white to go with your grey tile. A good pro tip is to buy several samples and paint poster board squares. Hold them up with the flooring and the room's lighting to see how they look. Whites can change colors when paired in different ways, and this can help you pick the perfect shade.

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Grey and white interior of a house bathroom with modern design

2. Pick A Cool-Toned White For Charcoal Gray Walls

Gray is usually on the cool end of the color spectrum. If you have a bathroom without natural light, consider picking an equally cool-toned white to pair with your tile.

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Modern grey bathroom with shower, wooden cabinet, round, white basin and toilet

3. Pick Ivory Paint for Greige Tiles

If your gray tiles tilt toward the cooler side, pick an ivory white with warmer tones for your walls.

Bathroom interior with gray tiles, white walls, big rectangular white wash basin and bath tub

4. Gray On Gray On Gray

This bathroom is a symphony of grays. Light gray paint on the ceiling reflects the other tones of grays in the room.

Modern bathroom in gray and white colors with large rectangular mirror

5. Light Gray Subway Tile With Dove Gray Paint

This classic light gray subway tile looks beautiful with a barely dove gray paint on the walls. The mirror frame and vanity in darker gray complete the monochromatic look.

Modern bathroom in country house with gray bathroom vanity

6. Why Not Choose Tile Instead Of Paint?

This bathroom forgoes the paint for an all tile look. Charcoal gray and white tiles pair well for a cool, contemporary look.

Modern bathroom interior with white tiles on wall and gray tiles on floor

7. Dark Charcoal And Light Gray Combined

Are you looking for something a bit more dramatic? Choose an almost black charcoal gray to pair with lighter grays, and you'll add drama to your space.

Modern bathroom with dark gray concrete tiles and off-white geometric tile floor and shower wall

8. Stark White Walls Against Dark Charcoal Tile

Love the look of dark gray tile, but don't want your bathroom to be too dark? Pair it with stark white paint to keep things light and airy.

Bathroom in conjunction with bedroom with structural beams, dark wood and granite tiles

9. Medium Grays and Cremes

In this all tile bathroom, the ceiling shines with light-medium gray paint.

Modern grey and white bathroom interior with sink and shower with glass panels

10. Wood Tone Grey Tile With Marbled Grey Tile And White Ceiling

Here's another bathroom that's skipped the paint altogether. Instead, sizeable marbled grey tiles cover the floor and two walls. An accent wall of wood tone rectangular tiles, also in grey, draws the eye.

Modern bathroom interior with concrete textured wall, toilet seat, sink and wooden paneling wall in the background

11. Mix Up The Grays

In this sleek bathroom, darker gray tiles in the shower play nicely with the medium gray cabinets and floor tile. Even the towel warmer is in a gray tone.

Modern bathroom design with gray tile floor and white tile walls

12. Use A Tile Border For Direction With Wall Color

In this darker grey and warm-toned ivory bathroom, the tile border contains both colors. Drawing from an existing feature in a room is a great way to choose a wall color.

Gray and beige master bathroom in modern style

13. Drama In Dark Grey Tiled Walls, Black Painted Door, And White Ceiling

This dramatic bathroom breaks up the vast expanse of wall tile with a horizontally striped barn-style door in black. The color echoes the colors of the towel rack and sink fixtures.

Contemporary bathroom with light gray honeycomb ceramic tiles and dark gray concrete like large tiles

14. Bright White Ceiling And White Trim For A Medium Gray Bathroom

Here bright white paint applied to the window and mirror trim, and the ceiling provides a stark contrast for the gray tile. It's a fresh and clean look.

Grey colored bathtub in a modern grey and white bathroom interior

Gray Tile Bathrooms With Colorful Walls

For people in love with color, gray tile could seem too blah. There's no rule against mixing colored paint with gray tile in your bathroom. We've gathered examples of various combinations for you to look at here.

1. Charcoal Gray Tile Paired With Wedgewood Blue

Blue and gray are a natural go-together combination. Here a light Wedgewood blue complements the darker gray tile and acts as an intermediary between the tile and the natural wood vanity.

Bathroom in gray and blue colors with bathtub and shower

2. Medium Blue Walls And Bright White Trim With Gray Tile

If you want a darker wall with bright white fixtures and light gray flooring, this medium blue is a great tone. It doesn't overpower or darken the space, yet gives the feel of something more than neutrals.

A dark blue colored bathroom with a white colored door and cabinet with a huge rectangular mirror

3. Lime Green And Gray Tile

It's not a common color combination, but we love the fresh and funky fun of this duo.

A green themed bathroom with a corner shower area and a bathtub on the side

4. Lavender Paint With Soft Gray Tiles

This delightful mix of colors works to soften this bathroom. The result is a soothing and calming space for washing away your cares.

A light colored violet and grey bathroom with indoor plants on the window

5. Turquoise Walls With Soft Grey Floor Tile

This beachy bathroom pairs soft gray floor and tub splash tiles with light turquoise paint and tile trim. This combination is cheerful and inviting.

A nautical blue and grey colored bathroom with a bathtub

6. Orange And Charcoal Tile For A Bold Statement

Love color AND drama? This combination of bold orange and deep charcoal turns a bathroom into a statement.

An orange colored bathroom with a square shaped toilet and lavatory

7. Pink And Gray Are A Natural Combination

Besides blue and gray, we love the vibe of pink and gray. The two shades go together, no matter which level of lightness and darkness you choose. Here Fuschia and medium gray are divine.

A pink colored bathroom with a bathtub on the side and a corner toilet

8.  Red-Orange And Light Gray Tiles

Here's another bold color combination if you're looking for the wow factor. Light-medium gray tiles are paired with a fire engine red wall and black fixtures. It's bold and beautiful.

A red and grey colored bathroom with a red towel and a glass door shower area

9. Red, White, And Medium Gray Tiles

The family of reds and oranges provide contrast with gray. Spend a day playing with color swatches in these tones to find the perfect fit for your space.

A red tiled bathroom with plants placed on the awning window

10. Rose Pink With Multiple Shades Of Gray Tile

This is another variation on the pink and gray theme. Here a muted rose pink creates a soft romantic bathroom when paired with gray and white marble tile and a dark charcoal tiled shower. We particularly love the rose carried over to the trim paint.

A light pink and grey colored modern bathroom with two huge circular mirror

11. Orange Accents, Ivory Walls, And Gray Tiles

If you want to use orange for your fixture and backsplash, ivory tones of white are an excellent choice for the walls. It's warmer color acts as an excellent medium to bring the orange and gray together.

A modern bathroom with an orange outline and an orange cabinet

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