23 Eye-Catching Green Living Room Ideas

Green re-emerged this decade as a popular design color due to the thriving bohemian and naturalistic trends. Whether it be through wall color, furniture material, or decor, expect green to stick around for a while.  If you’re looking to use more green in your home, one of the best places to incorporate green is in the living room!

Take plenty of time to choose the tone and shade of green to use in your living room. Avoid incorporating a green that’s too dark if you want a bright and airy vibe. Use greens with more of a blue undertone for a soothing living room. Alternately, use green with a yellow undertone for a fun and energizing space. 

Also, take into account the accent colors you use in your decor. If you want to make a bold statement, use contrasting colors like dusty rose or burnt orange. For understated elegance, use different shades of green with pops of gold and black. Cool tones like aqua and turquoise complement strict green tones and create a beachy feel. Whatever mood you want to evoke will help determine what types of colors you use in your decor.

If you’re having trouble deciding what type of green and accent colors to use in your living room, you’re in luck! Here are 23 beautiful examples of green living rooms to help you narrow down the process.

Empty dark green wall of stylish living room with comfortable armchair and pastel pink coffee table, 23 Eye-Catching Green Living Room Ideas

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1. Monochromatic Wall, Wainscoting, And Couch

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Living area with sofa, armchair, plant and cabinet on wooden floor

This picture displays a beautiful example of using the same color on the wall, furniture, and decor without overdoing it. The dark velvety couch adds texture to the room and makes the lighter green walls feel soft and soothing. Additionally, the plants add a zen-like atmosphere to the room.

Gold accents on the coffee table and the legs of the furniture look classy and modern. Also, using one primary color and only two accent colors create a minimalist space for relaxation. 

2. Hanging Garden Wall

Green living room with hanging garden on a wall

Attain a green living room without changing the paint color or furniture by incorporating hanging wall gardens. Hanging wall gardens look fresh while also promoting better air quality.  The use of the color green with real plants provides the ultimate rejuvenation space.

Mix and match hanging plants like vines with upright plants like ferns and snake plants. Start small and add to it as you get more skilled at caring for your plants. Easily get started with a 6′ x 6′ wall system like the one shown below on Amazon:

Go to Amazon to view this hanging garden wall system.

3. Two Tones Of Green On The Wall And Wainscoting

Gray armchair, gold liquor cabinet, plants and elegant accessories, green wall paneling with shelf

If the same shade of green on your walls and furniture feels overwhelming, utilize different shades of green. The best way to display two different green shades involves painting the wall one shade and the wainscoting another. This look portrays movement, which is great for a living room used for hosting guests regularly. Similarly, using a green with yellow undertones amps up the energy. 

4. Green Walls With An Accent Brick Wall

Modern designed living room with brick wall and amazing emerald green wall and furniture

Break up a monochrome color scheme of green walls and furniture by showcasing a brick accent wall. An exposed brick wall looks modern and industrial while also contrasting the green decor with red tones. If you don’t have a brick wall already in your home, think about using a peel and stick textured wallpaper. It saves you money while offering the same effect.

Go to Amazon to view this brick textured wallpaper.

5. Pastel Green With Rattan Furniture

Stylish and design composition of living room with gray sofa, rattan armchair, cube, plaid, pillows, tropical plants, macrame and elegant accessories

A light pastel green with a blue undertone emanates coziness. It also pairs well with rattan wicker furniture and decor elements like a pendant light. The light wicker tone alongside a creamy pastel green looks like an upscale spa at the beach or in the mountains. 

Increase the spa-like feel with floor-length sheer drapes to let in lots of natural light. Decorate with plants and chunky knit green throw pillows for even more green.

6. Dark Green Wall With A Light Green Couch

Living room with green sofa, wooden sideboard and white armchair with orange plaid

For a truly bohemian look, accent a dark green wall with pops of burnt orange or terracotta. This accent color alongside a dark green evokes desert vibes, which is often a terrain of inspiration for boho decor. Create a youthful bohemian paradise in your living room by accenting with some succulents and cacti in terracotta planters.

7. Green Wall With A Pop Of Green Wallpaper

Living room with corduroy sofa, pillows, big window to the garden. Green Wall With A Pop Of Green Wallpaper

If you have built-ins, why not use a vibrant green printed wallpaper behind the shelves? Match the green in the wallpaper print and then paint the wall around the built-ins for an extra pop of color. This option leaves some white space so that your green wall becomes the living room’s focal point. 

8. Vibrant Green Wall And Blended Console Table

Copper table on rug between beige sofa and armchair in green spacious living room. Vibrant Green Wall And Blended Console Table

Consider painting a piece of furniture like a console table or bookcase the same as your walls. It helps to blend in a piece of furniture that may otherwise stick out in the space in a negative way. Instead of looking disjointed and jumbled, your living room will look cohesive. And you’ll save money by using leftover paint from the walls. 

9. Green Walls With Green Wall Hangings

Green and gold living room with comfortable brown sofa, coffee tables and golden chandelier

Eye-catching green wall art looks great on a green wall in your living room. It creates texture and dimension while also drawing the eye in a particular direction. This hack works great for spaces like a kids’ play area or a storage area opposite the wall with the art. Use a painting or photograph from an artist you love, or go to Amazon for a modern color block picture like this one:

Go to Amazon to view this color block wall art.

10. Light Green Walls With A Dark Green Couch

Green corner sofa, coffee tables and floor lamp in a modern living room

When you want to create a social area to sit with your friends and family, make the couch the centerpiece. Achieve this by painting the walls a much lighter shade of green. Use a light-colored area rug and accent colors so that the dark green couch really pops. Just be ready for everyone to be drawn to your couch with this type of layout!

11. Lime Green Walls And Furniture

Modern living room with lime green walls and furniture, dark brown accents and bookshelves

Never underestimate the power of a bright, vibrant color like lime green to make a space feel fresh. If done correctly, lime green looks chic and energizing. Calm down the vibrancy of the lime green walls and furniture by accenting with dark brown wood tones. Dark brown grounds the color and marries sophistication with youthfulness. 

12. Dark Green Walls With A Contrasting Couch Color

Copper lamp and table in a green living room

Dark forest green walls look fabulous with a contrasting pastel couch. Use a dusty rose, burnt orange, or canary yellow couch for the best effect. This type of color combination works great in a bohemian, vintage-chic, or mid-century modern living room. 

Tie the decor in with the color of the walls by purchasing velvet pillow covers in a dark green shade, like these:

Go to Amazon to view these velvet green pillow covers.

13. Art Deco Green And Gold Walls

Classic style living room with pink armchair and pillow, vase on table, dark green wall and ceiling lamp

Using dark green instead of black in an art deco wall design puts a new spin on an old trend. Art deco tends to be primarily black and gold with jewel tones to accent. Using a jewel tone like emerald green as the main color, you subvert expectations and create a visually interesting color scheme. 

Art deco peel-and-stick wallpapers exist, along with art deco stencils for creating an effect like the one pictured above. For a true art deco design, be sure to use gold as your accent color in the stencil.

14. Vintage Green Wallpaper And Furniture

Old fashioned chairs on hardwood floor in room with big window

The vintage-chic design trend takes a dingy, out-dated design concept and makes it more youthful. Instead of dark wallpaper, opt for a light color of green to refresh a victorian-style room. Accent with thrift-flipped furniture like a reupholstered vintage couch and chairs and repainted tables. 

15. Jungle Print Wallpaper And Green Accents

Table with potted plants and clock standing by the turquoise sofa with pillows in bright interior with jungle print wallpaper

Modernize your walls by using jungle print wallpaper in your living room. Because jungle print works with so many different design styles, it’s more versatile than you think. It accentuates the rounded lines in mid-century modern furniture, amplifies the naturalistic leanings of boho-chic, and even gives a sort of Tarzan, bungalow vibe to a vintage living room.

Try it on an accent wall first, and then complete the rest of your walls once you fall in love with this print. 

Go to Amazon to view this jungle print wallpaper.

16. Aged Green Wallpaper With Dark Wood Tones

Orange seat with gramophone and lampshade

Antique, victorian style stays true to history by displaying dark, royal looking tones. Dark green wallpaper with dark wood tones produces a moody vibe that so many creatives love. Avoid a too-dark space by adding pops of color in the space with furniture and decor. This style looks best with true antiques like typewriters, gramophones, Tiffany glass lamps, and oriental rugs. 

17. Sea Foam Green Wallpaper And Matching Couch

Living room in a turquoise color with sea foam green wallpaper and matching couch

Even if you don’t live near the ocean, seafoam green helps bring the beachy vibes to you. Use seafoam green wallpaper or paint to promote a carefree vibe in your living space. This calming tone works well for families with children or adults who want to stay young at heart. 

18. Painted Green Hardwood Flooring and Walls

Painted green hardwood flooring and walls

This funky design scheme works with its clean lines and minimal use of other colors. If you love green and want to make a very green living room, consider painting your floors that color. However, avoid decorating with any other primary color as the use of vibrant green on so many surfaces risks being too overwhelming already. Like in the picture above, use only black, white, or beige tones to calm the green tone down a bit. 

19. Green Accent Wall With A Green Couch

Green accent wall with a green couch

If you have exposed sand-toned brick walls and light hardwood flooring, feel free to use different shades of green to liven up your living room. The green with the brown tones looks like leaves on trees and helps make the room feel natural. Bring the outdoors in even more by using leaf and floral patterns in your wallpaper and fabrics. 

20. Balanced Green And Grey Layout

Wooden commode, Scandinavian sofa and emerald green armchair

For a balanced color scheme, think of using only two colors and juxtaposing them, as shown above. Paint one wall green and then place a couch with the accent color in front of it. Next, paint the neighboring wall the accent color and place a green chair in front of this wall. This method looks visually interesting and helps break up a room that feels too big.

21. Blue-Green Walls And Lots Of Plants

Blue-green walls and lots of plants

Blue-green walls make a room feel tranquil, especially if the blue really comes through in color. This type of green alongside a spattering of diverse plants feels like a rainy day. 

To add more plants to your living room and achieve a tranquil look, add a plant stand like this:

Go to Amazon to view this plant stand.

22. Peaceful Green Walls And Light Wood Tones

Green blue walls, concrete floor with beige couch and dark green armchairs and a neat coffee table

A minimalistic beach house needs a minimalistic color scheme like ocean green and sand tones. A darker green that looks like ocean water paired with sand tones brings the ocean into your living room. Keep the decor sparse to encourage the outdoorsy life of living at the beach. 

23. Various Shades Of Green With Gold Accents

Living room interior with various shades of green with gold accents

Purposely mismatch green tones on your walls, in your furniture, and in decor to break up the monotony in a monochromatic scheme. Just one pop of an accent color like gold works here since the different green acts act as their own accent colors. Avoid using more than one accent color apart from green so that this method doesn’t look too busy. 

More Tips For Decorating Your Living Room

After you choose the type of green living room you want, keep those creative juices flowing! Think about how you will arrange the furniture in your living room, what kind of flooring you will have, and what curtains you should choose. For more help on these topics, we’ve got you covered with these helpful articles:

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