9 11 x 11 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to best utilize your 11 x 11 bedroom and make sure that your new furniture fits seamlessly:

1. Cozy Layout

Apartment's bedroom includes a bed, window, two lamps, framed artwork and end tables

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This gray brass bed is the perfect focal point for a small space that needs a little extra something. With their classic look, brass beds will never go out of style.

The room’s gray and brown color scheme gives off a bachelor vibe that’s simultaneously cozy and inviting. This layout works well for someone who wants to feel homey but doesn’t want to do much decorating. 

The bedroom can accommodate one or two lamps with wooden bases to add warmth to the space. The wooden base on the lamps complements the wooden chest drawer nicely.

Add decorative pillows to the bed to bring this whole look together! The style makes a tiny space feel spacious and light.

2. Sunroom Layout

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Beautiful bedroom windows and ceiling fan

This 11 x 11 bedroom design is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, even when you’re inside. The window seat offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery while still being inside.

Elevate the bed to allow you to gaze out at any time of the day. For extra aesthetics, place a bed bench at the end of the bed. This is also a great spot to sit and daydream while enjoying the ambiance.

The soft, light colors of the room design above are elevated by the bright blue pattern rug. The rug serves as a focal point in the space and also adds texture and depth to an otherwise flat space.

3. Hanging Closets

Modern Small bedroom

Maximize your 11 x 11 space by installing a hanging wardrobe on top of your bed. This gives you more space and takes up less room compared to standard wardrobe designs. 

Don’t forget hanging wall lamps to complete this whole layout! Wall lamps are always a great addition to any bedroom. They offer ample light without taking up too much space.

4. Vintage Wooden Layout

Beautifully decorated master bedroom with white and light brown tones

This vintage-style 11 x 11 bedroom is a perfect fit for those who love the old-fashioned charm of the past. Vintage side tables and a wooden dresser add a classic look and feel, with touches of modern design on the bed and curtains.

Use soft, neutral hues with just the right amount of pattern to provide interest without being overbearing.

The rectangular lamp shades and the upholstered accent chair beside a small round side table are a must to make this room perfect for those who want to create a space that feels like home without being too feminine or masculine. 

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5. Vibrant Rustic Style

Cozy bedroom interior inspired by autumn color

When you’re trying to make a small room look larger, there are some simple tricks that can help. One of the most effective is heightening the bed. It’s a classic trick that works wonders.

Add a tall headboard and side table to create the illusion of more space than there actually is.

A well-lit room also gives the impression of being more spacious than it is. You can add a wooden headboard or background and rustic design elements as well as vibrant colors for added flair without disrupting the overall tone of the room.

Place a modest rug by the bedside to add some style.

Check out this rectangular non-skid rug on Amazon.

6. Achromatic Style

Comfortable bed with soft white pillows indoors

This layout combines the wooden headboard and tufted seat. The wooden headboard is the way to go if you’re looking to add some rustic charm to your bedroom.

The setting makes this 11 x 11 layout look like it belongs in a rustic cabin, while the gray bed frame and white bedding give it a more upscale appearance. The cushioned bed bench is a great choice for adding visual interest to your space.

The great thing about the achromatic color scheme is that it’s subtle. You can choose a single hue and use it for everything from furniture and rugs to bedding, lamps, and wall art. 

This simple approach will help create a cohesive look that will make your room feel instantly homey. Don’t forget to place a great piece of gray and white artwork on your wall!

7. Full-Length Mirror

Interior of a small modern white bedroom

Mirrors can make a room seem larger. You can even use them to add some light and color to the space.

The mirror on the opposite wall reflects light coming in from outside, making it seem brighter and larger than it really is. This gives you a feeling of spaciousness without actually adding more square footage.

If you are short on space, consider installing built-in wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes and shelves provide a convenient way to store your clothing and personal items in a space that is out of sight.

This 11 x 11 bedroom layout is not only beautiful but also functional. It will help you utilize every inch of space in your room while giving it a sleek and clean look that is sure to impress!

8. Japanese-Inspired 

Minimalist Japanese style

When you need to relax after a long day, you want a space that feels like home. The white walls, bedding, and carpet give this room a calming aesthetic that’s sure to help you be at peace at the end of the day.

The sliding door makes this bedroom appear more spacious. Sliding doors are the perfect way to make any room feel bigger without compromising on style and function.

With this 11 x 11 layout, you can create a hallway that connects two rooms, as well as an open space for storing items. To finish this look, include a hanging potted plant. This will add an extra bit of character to your room.

The main advantage of this style is that it creates an open space that allows for better air circulation and movement. The neutral colors give the room a truly aesthetic look that creates a calm atmosphere.

9. Wall Shelving

Modern bedroom side view

If you have a queen-size bed, the first thing to do is find a spot for it that’s going to work with your door passage. Then add some shelving around it. You can make it wide across the wall from your bedside.

Place a hanging wall lamp next to your bed, a lovely painting over the top, and a side table. A potted plant can be added for additional décor.

Wall racks can be decorative—for example, you can put one in the shape of a tree drawn on the wall, with the shelves imitating the branches! 

Books or ornamental items that might otherwise clutter the floor can be displayed in a fantastic setting. Fill it up with shelving to emphasize that area!

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In Closing

Your room can have an impact even with a small space if you know what kind of look you’re going for. For a modern and minimalist vibe, it’s best to stick with simple patterns and clean lines.

But if you prefer something more elaborate and ornate, then go for lots of intricate details in your furniture. Ensure that every element, from the throw pillows to the lamps, has a unified vibe rather than coming across as a jumble of irrelevant items.

Using one shade throughout your entire area will help open up your space while ensuring all pieces complement each other well visually.

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9 11 X 11 Bedroom Layout Ideas
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