11 Green Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

The color green is an invigorating and refreshing color that promotes a calming effect and helps to relieve stress. Because of this, it is a widely popular bedroom color. As popular as it is, it is a bold color to choose without a bit of guidance on how to style it correctly in your space.

When choosing a shade of green for your bedroom, it is important that you choose a tranquil shade instead of a vibrant shade. This is a challenge for some, as brighter greens may be happier colors; therefore, they pop out and are easier to choose.

However, darker greens are better for bedrooms and promoting sleep. For example, instead of choosing lime green, go for a shade of forest green instead. This will promote better sleep and a balanced, youthful, and harmonious awake space. Check out these 11 bedroom design ideas, with at least one for every personality.

A cozy green bedroom with bright furniture natural wooden table, 11 Green Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

1. Green Accents

We're starting off simply, with an introduction to accents. Using green as an accent color is a great idea to either brighten a room or give a basic room a splash of color.

In this picture, we see the green splashes to add some color to the white room. Plants are a fantastic way to do this, along with a colored accent furniture piece such as the chair in this picture. Another great way to add a splash of color is with throw pillows; they can be a small piece, however, they can have a large impact on the room.

Urban jungle in cozy emerald green and white bedroom interior with king size bed

To find out what types of plants are best for a bedroom, check out: Should You Have Plants In The Bedroom? [With Guidance On Which To Choose]

2. Neutral With A Splash Of Green

Eco cotton linen and blanket on a bed in nature loving family guesthouse for spring and summer vacation

This bedroom is a bit bright with the neutral colors and big windows, but the few plants and the dark green bedding mute the brightness just enough to allow the neutral tones to pop more. Notice the light wood furniture and the mirror that allow the space to look bigger.

3. White And Green

Stylish bedroom with green decoration

Much like the last picture, this bedroom design is mostly white, with emphasis on a specific shade of green. This design idea shows the bright contrast between the white and the sea-green type shade chosen for the wall, pillow, blanket, and bedside table.

It is important to remember that although a room should not be too dark, it should also not be too bright. Sleeping in a room that is too bright can be difficult.

4. Black, White, And Green

Gallery of black and white poster on green wall behind king size bed with pillows and blanket

This bedroom showcases a very set black and white theme with a pop of color in the form of an accent wall. If the accent wall is too much, adding pictures to the wall that contrast the color can be very helpful in adding the splash of color a bit more subtly.

5. Natural Light To Keep It Bright

Modern interior of bedroom with green wall

This room showcases how using a window wall can keep a darker green wall from becoming too dark. The image shows how the green really matches the wood flooring and the brown headboard. Brown and wood tones match great with mossy or forest greens, and they obviously tie a natural, woodsy theme into the room.

6. Tropical Themes

Green vintage bedroom interior

Keeping the conversation natural, next is a tropical theme. Most people think blue when they think tropical, but this bedroom design focuses on the greens in a tropical setting.

You can see a dark green wall color that is brightened by the white bedding. Green accents throughout the room include a tropical plant blanket with matching picture frames and a plant in the corner, as well. Small touches like these catch the eye first, allowing the wall paint to tie the look together.

7. Sophisticated Green

Bedroom near window in dark green and light beige

This room is very sophisticated. That’s not to say the rest of the bedrooms shown previously weren't sophisticated, but this particular room has simple, modern furniture and dark colors.

The room does have a lot of green. This may overwhelm the senses if it weren't for the light furniture tones, light flooring, and the clear amount of natural light coming to the room.

8. Green And Gold

Stylish emerald green and golden poster above comfortable king size bed with headboard and pillows in dark green bedroom

Gold is a great contrast to a dark green bedroom. Notice the gold wire decorations such as the bedside table and the lamp; these bring a rustic vibe to the room. This room is fairly dark, but with enough natural light and a light bedspread, it is not too dark.

9. Texture Does Wonders

Mockup frame in bedroom interior background that has a farmhouse style

This room does have quite a bit of green. However, it is important to note the wall has texture, which breaks it up a good bit. Also, the white bedspread, the brown plant, and the light flooring allow for this room to be bright enough despite all of the green.

10. Green With A Hint Of Pink

Modern dark green bedroom interior

This bedroom design is very green with an emerald wall and an emerald bed and comforter. The light pink splashes of color from the bedside tables, pillowcases, and blanket brighten the room. This color choice also brings a playful edge to the room while staying sophisticated. There are also gold features tying the green and pink together nicely.

11. Light Furniture And Multiple Shades

Digitally generated warm and cozy country home interior design with wooden bed

This room has a good amount of energy in it. With the two opposing shades of green complimenting the brightness of the wood furniture, the natural light, and the lighter walls, this room comes together in just the right way.

By pairing two shades of green, you are allowing the bold color choice of green. This is good to not overwhelm the eyes by using one singular shade.

In Closing

Green bedrooms promote great sleep, tranquility, and stress relief. As is the case with any new color scheme, however, there are many important design aspects to consider before taking the leap. When done correctly, you will end up with a sophisticated yet fresh bedroom that will allow for growth and renewal.

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