15 Great Gray-Tiled Bathroom Ideas

Gray is, without a doubt, the most popular color in home interiors currently. In the bathroom, there is a whole range of design choices to make using gray tile. We're going to look at some bathroom interiors that utilize gray tile to their best advantage. Whether it's a marbled gray and white, or a rich charcoal slate, there are beautiful gray tiles to create every sort of mood you're going for in your bathroom. Let's take a look at these fifteen gorgeous bathrooms using gray tiles.

A bathroom interior with wall-hung toilet, tile floor and walls, 15 Great Gray-Tiled Bathroom Ideas

1. Medium Gray Hexagonal Tiles On The Floor, Darker Gray Rectangular Tiles In The Shower

Modern bathroom interior tiled floor and shower with glass door

This gorgeous bathroom uses a mix of colors and shapes to create a modern, neutral, and stunning design. Standard white subway tiles are used for the main walls and sink black splash. On the floor, the designer has chosen a really lovely hexagon-shaped medium gray tile. The lighter grout works well with the white walls. In the shower, a darker gray subway tile that is the same size as the other walls.

2. Match A Floating Vanity To Your Tile

Modern bathroom interior with TV over the bathtub, marble floor and tiles and a shower with glass door

In this clean-lined bathroom, the homeowner has matched a lovely deep gray floating vanity with the shower's marbled tile and on the rear wall. The rest of the bathroom is a soothing white. We love a gorgeous floating vanity. They take away some of the bulk that comes with a traditional vanity and makes cleaning the floor of your bathroom a breeze.

3. Soft Gray and White Marble With Black Fixtures And A Bright Floor Tile

Contemporary bathroom with light pink honeycomb tiles

This unique and beautiful bathroom gives us something different. A lovely marble in gray and white striations has been used for the entire wall behind the vanity. Black sinks, mirror frames, pendant lights, and faucet fixtures create a striking contrast to both the tile and the floor. The pink tiled floor is a surprisingly fun choice for such an elegant design.

4. Large Square Gray Tiles For A Dark Neutral Floor

Luxury bathroom with bathtub, large mirror over sink and wall-hung elongated toilet

Many homeowners struggle over what size tile to choose for their bathroom floors. While we see the advantage in all types of choices, this large square charcoal gray tile is elegant and straightforward. It's a spotless look for a relatively small bathroom. The white fixtures and walls provide a nice light counterbalance to both the floor and the dark tile blue-gray tiles on the tub backsplash. Darker tiles are great for hiding dark hair on the bathroom floor.

5. Mix It Up With A Fun Geometric Patterned Tile

Vintage bathroom with white brick and gray tile wall

If you love the look of a gray and white bathroom but want something fresh and fun, consider geometric tiles. In this bathroom, gray and white tiles, a natural wood floor, and huge windows come together to create a gorgeous space.

Though most of the bathroom is tiled in small white tiles (or maybe it's painted exposed brick), the wall behind the tub is tiled in a whimsical geometric light gray and white tile. It's modern, fresh, and exciting. We also really love the subtle touches like charcoal gray bath towels and a couple of happy houseplants in the window.

6. Use An Inset Row Of Smaller Tiles In Various Shades Of Gray

Modern bathroom washbasin with chrome faucet

If you want to go with an all-gray palette but feel you need to break things up a smidge, consider an inset. Here, gorgeous charcoal rectangular tile is used on the walls behind the sink. A white grout provides a bright contrast. We love how the designer inserted a simple band of smaller tiles in three or four different gray shades to break up the mass of color.  You could do this with lighter grays also for a similar subtle look.

7. Lay Your Tile To Emulate A Brick Pattern

Dark tile spacious bathroom interior, tub and sink

This is a large and beautiful primary bathroom. Because of its large size, it's possible to use a darker tile without making it feel too small. Here rectangular tiles in various shades of gray are laid offset and horizontally to give the feeling of brick. This interesting pattern keeps the room from being minimalist in its style. The large window and simple soaking tub in white add an adequate amount of light to the space, so it still feels very open.

8. Use Mosaic Tiles On The Wall For A Different Twist

Large bathroom with gray tile floor, mirror over sink and shower with glass doors

We often think of using mosaic tiles in shower niches or as a band or border inset into the larger tile. But why not create your interior shower walls and sink backsplash wall with small mosaic tiles? Here small square mosaic tiles in white and grays are used in this way. The result is something unexpected and surprisingly unbusy as well.

The floor is a handsome pattern of mottled rectangular and square tiles in a medium gray that go well with the walls. Simple accessories keep the look clean and contemporary.

9. Use A Simple Border Of Mosaic Tile In Place Of A Granite Backsplash

Bathroom vanity cabinet with white granite top

If you don't want an entire wall of tile and prefer a stone vanity, here's a trick that you might like. Rather than use the typical 4" stone backsplash against your sink wall, consider a mosaic tile border. Here a frame of glass rectangular mosaic tiles in shades of greenish-gray look lovely next to the marble countertop. It's a subtle use of materials and adds a bit more visual interest than some of the more minimalist looks we've shared. 

10. A Fully Tiled Bathroom With Checkerboard Tile Floor

Bathroom interior with wall-hung toilet, tile floor and walls

If you want a bathroom that's the ultimate in ease of cleaning, why not tile it all? Here, standard large-sized subway tiles line all of the walls from floor to ceiling. On the floor, innovative use of gray and white square tiles has been used. Nine small square tiles are laid, with the center of those nine being white. This creates a look that's like a checkerboard. But the genius is that the beauty is in the simple layout. The tiles themselves are inexpensive one-color ceramic tiles.

11. Tile In Your Tub Box

Bathroom interior with large gray tile walls, wall-hung toilet and sink

Along the lines of a completely tiled bathroom is this simple look for your tub box. Just use the same tile you use in the rest of the room. Here, large-sized charcoal gray tiles line the walls and the tub box. On the floor are lighter, large square tiles in white. It's a clean and calming look and one that will keep you in the bathtub for a nice long soak.

12. Small Tiles On The Floor, Larger Tiles on The Walls

Modern bathroom interior of a home with ceramic sink and shower

This bathroom takes some of the looks we've shown but switches it around. Here small one-inch square tiles are used on the floor with a lighter grout. The look reminds us of pebbles, and this small tile probably feels great on the feet.

Another advantage to small floor tile is it gives more variation in the surface to help protect against slipping. Large, lighter gray rectangular tiles are hung vertically rather than the more common horizontal for the long sides on the wall. White fixtures and stainless mountings finish off this clean design.

13. Mix Gray Tiles With Other Colors

Interior of stylish panoramic bathroom with blue and white tiled walls, checkered floor, double sink standing on blue countertop with square mirror and window

This bathroom is a real joy. Two tones of large square gray tiles are laid in a checkerboard pattern for the flooring. Behind the sink, the designers have hung a marble feel mottled light gray square tile. On the walls, a rich eggplant shade brings elegant color to the room. It matches beautifully with the grays and gives this bathroom a bit more than the very popular white, gray, and black bathrooms we see so often. The hanging vanity is finished in a similar shade as the wall color.

14. Baby Blue Soaking Tub With A Glass Hexagon Tile Wall

Luxury blue bathroom interior with decorative objects and city view

Baby blue soaking tub? Sign us up. This unbelievably cool bathroom features a unique baby blue soaking tub on a platform. The alcove wall is painted in a matching tone, and the large arched windows bring in all of the city light and views. Behind the tub, the platform is a wall of shimmering hexagonal tiles that almost seem metallic. Tiles that resemble pewter and sterling stretch to the ceiling and give the baby blue tub something to stand out from. 

15. Hang Decorative Tiles In A Vertical Stripe Behind Your Tub

Modern bathroom interior design with white stone bathtub, gray tiles wall, ceramic flowerpot with green plant and hanger with towel

For another interesting idea, look at this image. Here the designer used a vertical ladder of tile that goes up from behind the freestanding tub center. This decorative tile provides some interest beyond the standard square layout of the rest of the bathroom tile. The colors stick with the theme, but the result is something that's anything but boring.

Soak Away, Surrounded By Gray

If you love the color gray, these fifteen ideas should get you thinking. Which of these is the right look for your bathroom? Do you want light or dark? Monochromatic, or should you add a bit of color? Hopefully, these images provide the inspiration you need in regards to cool gray-tiled bathrooms.

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