11 Gorgeous Green Wall Decor Ideas

Whether you've moved into a new home with green walls or green is your favorite color and you want to feature it in your favorite room of the house, we're here to share sole design ideas for decor that goes with green walls.

Green is a color that can work in any room. It looks great in rooms with large windows that let a lot of sunlight in because it can be seen as an extension of the outdoors. But due to green's jungle vibes, it also looks great in a bathroom if you want to create your own rainforest retreat.

Green is reminiscent of nature and creates a sense of adventure in any room that it is used in. It is an unexpected color, but one that is becoming more popular in modern design trends because of its versatility. There are so many different shades of green, meaning that there are endless possibilities for decor to pair with it.

If you need inspiration for green wall decor ideas, here are 11 of our favorite designs complete with pictures and suggestions to help you achieve these looks in your own home.

Interior of a a minimalist dining room with wooden dining chairs, dining utensils, and three mock up picture frames, 11 Gorgeous Green Wall Decor Ideas

1. Blank Walls and Pops of Color

Interior of a green inspired living room with green sofas, hardwood flooring, and an accent chest on the middle

Since green is such an artistic color, let the walls themselves be the artwork. Keep them blank and add pops of color here and there, like orange or coral, instead. Orange keeps the green walls from overpowering the room. However, since orange is a contrasting color to green, you should only use it only in small doses.

The coral color of this blanket makes a great accent color for green walls. The woven texture and fringe helps create visual interest.

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Add these velvet coral-colored throw pillows to your couch or chair. They match the blanket and provide just enough color without going overboard.

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2. Matching Backsplash and Dark Furniture 

A dark green themed dining area with a decorative green countertop and brick backsplash section, and wooden chairs

This dark green is absolutely beautiful in this kitchen, and the matching tile creates a cohesive look. The porcelain tiles provide just a hint of shine. This helps to break up the matte walls and keeps the room from looking top dark. Dark wood furniture imitates the look of trees in a forest.

These dark leather chairs add texture and look great paired with forest green.

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3. Feminine Flair

Contemporary interior of a modern bedroom with green and pink beddings and golden wall mounted lamps

Dark green can sometimes look masculine. Light pink nightstands and bed sheets help to soften the green and add a feminine touch to this bedroom. Again, the walls are kept void of artwork to shift the focus to the jewel-toned head and footboard.

This pink nightstand has two drawers for storage.

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Or, place this pink bench at the foot of the bed. As a bonus, the bench opens up for extra storage.

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4. Glimmers of Gold

Contemporary living room with a gray sofa, a money tree on the side, and a green accent wall on the background

Gold and green is a classic pairing. The gold in the artwork pairs well with the gold ceiling light and helps the artwork stand out from the green wall. The light reflected in the gold keeps the wall from looking too flat. Choose furniture in neutral tones, like this beige sofa.

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This gold accent table looks great with green walls.

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5. Shining Silver

A green wall kitchen area with white paneled cabinets, dangling lamps, and indoor plants on the countertop

We just mentioned green and gold, but green also looks great paired with silver, especially in a kitchen. The silver coffee pot really stands out against the green wall. Lamps in antique silver can act as wall decor, even though they are suspended from the ceiling. White cabinets underneath create a striking combination.

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6. Light and Airy

Interior of a a minimalist dining room with wooden dining chairs, dining utensils, and three mock up picture frames, 11 Gorgeous Green Wall Decor Ideas

These green walls are so subtle that they look almost grey. Pairing this wall color with white decor and light wood furniture, especially in a room with large windows or French doors, creates such a serene and clean look.

These unfinished wood dining chairs give off farmhouse vibes and look great paired with light green walls.

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Hang a white framed mirror on the wall to reflect even more natural light.

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7. Sunny Yellow

Living room with a green wall, yellow long sofa, and an indoor plant

Since green is a color often associated with nature and the outdoors, pair it with another outdoorsy color as well, such as yellow. This sofa adds sunshine to a room and looks great against a cool green accent wall, next to a large window that lets the real thing in. If that much yellow seems like too much for your taste, try a neutral sofa with a yellow chair or yellow accents instead.

Try this yellow chair and matching ottoman to warm up a cool green.

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For a more subtle touch, try this fuzzy yellow blanket.

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8. Minimal Accents 

Green mansard living room with two green sofas, a grey carpet, and a center console table

Green walls can seem like a bit much for some people, especially when paired with green furniture. But when a room has minimal furniture and decor like this one, it can actually work really well. The furniture and accents that are in the room are kept to a neutral palette, which keeps the green from being too overpowering.

This grey and white rug has a very simple design, making it look great when paired with a bold wall color like green.

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This floor lamp comes in multiple finishes and can be purchased with or without a shade.

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9. Sense of Adventure

A green wall living room with a small wall unit on the background, a green chairs, and dangling lamps

For a true outdoorsy feel, pair green walls with wood furniture. Decorate with accents made of other natural fibers, such as wicker and rattan. Geometric shapes in the artwork feel adventurous because they resemble mountains. The cactus bookend may be small, but is key for solidifying the look.

These wooden bookends can be purchased in 4 different styles.

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This black and white artwork is minimalistic but can have a huge impact on a nature-inspired room.

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10. Plants and More Plants

Succulents placed on top of a white divider next to a green wall

What better way to play on a natural color like green with natural decor like plants? Live plants in white and metallic pots are not only a fitting touch in a room with green walls, but they can also help to freshen and purify the air. If you don't have a green thumb, you can always decorate with fake plants instead.

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11. Brown, Wood, and Leather

A wooden accent chest with a picture frame on top next to a green wall

Brown and green will always look good together. Choose simple brown leather furniture, a large statement piece (like a wood credenza) and quirky artwork for a look that is absolutely beautiful. To help reflect light, add some glass bottles and vases. Leave them empty, or fill them with plants.

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These brown glass bottles look great with or without plants in them.

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In Closing 

Hopefully, this guide gave you plenty of inspiration for decorating your green walls. As you can see, you have so many options to choose from. Whatever you choose should be a reflection of your own individual style and personality. What's important is that you love the look when it's finished. 

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