15 Green Leaf Shower Curtains That Will Revamp Your Bathroom

Let's talk about bathrooms. Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is the one place that is fully dedicated to you and your well-being. It's where you recharge and refresh. A place you can enter coated in the day's dirt and sweat, and come out feeling new, fresh and clean. It is where the most self-care happens, where you ought to emerge feeling your freshest and looking your best. When your bathroom is bright, natural, and clean, you too will feel incredibly light, bright, and clean.

15 Green Leaf Shower Curtains That Will Revamp Your Bathroom

Looking at current bathroom design trends, minimalism is in. Light, white shades will open up the room and help it feel clean, shining, and immaculate. The aesthetic of your bathroom will set the tone for your day, your week, and your life. There are so many ways to restyle your bathroom: changing out shower mats, toothbrush holders, adding art to the walls. One simple way to elevate and invigorate your bathroom design is by changing out your shower curtains.

If you're in the market for new shower curtains, a green leaf curtain may be just what you need to freshen your space. Lush foliage ushers in a feeling of calm, and can add much-needed serenity to your bathroom. To add a fresh, zen touch to your shower space, why not try some green leaf curtains? One simple change may help you feel more connected to our natural world, which may allow you to breathe easier and just relax.

15 Green Leaf Shower Curtains

Here we have gathered 15 of the chicest shower curtains to add a natural touch to your bathroom. These curtains fit any kind of aesthetic, from the minimalist to the loud and proud. Check out our expertly curated list.

Bright White Minimalist

These shower curtains fit into the modern minimalist style. All of them have a crisp and clean finish, a white background paired with elegant emerald leaves. Going minimalist is an easy way to simplify your space.

1. Artistic, Minimalist

The artistic, minimal leaves drape down from the top of the shower curtain. The lush green leaves pop against the white backdrop and will make you feel like you're stepping into an absolute oasis.

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2. Watercolor Curtains

These curtains are painted with beautiful watercolor greenery. The shrubs rise from the ground, giving your bathroom a garden feel.  This curtain is also machine washable, making your life simple.

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3. Big Leaves

These enormous leaves will make a huge statement. The hyper-realistic and clear image of these leaves will be sure to catch your eye.

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4. Banana Tree Curtains

This 70 x 70 shower curtain depicts artful banana tree leaves, and a small bird. The tropical leaves are rendered with various shades of greens to a stunning effect, and the bird only amplifies the tropical vibes. Against a white backdrop, these banana tree leaf curtains will make you feel like you've stepped into a natural haven.

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5. Patterned Green

This shower curtain comes with a fun, vibrant pattern. The green leaves are spotted against a white backdrop, and the pattern is loud yet elegant. The simplicity of the two colors will look incredible in a white bathroom with green accents, or vice versa.

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Dense, Tropical Greens

If minimalism is not your thing, or if you are simply looking for a shower curtain that pops in your bathroom, check out these dense, tropical curtains. The patterns are louder, darker, deeper, and definitely make a statement.

6. Rainforest Greens

These large, looming leaves give off exotic rainforest vibes. The leaves are banana tree leaves, and the various greens, darks, and lights, will make matching your bathroom decor a simple task. And the white peeking through the leaves adds light and opens the space. As a bonus, the curtain itself is waterproof and mold resistant.

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7. Dark and Tropical

These incredible leaves look like they are jumping right out at you. This tropical leaf curtain will definitely transform your bathroom space into an exotic retreat. The darker background will pop against a white bathroom, as pictured, or blend seamlessly into bathroom designs with darker tones.

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8. Tropical Curtains

This tropical design will bring you straight into the rainforest. This leaf pattern certainly catches the eye. The various colors, greens, reds, yellows, will make matching your bathroom decor easy. The white backdrop makes the leaves and flowers pop.

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9. Jungle Boogie

This hyper-realistic jungle will definitely transform your bathroom. Why not feel like you are stepping into the tropics every time you enter your bathroom? The beautiful, natural, leafy design will instantly help you relax. This curtain is made from polyester, so it is lightweight, durable, and drapes down elegantly from your shower rod.

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Ivy, Plants, and Trees

If you are looking for less of a tropical vibe, or for simpler, classic patterns, these next few curtains may be for you. These next green leaf patterned curtains will lend your bathroom natural, refreshing, and relaxing vibes.

10. Ivy and Wood

This ivy and wood curtain is a beautiful example of fashionably chic. Light green ivy drapes down from the top, and wooden panels line the curtains. The ivy creates a cute, homey aesthetic. A perfect selection if your bathroom has wooden accents, like wooden shelves or cabinets.

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11. Blooming Curtains

These beautiful blooming shower curtains have a fun, vibrant design, while still being chic and modern. The colorful flowers and leaves stand out agains the white background. The vivid depictions of floral life will bring nature into your space; the flowers and leaves certainly look elegant. And, as a bonus, all the colors on this shower curtain, the reds and blues and yellows, will make choosing an accent color for your bathroom decor a really easy task!

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12. Comic Curtains

These humorous curtains, which boast in beautiful black cursive "Get Naked" are the perfect selection for a college student or anyone with a taste for humor and elegance paired. The leaves are thin and tropical, and would pair well with a green bathmat or green bath towels.

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13. Tree Branch

This natural curtain features a tree branch descending, full of vibrant light green leaves. In the white backdrop are the shadows of other trees. This pattern shows a simplicity reminiscent of Japanese art, and is sure to add a calming sense of serenity to your bathroom space. As a bonus, this curtain's material is environmentally friendly, a fact that will allow you to connect even further with nature!

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14. Tiny Vines

This sheer shower curtain is an elegant dream! Small, tiny leaves and vines drip down and fill the space. The sheer white background adds elegance to the curtain. The bright colors combined with the sheer material will allow light to flow through your space, making the room feel more open. The material is eco-friendly and easy to clean, and the curtain itself comes with rust-resistant metal grommets.

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15. Dense Leaves

If you are looking for really dense foliage, look no further than these incredible curtains. The dense ivy on these curtains will make you feel like you are stepping into a secret garden every time you enter your shower.

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Leaf Curtain Rings

If you're looking for a way to add even more leafiness to your bedroom decor, check out these green leaf shower rings!

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