9 Great House and Barn Color Combinations

You might be building a new home or renovating, but you have come to the right place either way. You have to check out these nine great house and barn color combinations. We have done the research for you and decided on the top best combos that you will appreciate seeing.

There are many advantages to choosing your own personal color combinations. One of the most extraordinary things is having pride in your decisions as you wow your guests when they visit your home. Designing any part of your home, in any aspect, allows you to demonstrate your creativity and stylistic choices.

Some things that you might struggle with when trying to pick some colors for your home and barn include availability. Painting the exterior of your house may be challenging to do on your own. We recommend calling in the professionals; they can help with your direction.

Another problem you might run into is that if you live in a subdivision or town with many regulations, you might not be able to choose the color you want.

Some regions are particular about what the homes in the area look like. The goal of these regulations is to create consistency and visual appeal in the area. For example, you might have noticed how Home Owner Associations have restrictions that may not permit yard fences or loud colors.

A blue siding farm house with white trims, 9 Great House and Barn Color Combinations

Hopefully, your HOA is not crushing your dreams to have a bright and lovely barn and home color. If they do, there are still some options here that would work for you. Let's take a look at some fun and common color combinations.

1. Red on Red

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A spacious red farm area with red painted wooden sidings and white trims

This is a very common look, but for a reason! It is the classic Red Barn style that you are in search of. The white trim creates a great contrast against the really rich red of both the barn and the home. A red barn and home with white trim is a great way to go that is HOA friendly and looks great in any type of climate.

2. Classy White

A white long span farm house with black shingle roofing at an open country field

This white barn and the white home combo is also a great way to go! It is classy and easy to touch up. Unless you have extreme weather [and a terrible paint job], chips and touch-ups are not as noticeable with a brighter or higher contrasting color. 

This look has a very uniform and clean feel to it. It looks lovely under a bright blue sky or in the storminess of a blizzard.

3. Modern White and Red

An open field with a small barn and homeowners house with a long maple forest on the back

Here we have the best of both worlds of the above two options; a white house and a red barn. You keep the polished look with the white home with white trim while maintaining the good 'ole red barn aesthetic. This is truly a modern take on a classic and often-practiced look.

4. Log Cabin

A gorgeous wooden farmhouse with gorgeous landscaping on the countryside

We love this log cabin look as well. This is undoubtedly one look that is dependent on your building materials. You can not get the look quite the same without having a similar build to this photo. A home with traditional siding painted brown will not feel the same as a wood-sided house and barn.

Another thing that we like about this home and barn combo is the green accents on the window pains. It brings a little bit of color to a neutral color palette while maintaining the respect of being labeled a country home.

This combo is very "Lincoln Logs" but we love it. We all grew up designing our Lincoln log houses, log by log, who would not want to have a real life version of the kind of home that we all know and love. 

5. A Pop of Color

Clay tile roofing used for a red exterior siding of a farmhouse

Like the Lincoln Log combo above, this pop of cobalt blue trim does wonders for this home and barn combination. This might be an excellent example of a renovated home color scheme.

Again, barns and houses built with log cabin siding are few and far between. It is costly to have a log cabin home because not only do you need regular construction, you need to purchase the lumber for the siding. The larger the home, the more lumber.

Another cost is weather-proofing the exterior wood. This is extremely important, especially in areas with wet and snowy weather.

6. Contemporary Black

A traditional style house

This image portrays a rather specific type of architecture often found in Asia. Your home and barn may not look exactly like this, but the piece of this that we love is the contemporary black color.

Not very often do you see a black barn and black home, but it is an option! It is becoming more popular but still relatively rare. 

The stone sitting on the peak of the rooftop is a nice touch of texture and contrast. It creates a familiar feeling for this new and improved black barn and home duo.

Here is a better look at what a common black barn would look like:

A barn converted and modified into a two story home

7. Bold, Bright, and Blue [Very Blue]

A tall blue walled farmhouse with white trims

Don't be afraid! It is your house (and barn), and you can paint them blue if you want to!

We are all for the loud color combinations for your barn and house. Be careful to choose a color that you love. Once you finish painting, the last thing you want to do is paint again!

Sometimes, it is rather easy to get burnt out of your favorite color. Especially if you go really hard in the paint, [pun intended] and everything you own is all a sudden sapphire blue. Make sure to choose a color that your love for it will last.

8. Yellow is Happy

A yellow painted wooden siding barn house with opened wooden doors

Everyone has their own opinion on yellow houses, of course. However, it is a classic color, especially for a home and a barn. The brightness of the color provides a lively spirit for all your guests to feel as they arrive at your house parties. 

The wooden barn doors also add texture and character. White would be our go-to accent color because it is fresh and easy to touch up, which is something that we discussed earlier as well. 

Make sure you apply some samples of different yellows to your house before you commit. This will allow you to gauge which direction you want to go with the yellow. Some yellows have a little more blue in them, which makes them a little more green; others have more red, leaving them a little more orange. Pick a direction and try out some samples to find out what suits you best. 

Here is another example of how yellow is a perfect color in your barn and house color combo. These folks have a white barn which also works and helps the fun, happy yellow stand out.

A huge white three story barn converted in a residential home

9. Green

A mint green painted barn house with white trims and black shingle roofing

This is such a fun look! Like yellow, you want to make sure you select the perfect green for you. This is a pretty pastel green, but that makes it give off freshly-painted vibes. 

Again, with barn and home combinations, the trend is white trim. It can brighten up just about any color building. You could also do a light green house and a white barn if you feel that both being green would be too overwhelming. 

Final Thoughts

A blue siding farm house with white trims

Hopefully, this article has helped inspire you! There are tons of options. When choosing paint colors for your home and barn, the world is your oyster.

We have touched on some of the basic options, some popular ones, and some of the less common color combos. Any direction you choose to go, you can't be wrong, as long as you love it!

Make sure you try out some colors before you commit to get the feel and ensure it is exactly what you envisioned.

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