11 Amazing Green Front Door Ideas

Over the last few years, painting your home’s front door has become all the rage. Gone are the days when front doors had to be neutral or plain. Now, it’s perfectly okay and even popular to let your personality shine through the color of your front door. If you’re here it’s because you like the idea of painting your front door green.

Green is a great color. It is mostly known for signifying nature and growth, but it can also represent prosperity and evoke feelings of peace. It’s one of the most restful colors for human eyes, so if you want a front door that can relax you as soon as you see it, green is a wonderful choice.

What better way to start your evening after a long day at work than resting your eyes on your home and immediately feeling more relaxed. However, there is a huge selection of shades of green, so how can you decide which one is best for you? Well, we’ve got 11 image examples for you to take a look at. Hopefully, this will inspire you and help you decide on the perfect green for your front door. 

Bronze handles cast shadows on the green door, 11 Amazing Green Front Door Ideas

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1. Making A Statement With Green

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Beautiful views of Visby, main city on Gotland, island in Baltic Sea in Sweden

In this image, the homeowner has perfectly matched the green from the foliage which makes it appear as if there is even more plant life than there is.

The green is the focal point of this home and is accompanied by green trim and shutters as well. Don’t be afraid to go bold and truly evoke the power of green. The hints of pink flowers add a sweet touch as well.

2. Green In Harmony

Entrance of a house.

For this design, the house has several greens on its exterior which all work in perfect harmony to create an easy-on-the-eye look.

Notice how the green front door matches the vertical siding on the porch overhang while the garage door matches the rest of the siding. Pairing exterior elements and making them the same color creates a unified design.

3. Just The Trim

Entrance of a townhouse in North Vancouver, Canada.

You don’t have to match huge portions of the exterior of your home with the color of your front door unless you want to of course.

However, as mentioned, it can make the whole look more unified if you at least match a small part of it just like in this design. This homeowner has added green to the trim around the home itself and the windows. 

4. Dramatic With Black

Green front door and steps. Philadelphia, PA.

Make your green door bold and vibrant by giving it a black outline. The black trim on this home gives it a look of sophistication, and the use of green doesn’t detract from this feeling either.

This primary green is able to compete with the boldness of the black but still allows for some dramatic contrast as well which is essential in getting green and black to go well together.

If this green is too green for you, other shades will also work. Just be sure to allow for some contrast between the two, or the overall look could end up looking dark and muddy instead of crisp, bold, and clean. 

5. Bright And Cheerful

Nicely decorated house entrance with the hand made wooden chair on the porch and ivy on the rails.

We showed you a dramatic contrast with black, but you can also contrast with other colors such as yellow. This home looks so sunny and cheerful with the yellow trim and siding. The green door complements the green ivy climbing the porch but isn’t an exact match, and this is actually a good thing.

In this case, a green as bright as ivy might have clashed with the yellow and been too overpowering for the eyes. However, with the dark green, it softens the look just enough, and the overall color scheme radiates happiness. It would be hard not to smile when pulling up to this home. 

6. Rustic

Rustic wood home with blue green front door, fresh wreath hanging on door

If some of the other examples seem too crisp and clean for you, try giving your front door a distressed look.

Rustic, distressed doors give a less formal look and can create a relaxing vibe. This popular technique is often found in rustic or shabby chic interior designs where the entire design is made to feel less stuffy and more nostalgic. 

You can see how this look works perfectly on this cabin where a more formal style might look out of place. Adding a reef for the holidays really completes the entire design by bringing additional natural textures and colors to the wood and green door. 

7. A Lighter Look

Colonial home with green door and lush greenery

Your door doesn’t have to be bright and bold. This mint-green pairs wonderfully with the other neutral colors of the home while providing a simple hint of color in the overall design. Green is not typically considered a neutral color, but mint green is extremely close to being one and therefore can go well with almost any other color you choose. 

This home also has a wreath on display showing how great green is for a backdrop for these door pieces. As you can see, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, and with a green door, you’ve got the perfect background to display one all year long. 

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8. Elegant and Inviting

front green door with ivy around the door frame, inviting look

This forest green door is visually stunning against the home’s white exterior. With a sense of elegance and sophistication, this look gives an otherwise older home a touch of modernity.

The home’s matching shutters mean the feel is spread out throughout the entire design and not just pinpointed to the entrance of the home. In addition, the climbing plants highlight the doorway, creating an inviting entrance. 

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9.  Southwestern Flare

Colorful southwestern style adobe door in historical part of Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Southwestern design is all about using colors found in the desert. The style can vary from subtle earth tones to bold, vibrant colors and patterns.

This home has gone for the bolder side and picked a bright lime green door to accompany its red entryway. Both colors combine with the orange brick to create a warm and vibrant entrance, and let’s not forget about the cacti adding to the vibe and completing the look. 

10. Include Your Door In Your Holiday Decor

Green door decorated for the winter holidays. Poinsettias and wreath.

This homeowner took full advantage of their green door by including it in their holiday decor. Everyone knows how often green and red are paired together at Christmas time, and it’s a classic holiday combination.

Look how great these poinsettias look with the dark sea green door proving you don’t have to choose a bright green door to achieve that Christmas feel.  

But a door isn’t just for Christmas right? True! But, another great thing about this color is that it also works year round. Without the Christmas decor, it’s still a great color against the crisp white house and pairs perfectly with the brick which has similar hues. 

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11. Almost Black

Dark green door of Colonial home. For more of my houses and doors

This door is so dark that at first glance you may have thought it was black. Dark colors can have a dramatic effect, but black can sometimes be considered too harsh. You can soften up the look by choosing a color close to black such as dark green or grey.

Choosing green adds warmth to an otherwise cold color. However, it is close enough to black that you can still pair it with black features—such as these flower pots—without it looking out of place.

This is another example of a modern, almost regal, entranceway. It’s a very classic look which is great for those of you who might be less quirky or contemporary than others. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you several shades of green that can work great on the front door of your house. For a more vibrant, bold, or even whimsical look, opt for brighter greens.

For those of you who prefer a modern and classic look, a darker shade of green is probably the way to go. As you can see, different shades can certainly evoke different feelings, so consider the overall look you are trying to achieve. 

Hopefully you’re feeling more inspired about which shade of green will work best for you. Almost any green can work well on a front door as long as you take into consideration the rest of your home’s features like the trim, shutters, and siding. 

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