15 Gray Tile Living Room Ideas [With Pictures!]

You see gray hues in nature. The moon, storm clouds, dolphins, charcoal, limestone, or even someone's hair are all in shades of gray. The Greeks and Romans preferred gray; this fondness generated the neo-classical design—a simple yet elegant style. Until now, many people have embraced gray in their interiors, such as walls, flooring, and furniture.  

We consider gray as a neutral color, meaning without color. There are not only 50 but 100 shades of gray identified. These range from dark and cool to warm and depend on the undertones present. While a gray with a hint of yellow or green creates a warm tone, a blue or purple undertone gives a cool shade of gray. 

All shades of gray mostly complement any color furniture or decor. Although gray offers a classic style and disguises dirt, it can also lack warmth. Thus, you must know what works well with your lighting and other design elements.

If your living room is south-facing, it gets more sunlight. In contrast, the north-facing one has cooler and darker lighting. Thus, cool or warm shades of gray tiles are better options for a north-facing and shady living rooms. 

There are several options available tiles depending on material, texture, pattern, shape, and size. With that, you might be overwhelmed. So, we collected 15 gray tiles ideas for your living room. These ideas will help you in choosing what is best for you. Let us explore each of them.

Contemporary inspired living room with wooden paneled wall, brown leather sofa and gray tile flooring, 15 Gray Tile Living Room Ideas [With Pictures!]

Material and Texture

1. Marble Tile

Gorgeous luxurious living room with a gray cladding fireplace and white walls and dividers

Although marble tiles are expensive and hard to maintain, the outcome is priceless. They have a luxurious and smooth surface. Thus, a home with this flooring increases resale value, provided that previous owners installed and maintained them properly. Aside from flooring, you can install it in your fireplace surround for a classic and radiant surface.

2. Concrete-Effect Tile

Luxurious living area with light gray wall and minimalist inspired furnitures

Either for flooring or walls, we usually see a concrete finish in the modern industrial interior. It has non-slip or textured surfaces. It is durable because of its stain and scratch resistance. Along with other minimalist elements, the concrete finish clears out clutter in your space. In return, it allows your accent piece to shine.

3. Terracotta Tile

Terracotta is one of the oldest clay ceramic tiles. In recent years, it has regained popularity for its organic texture. These tiles are prevalent in countries with warmer climates because walking on these tiles gives warmth and comfort. You can place these tiles in your hallways. Combining these with your wood, plants, and white wall makes a homey scene.

4. Wooden Wall Planks

Beige leather sofa and wooden coffee table with wooden paneled wall

This worn look reminds you of barn wood. By using wooden dark gray planks on your wall, you will have a rustic vibe and a feeling of being closer to nature. You can spend tea or coffee time in this cozy lounge space.

We found a PVC tile with heat resistance that is perfect for the walls around your fireplace. Its realistic distressed wood texture creates a high-end look.

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5. Scandinavian White-Washed Tile

Because gray evokes sadness, you might consider the white-washed form. A white-washed gray creates a vibrant and vintage effect. This gray flooring that extends into a wall shelving gives a light feeling to the room.

Its minimalistic look has a great contrast with the dark wall. The warm colors of knitted cushions and blankets can still stand out. In addition, a DIY white-washed look is possible to save money. 

For a DIY project, you will need self-adhesive vinyl tiles that are flexible and easy to cut. The white-washed gray with wood texture can easily brighten up your space. 

Check out this white-washed wood tile on Amazon.

Pattern and Shape

6. Fish Scale Tile

Are you an ocean lover? One way to express this interest is through this fish scale tile wall in a gray gradient around the lifeless areas in your home. Fish scale tiles, also known as fan or scallop tiles, offer you a striking effect. This pattern is famous for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. But your imagination has no limit, so try to experiment with it within your living room. 

You will also adore a seamless wall accent with fish scale tile that can be easily cut.

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7. Arabesque Tile

You can install these gray ornamental tiles to create a unique wall. Arabesque tiles add layers of spiral and curving lines to your walls. These curves bring movement and a sense of rhythm to a flat space. 

If you are a home renter, just peel and stick a tile with an Arabesque pattern. With this, you will no longer need grout in your instant renovation.

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8. Moroccan

These intricate patterns will transform your plain living room into a glamorous one. Islamic traditions are the inspiration for Moroccan tiles. With the repetitive geometric pattern, you can recognize their hypnotic and kaleidoscope effect. These tiles radiate sophistication and royalty.

With the complex geometric tile design, you can enjoy a farmhouse style. Its low-luster finish is suitable for areas that require a slightly reflective surface.

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9. Alternating Tiles

Do you both want wood and ceramic flooring? You can have them both. Mixing two different tile materials is becoming an attractive technique in the flooring industry. On this porch, the wood planks and large gray ceramic tile create a basket-weave pattern. The grid layout combines the best qualities of each material, making a unique and cohesive appeal. 

10. Two-Toned Pattern

Two colors are better than one. But, you will not need to buy two different tiles. Two-toned pattern tile is an affordable choice to achieve this. Play around which colors work best for you. Gray can definitely go with white. A gray and white combination has a simple contrasting yet graphic effect. 

The gray and white checkered design looks retro but modern.

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 11. Hexagon Transition

Wood floor transition is another creative way to catch guests' eyes upon entering your foray. Homeowners commonly use hexagon shape tiles in this technique. This is because of the modern look they produce when combined, forming a honeycomb pattern. In this example, the wood transition highlights the gray porcelain hexes. 

While entertaining your friends, you will love to show off your quirky style through a deep gray hexagon tile in your living area.

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12. French Parquet

You can instantly recognize this distinctive style. This living room has wood parquet flooring. Small pieces of gray wood tile form a continuous "V" shape or zig-zag pattern. Even though parquet flooring has a long history worldwide, it leaves an amazing impression and timeless appeal to your home.

 For faster application, you can opt for a vinyl tile with an interlocking pattern with easily fit tabs.

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Tile Size

13. Oversized Tile

The biggest tile available for residential use is 24 inches by 24 inches. Large-format tiles create an illusion that your room is bigger and spacious. These tiles also reduce the grout lines, resulting in a more unified style. With its big yet lightweight size, it is an ideal solution for remodeling home projects as it will omit the need for removing previously tiled areas and cut down labor costs.

14. Mosaic Tile

Bigger is not always better. This is true, especially if you have a limited living room space. Mosaic tile is a beautiful and versatile option because it is smaller and fills areas with ease. Either as accent or border, awkward spaces can benefit from its complex design and an additional splash of gold and gray to your larger tiles.

Gray mosaic tile with a bubble effect is easy to clean. This will inspire you to get bubbly with your home interior design.

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15. Slab

A slab has a different shape and size compared to tiles. It has a 0.75-inch to 3-inch thickness. It also costs more. Despite this, its quality is the same as tiles. Experts described slab as the integration of tiles. This concrete floor slab provides a soft, clean, and harmonious appearance. Similarly, there are also marble and granite slabs on the market.

A huge black painted fireplace inside a modern minimalist living room with gray tiles and sofas

Final Words

Contemporary inspired living room with wooden paneled wall, brown leather sofa and gray tile flooring

Aside from the tile color, you must also consider the quality of the tiles you will purchase. Tiles come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and compositions. Try these innovative gray tile ideas along with your creative mind. Remember that these will bring countless possibilities to level up your living room.

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