15 Gorgeous Gray Wall Paint Ideas By Room

Are you painting your room gray and in need of some inspiration? Look no further! We are here to show you 15 great gray wall paint ideas by room. 

Gray paint is wildly popular in today's world. Many people choose to paint their walls gray because the color is so versatile. There are many different shades of gray that you can use to achieve whatever style you want. Gray also pairs well with nearly every color, making it easy to match decor with your gray walls.

Although gray is very easy to use, sometimes it is hard to make a room appear bright and cheerful when it is too dark. It is important to make sure that you also use accent colors, like white or light brown, to brighten up your room.

The best part about painting your room gray is that even if you decide to switch up your decor entirely in 5 years or so, gray will still go with everything because it is so flexible. Although we think that gray is the best color for walls, it is sometimes hard to picture what your room will look like when it is painted gray - this is where we come in! So keep reading and learn about all of the great ways to incorporate gray paint on your walls! 

A living room with a gray sectional sofa with yellow throw pillows, a round white coffee table, and indoor plants all over the room, 15 Gorgeous Gray Wall Paint Ideas By Room


1. Living in Luxury 

Modern interior of a modern kitchen area with gray paneled cabinets walls, gray base breakfast bar with bar stools, and a huge window on the right

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Who wouldn't want to spend the day baking in this gorgeous kitchen? The painted gray cabinets paired with beautiful white tiles and light brown accent colors work to open up the room, making it appear cozy, homey, and outright luxurious. With the beautiful light drifting in from the window, you will feel like royalty when you use this kitchen. 

2. Industrial Beauty 

Interior of a modern kitchen with gray painted cabinets, hardwood walnut countertop, and dangling lamps

With this kitchen, you will get the feel of the New York City loft without ever having to leave your home. The way that the light gray walls complement the dark gray cabinetry is exquisite. This is the perfect kitchen to invite friends over for wine and a cheeseboard. 

3. Casual Kitchen 

Interior of a small narrow kitchen with a wooden table, whtie chairs, and blinds on the sliding door section

If the other two kitchens are a bit much for you, have no worries, you can easily use gray in a much more casual kitchen. This look is perfect if you have a family and there are children or pets in your kitchen often! The pop of pink is a fun and youthful addition to the beautiful gray hues in the walls and this kitchen's cabinetry. Not to mention the lovely white accents that brighten up the room and make it cheerful. 

Living Room

4. A Pop of Color

A living room with a gray sectional sofa with yellow throw pillows, a round white coffee table, and indoor plants all over the room

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Maybe you want to use gray for your walls, but you also love color! Have no worries - since gray goes with everything, you can easily incorporate your favorite color into your gray living room! For example, this photo shows cute yellow pillows and a little throw. You can easily recreate this look with any color you want, achieving a stylish, sleek, and fun looking living room! 

5. Abstract Art

A gray sofa inside a gray living room with picture frames on the wall, gray ottoman, and a golden colored floor lamp

Another fun way to make your gray living room pop is by adding beautiful abstract art to your walls. You can use any colors or art pieces that you would like to give your living room some additional character. This photo also shows how fun gold and gray look together! Together, these colors look very put-together and stylish! The light blue in this bedroom also adds a fun pastel element to this look, making it pretty complex with all of the different aspects of color coming into one living room. 

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6. Pastel Paradise

A gray sofa with gray throw pillows, two round coffee tables with a plant on top, and a gray wall with a mock up picture frame

Notice in this photo how great the light gray walls look paired with a dark gray couch and peach decor! The mixture of these colors make the room pop and look absolutely fantastic. You could pair any pastel color with gray to create a similar vibe to this fun living room. Who wouldn't want to spend their evening lounging on this couch and reading a book or binging their favorite series? 

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7. Minimalist Marvel

A spacious bedroom with a small bed and an area rug underneath with other stuffs on the dividers

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and gray is the perfect color to use for your minimalistic bedroom. Notice how simple but stylish this fun bedroom is. With light gray walls and nice accent colors, you are sure to love this bedroom. Plus, the best part is that since it is a minimalist style, you will not have a lot to clean around! 

8. Complex Gray

A modern gray themed bedroom with gray beddings, industrial floor lamps and ottoman, and indoor plants on top of the header

In itself, gray is a wildly complex color. By adding more black, you deepen the gray. By adding more white, you lighten it. You can play around with the complex nature of gray to make a beautiful bedroom with many different shades of this one color. Notice how the different shades of gray all complement one another. The little plant accents add a nice touch of green as well. 

These plants are perfect to compliment your all-gray bedroom, and they won't even die when you forget to water them! 

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9. Baby Bliss

A Childs room with a gray wall, gray crib and cabinets, and wooden laminated flooring

Maybe you want to create a charming gray bedroom for your baby? If so, this look is absolutely perfect for you. Notice how they accented both pink and blue for this bedroom, making both colors pop well. The best part about this nursery is that you will not have to renovate it much if you have a child of a different gender later on, as gray is highly gender-neutral. If you want to make this room appear slightly bigger and brighter, consider using a lighter shade of gray, as this one is pretty dark. 


10. Patterned Gray

A contemporary bathroom with gray hexagonal patterned wall, a white bathtub, and indoor plants placed on the window

In addition to using solid gray paint for your bathroom, you may want to consider adding an accent wall with patterned gray wallpaper! By doing this, you are making the room appear larger, which is often a challenge in bathrooms. You will also be adding a fun and classy element to your bathroom without changing the mood of the room too much! If you are interested in using wallpaper for an accent wall in your bathroom, be sure to check out this article for help on picking the best modern pattern! 

11. Orange Surprise

Orange is not always the most popular color, but it is spectacular when paired with dark gray. The orange accents in this bathroom make a fun color pop in an otherwise sophisticated and professional-looking room. If orange is not a color you favor, you could set a similar mood with any other neon color instead of orange. Neon colors are typically overlooked, as many assume they are too much. However, in a small dosage, like this photo, a pop of neon makes the room appear more exciting, welcoming, and nice. 

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12. Dreaming of the Beach

Interior of a spacious bathroom with a gray accent wall, a small bathtub, and a huge window on the right

What better place to dream of the beach than from your beautiful bathtub? By pairing your lovely gray walls with a nice blue hue for an accent, you will be creating the most relaxing and comfortable bathroom ever. These colors complement one another and will leave you feeling like you just got off the beach after every visit to the bathroom. 

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13. Welcoming Entryway 

A gray painted entryway, a rack coat with dangling lights, and wooden laminated flooring

Most people have a little hallway right inside their front door that is known as the entryway. It is important to create a welcoming and nice environment in your entryway because it is the first thing people see when entering your room! It can be hard to decide how to decorate such a small space, but by painting your walls gray, you give yourself a lot of creative freedom with your decor! 

14. Family Foyer 

A rustic themed house with wooden laminated flooring, gray painted walls, and white painted door casings and baseboard

Another hallway space that can be difficult to decorate is the foyer. It is often just a walking space to connect the front of the home to the other rooms. If you paint your foyer gray, it will easily match the rest of your home and create a simple and elegant environment in any home. Notice how this photo uses the complements of metal colors to mesh well with the gray walls. 

15. Italian Interior

A narrow gray painted hallway with white painted doors panels and gray tiles

Decor such as glass doors, mirrors, and additional lighting can easily fill space in your gray hallway. When you use mirrors in any room, the light bounces off the mirror and makes the space appear brighter and bigger, which is perfect in helping to open up your small hallway. The textured glass on the doors also gives a beautiful addition to this classy and traditional Italian themed hallway. 

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In Summary 

Gray is the superior paint color for any room. It is classic, timeless, and goes perfectly with any other colors. In the end, you truly cannot go wrong with gray! We hope you found this article helpful in deciding how you can use gray paint to complete any room. As always, have fun and be safe when completing your home projects! 

If gray is not the color for you, be sure to check out this fantastic article on teal colored rooms.

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