15 Great Gray Wood Flooring Ideas [With Pictures!]

Floors may seem like an afterthought in the grand home decorating scheme, but floors can add the perfect touch to your room. Gray has become one of the most popular colors in home decor, and flooring material color is no exception. 

Finding the perfect look for your gray wood flooring may seem overwhelming, but we have searched several sources to bring you a wide selection of great gray wood flooring ideas. 

While gray wood floors are sleek and stunning, they are also trendy. This means that after a couple of years, this style of flooring may go out of style. 

Dark gray floors may also show scratches, scuffs, and debris more than lighter colored flooring depending on the color that you choose. Although there are some drawbacks to gray wood floors, this material is so gorgeous it may be worth the risk. 

Gray is such a versatile color; there are several colors and design schemes that look amazing with a gray wood floor. It can be challenging to decide on the perfect look for your gray wood floor.

We will discuss several great gray flooring ideas in more detail—just keep reading!

Modern apartment in industrial style with kitchen and open living room - 15 Great Gray Wood Flooring Ideas [With Pictures!]

1. Distinctly Gray 

Loft apartment with gray sofa, pallet table, carpet and studio lamp

Some may think that the color gray is mundane or unoriginal, but the right look might change your mind. Combining gray shades with different saturations or undertones can give your space a modern and unique look. 

You can add texture and personality to your gray room by combining gray wood flooring with the right wall decor method. This ash gray wood flooring and medium gray custom wall add depth, texture, and tons of character to this room. 

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2. Warm Greige 

Interior Of A Living Room With Sofa And Furniture

For a warmer version of gray wood floors, consider the use of greige wood flooring. Greige is the perfect blend of gray and beige, making a welcoming versatile gray tone that coordinates well with many colors and styles.

Using this color of wood flooring with gray walls and accent pieces will bring out the warmer brown undertones of this flooring material. To bring out the cooler gray tones, pair this flooring color with warmer brown or tan tones. 

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3. Clever Chevron 

Herringbone pattern surface classic style stone paving, seamless texture map.

This placement pattern is achieved by cutting wood flooring planks to points that meet at 45-degree angles. Using this installation method adds an eye-catching geometric look to your space that is sure to turn heads in your home. 

Because this flooring pattern is so unique, bright colors aren't necessary to make a bold statement. Using shades of white and natural wood to pair with your chevron gray wood floors gives your space an understated balanced look. 

4. Intriguing Herringbone 

Intriguing Herringbone wood flooring

Another interesting flooring design for your gray wood flooring is the herringbone pattern placement. By placing the ends of wood planks perpendicular to one another at a 90-degree angle, the herringbone look can be achieved. 

This angled flooring placement also creates a strong look that doesn't require bold accents or colors. Using this flooring placement method for your gray floors makes an impressive statement in white-walled or light neutral-colored rooms. 

Differences Between Chevron And Herringbone Pattern

It can be difficult to distinguish between chevron and herringbone patterns, but these patterns are actually different. One of the main differences between these design patterns is that chevron patterns consist of planks cut to an exact point. 

The herringbone pattern is created by placing wood planks in a broken zig-zag sequence. Another important difference is that chevron patterns are cut to a 45-degree angle, while the angle of the herringbone is 90 degrees. 

5. Green Effect

gray wall in front of modern wooden separator modern pendant lamp textured wood laminate flooring and cactus with leather chair concept

Green is a cool color inspired by nature. Using gray with green undertones for your wall color will bring out the warm brown undertones of your gray wood floor. 

Throw some lighter contrast into this look using accents in light natural wood tones. A deep green plant is a great way to accentuate the green undertones of this wall color. 

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6. Charcoal Impact

Empty room with dark wall

One of the deepest of all gray tones, charcoal gray is a great color companion to gray wood flooring. Intense gray shades such as charcoal will bring out any brown undertones that exist in the gray wood. 

Accentuating the hints of brown in a gray wood floor creates a warm and inviting look. Add some bright shades to this color pairing for a dramatic look or some white or a light neutral color for a bright sense of detail and depth. 

7. Chic Black And White

Modern apartment in industrial style with kitchen and open living room

Shades of black and white are a timeless pairing that will add a classy element to any space. Adding gray flooring to your black and white room creates a cool modern look.

Adding gray flooring to your black and white room creates a cool contemporary look that is versatile and sophisticated. Throwing in some small pops of color will contribute some liveliness to this color scheme. 

8. Beachy Blue 

Vintage blue wall living room with white wood floor tiles

A cool color inspired by nature, blue is a great color companion to gray. Pairing blue walls with gray flooring is another decorating method to bring out some of the brown undertones in your gray wood floors.

Powder blue is a cool muted color that accentuates the hints of warmth in this gray wood flooring material for a soft welcoming look. Bring in some light natural wood tones along with white for a beachy ambiance. 

9. Tantelizing Tan

Home interior with parquet floor.

Pairing tan walls with gray floors will accentuate the beautiful cool gray tones of your wood flooring. A toasty-colored backdrop of tan wall color creates an inviting and cozy space. 

Combining calm tones of gray wood flooring with a welcoming tan wall color is a great way to balance the look of your room. White bedding and accents give this color combination a crisp contrast and sense of definition. 

10. Multicolored Gray Wood Floor

Intarsie parquet as parquet floor, design from several wood species, oak, maple, cherry tree, beech, ash

For a fun spin on a gray floor, consider using multicolored gray wood planks. With a large range of shades from light ash to dark charcoal, colors of gray can vary widely. 

Using different accent colors will accentuate different shades within this type of gray flooring. Pairing this look with a deep shade brings out the lighter tones of this multicolored flooring while lighter color companions will highlight the deep tones. 

11. Gray And Brick

Empty Interior room with old red brick wall, wooden plank floor, used as studio background wall to display your products.

While brick is normally used as an exterior siding material, brick makes a fabulous material for interior decorating. Pairing a brick interior wall with gray wood floors provides an urban ambiance that is unmatched. 

Bricks not only add a warm natural color to your room but also a distinct texture. The different shades in natural brick highlight the deeper gray tones within your flooring. 

12. White-Painted Brick

Empty Interior room with old white brick wall, wooden plank floor, used as studio background wall to display your products. Design ideas and style.

Natural brick tones can easily overwhelm some spaces and may also overtake the look of your gray wood floors. Painting brick walls white can address this issue. 

White walls can look dull, but with the added unique brick texture, white brick is anything but boring. Painting brick walls white will also offer a more expansive appearance to any room, especially when paired with light gray wood floors. 

13. Vintage Charcoal Grunge

Vintage interior, grunge background of old room from white stone wall and black wooden floor

Deep shades of charcoal gray can give your space a rich vintage grunge look. Combining this smoky tone with white walls brings a fantastic contrasted look into this space. 

Using wide planks of distressed wood for your flooring brings a dramatic edge to this look. A gothic ambiance can be just the backdrop for your room to add character and personality. 

14. Painted Gray

Black Wood Texture

Painting your wooden floors one solid shade of gray will give your floor a unique and trendy look. Stained wooden floors combine several shades of gray with different undertones for a multidimensional look that is much different from painted surfaces. 

Solid-colored floors bring a strong stable look to your space. Adding bright accents to this flooring look creates an eye-catching look that is soft and inviting. 

15. Cool Cabin 

Well lit dinning room with connected living room with lots of decor.

Using wood on walls is not a new concept in home design and decor. This look is timeless and versatile, working well for both traditional and modern styles.

Gray wood used for walls gives your space a modern country look. This cool neutral color used for wood accent walls creates a subtle inviting look.  

 Final Thoughts

As with any other decor in your home, your flooring should reflect your tastes and styles as well as fit your family's lifestyle. As with other colors, gray comes in a wide array of shades that have different undertones and can add different looks to your home.

With so many options in gray flooring, finding the right look for your home can be overwhelming. We hope the above selection of great gray flooring ideas has helped to inspire your inner decorator. 

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