27 Green Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Green is a fantastic color to use when decorating, bringing a clean, outdoorsy feeling to whichever room you use it in. The color green has been noted by psychologists to provide a general calming effect on the people who observe it, making it a subtle way to help bring peace to your home.

Green Bathroom Ideas

Let's go over several examples of green bathrooms to help give you an idea of how you can incorporate this look into your own home! You can watch this video first for a quick overview and continue reading the post later.

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1. Clear Focus

Minimalist green bathroom interior

The selective use of green tile in the center of the bathroom gives the room a clear focus, while the rest of the bathroom has been painted mint green.

2. Redwood Forest

Modern red and green bathroom interior design

The green and red of this bathroom comes together quite nicely and is very reminiscent of redwood trees, or Christmas. Green paneled walls, plants, and tinted bottles give a whimsical aura to the room.

3. Citrus Vibes

Modern interior of a green and white themed bathroom

This green and white bathroom would be slightly drab without the addition of a third color. However, when you throw in citrus tones like orange and yellow, you get a pleasantly cheerful room.

4. Simplicity

Modern green bathroom interior with bathtub, sideboard and white heater

The light wood and thin metal bars help make this minimalist bathroom seem lighter, which helps contrast the heaviness of the tub. The addition of a third color, in this case, the purple, gives the room a lavender feel.

5. Olive Green

Modern green and brown bathroom interior with large window and sink on wood cabinet countertop

Take a sample card of the color you want to paint with the furniture store to make choosing furnishings easier!

6. Natural Oasis

Modern bathroom with double sink, mirrors and sunken bathtub

You can use several shades of green in the same room, just remember that the walls don't need to be the only thing that is painted green. You have the option of tile and wood installations as well.

7. Luxurious Lime

Interior of a modern bathroom with green walls and shower

Green tile is a great option for tile in your bathroom. However, make sure to take into consideration the size of the tiles. Large tiles in a small bathroom will make the bathroom seem smaller.

8. Monochrome

Green and gray contemporary bathroom with wash basins and wood countertop

You can bring the same colors from the wall to the floor to provide a three-dimensional effect in your bathroom, as it seems to bring one surface down to a different level. If including rugs in your bathroom isn't really your cup of tea, click here to view several green bedroom ideas that might inspire you!

9. Accent Wall

Green, white and gray contemporary bathroom

If you're worried about having too much of one thing, paint an accent wall! It will make the green of the wall more noticeable while providing a nice neutral color to help things blend.

10. Faded Shades

Frontal view of a clean and modern bathroom, green ceramic tiles, wood floor

The textured green tiles used on this wall give the impression that you've spent more time and money on the space than you did. The dappled effect helps with variety, making things more interesting.

11. Tile and Wood

Contemporary house bathroom with wooden countertop, green tiles, bathtub, modern sink and faucet

Small, green tiles will give you the green that you want, and the small tiles will make the room seem like it's bigger than it is. It's a win-win situation!

12. Dappled Greens

Contemporary bathroom interior with green tiles and potted plants near window

Dappled green tiles make it easy to pick a style. Why? Because it contains many different colors, making it so you don't have to choose just one!

13. Floral Retreat

Wallpaper is a great option for testing out different looks. A floral wallpaper will give you the green that you're looking for while giving you additional perks and designs.

14. Paint Job

Sometimes green walls and a green houseplant are really all you need to do to achieve the perfect look. For example, the detail in this room is on the floor, instead of on the wall, which is an easy way to shake things up.

15. Woodland

A light-colored wood will go along with many different shades of green, making the combination of the two a fantastic option for bathroom organization and decor.

16. Plants and Paint

Use plants to pull out the greens in the different colors that you use! For example, the wall in this bathroom has green, blue, and grey tones, but because of the plant, the green is made more obvious.

17. Hand Towels

You don't need a huge bathroom to have the color scheme that you want. Any size of bathroom can be painted, and you can accessorize with common items like hand towels.

18. Light Shades

Not every shade of green you use needs to be in your face and incredibly obvious. There are slightly off white shades of green, like the tiles in this shower, that will make for a more muted effect, which can be easier to decorate with.

19. Wallpaper

If you're feeling like going all out, you can install tile, wallpaper, and green light covers! If you use similar shades of green, the different patterns won't contrast each other.

20. Brick Patterns

Tiles at and angle are a great way to shake things up! The white grout in between the tiles helps blend with the tub and the floor, pulling the entire look together into a cohesive whole.

21. Stability

Once you've picked the areas of your room that you've decided you want to be green, take some time to pick out accent decor! Dark greens will go with metallics like gold and silver very well, for example.

22. Minimalism in Green

Small, dappled green tiles will make it easy to redo your bathroom. You don't have to pay much attention to the order of the tiles since you're not going for an "ordered" look, and the small tiles will make the space look bigger.

23. Paper Plants

This bathroom cleverly utilizes green paint, white tile, and wallpaper that contains both of those two colors to bring it all together.

24. Small Differences

You don't need to redo your entire bathroom to incorporate green. Try a simple accent wall with a couple of pieces of decor that contain matching or complimenting shades of green to complete the look.

25. Living Green

Paint, tile, and wallpaper aren't the only way to have a green bathroom. You can accomplish the same effect with plants! While they do require a bit more maintenance, they don't require you to completely makeover your bathroom.

26. Decals

Dark green paint or wallpaper is a great contrast for light-colored decals. This is especially handy since the vast majority of bathroom fixtures are white, which means that decorating will be incredibly easy.

27. Glossy Tile

This dappled, glossy tile has a mysterious, moody, relaxing aesthetic. Even though the tiles are dark, they are shiny, which will help reflect light around the room.

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Green Bathroom Ideas

Green Bathroom Ideas

Green Bathroom Ideas

Green Bathroom Ideas

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