15 Captivating Grey And Pink Bedroom Ideas

Not too long ago, the color combination of grey and pink wasn't very popular among designers. This wasn't because it didn't look good. Rather, it was mostly because people didn't really think of it. Oh, how times have changed! The cool (yet surprisingly neutral) shades of grey we've seen in designs play beautifully with pinks of all types. 

It's not a stretch to say that grey and pink are now among the most popular color schemes for bedrooms. While this is still a trend that is primarily popular among ladies, some designs are even catching on among men. Once you see how gorgeous these designs below are, you'll understand why this color scheme is hot as can be. 

Grey cushions on pink bed in feminine bedroom interior with flowers wallpaper, 15 Captivating Grey And Pink Bedroom Ideas

1. Real Men Love Pink

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Bedroom interior, with bed, night tables, side table lamps, books on wooden floor, pink decorative bike, and white and pink wall that is rich in texture.

Pink is primarily viewed as a woman's color, but this bedroom might change your mind a bit. Sure, there is a pink wall. We can't deny that it adds a nice warmth to the room. However, there's a lot of grey furniture and bedding to be seen featuring masculine lines. The stark look of industrial furniture with the warmth of pink gives this minimalist room a decidedly guy-friendly vibe. 

If you recently had a male partner move in and want to give your room a makeover, this is a good way to compromise. Pink curtains go with gray carpet in a way that will make him smile.

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2. Absolutely Adult

Grey and pastel pink bedding on double bed with coffee cup, fresh plants and simple posters

People often deride pink as a childish color left for little girls in tutus. This designer decided to turn that reputation on its ear, dispelling it completely by choosing noticeably adult decorations. A white room helps neutralize the punch of pink, while grey is added to the bedding for a more mature vibe. 

To make things a little homier, we see potted plants and a set of pleasant art prints. The end result is something that looks great for adults with a penchant for this rosy hue. 

3. Pink And Gothy

Bedroom with dressing table, gray ottoman, carpet, frames, wallpaper, pink blanket, gray bedsheet

If you're like a lot of people from the 90s and early 2000s, you're a fan of the punk and goth aesthetic. The problem with this look is that it's really hard to pull off well at home. Black and red, in most small rooms, will look pretty cramped. Sometimes, it can even look cliche. Deep pinks with the medium-grey wall color, on the other hand, don't look cliche at all. 

This vibe is one that often needs another mysterious color to offset it. In this case, the designer used purple, plus a little mood lighting. While it carries a lot of the same edginess that goths like, it still works well enough to pass for adult and mainstream.

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4. A Bedroom That Grows With Her

Pink armchair in child's room, crib, rocking horse, framed photos. A room that grows with her.

Babies need bedrooms, too! If you just found out that you're having a girl, you probably are ready to rush to the store to get a bunch of things in pink. Don't. This is often a mistake many new parents make. By the time they are 10-years-old, most girls do not want to sleep in a bedroom that is covered ceiling-to-floor in pink. 

This muted look features a lot of white but has grey and pink accents. This gives you a light feminine touch but also gives your daughter the chance to have her room grow with her.

5. Modern Garden

Cozy bedroom area at luxury studio apartment with a free layout in a loft style with big panoramic window and green plants creating a modern garden design.

Pink and grey are basically cornerstones of the Urban Outfitters Millennial aesthetic. When paired with white, gold-hued wood washes, and lots of plant life, you get one of the more popular room styles for people who enjoy the artsy look of hipster chic. This aesthetic is famous for being relaxing and helping light work its way into a room. 

Some may call this a little too hipstery, but let's be honest. It's popular for a reason, and at this point, it's absolutely a mainstream thing. 

6. Country Charm

Trendy rustic bedroom design with grey and pastel pink bedding creating a country charm ambiance

Is it a little cowboy or a lot more cowgirl? It's hard to tell. This is another one of those designs that rely on a lot of greys to add a gender-neutral touch to what would typically be seen as a girly color. While there is pink in here, it's hard to ignore the weathered wood's rough look and the glittery sparkle of the string lights. 

Country vibes are definitely strong with this, and it's surprisingly easy to replicate. Having some worn wood on hand can help you make this look yours in a pinch. 

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7. Modern But Rustic

Grey blanket on pink bed with headboard in modern bedroom interior with poster and screen, modern rustic style

Contrary to many people's beliefs, it's possible to have a room that has a rancher feel without it having worn wood as part of its design. It's even possible with a pink and grey color palette. This rustic room has grey lend its hand to give the place a clean, modern, and masculine feel. 

To give the room a little warmth, they added cream, pink, and orange bedding. The bedding's patterns, which have a light geometric touch and Southern vibe to it, only helped add that rustic charm that people adore. 

8. Funky Fresh

This is one of those rare designs that can't really fit in a box. The mural in the back definitely gives it an artsy, urban vibe. The hanging chair offers up a bohemian vibe. Meanwhile, the grey and pink bedding act as a way to dish out a nice, subtle dose of femininity throughout the area. 

Fans of avant-garde designs and youthful looks will enjoy this Brooklyn nightclub look. (Does anyone else get a House of Yes vibe from this, or is it just us?)

9. Minimal Perfection

There's something distinctly old school about powdery pink, isn't there? Pink is a daring color to paint any walls, but here we see it work. The designer paired the pink with an equally light grey, giving this entire room a very powdery appearance. According to Pinterest, this designer called it a "Powder Bedroom Peeking Through." We absolutely see it. 

This is a bit stark for some, but it has its roots in old-world fashion district decor. The textiles look soft and touchable, and everything is crisp enough to make it work. 

10. Fit For A Homecoming Queen

As the words in the poster suggest, this is a room that is meant to be for daydreams. The green works as a good focal point and adds a country (or even fairytale) touch. The pink and the grey here are meant to soften up the look through the use of super-soft, snuggly comforters, throws, blankets, and pillows. 

The idea behind this entire bedroom is to make your surroundings look soft and dreamlike. Even the beige carpet looks snuggly. No one could resist taking a nap in a bed that looked this welcoming!

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11. A Dash Of Gold

Gold leaf in bedroom, gold colored furniture in gray and pink bedroom with a dash of gold touch

If you ask us, the color combination of black, grey, pink, and gold is deeply unappreciated. This color combination was a little more popular during Art Deco's days, and even today still has a strong air of high glamour. The designer behind this bedroom motif channeled that vibe perfectly. 

A quick nod to Art Deco's old New York glitz can be seen in the gold palm leaf and clean gold lines in the furniture. The black adds an air of luxury that you just can't ignore. What's not to love?

12. Feeling Flowers

Pink and grey bed with cushions in patterned bedroom interior with flowers and lamp.

In many peoples' eyes, heavy floral motifs are a little outdated. Clearly, they didn't see what this designer did. The mural on this wall is daring and a clear focal point as far as the room goes. The bed is done up in pinks and greys as a way to keep a flowery vibe but force the focus on the bold, colorful mural featuring a bouquet of roses. 

The more you look, the more you see floral motifs throughout the home. Overall, this room gives off a deeply romantic vibe. 

13. The Desert Rose

Desert roses are a gorgeous and rare sight. The same can be said of Southwestern motifs that make good use of greys. This designer made a point of adding pink and grey to glows of orange and brown, all while keeping a desert theme to the look. The result was a modern but absolutely visually stunning look that would make any desert lover smile. 

The smart thing they did here, aside from adding lots of white, was including other warm shades to offset the pink. This gave the design a bolder, more Wild West appearance. 

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14. A Fairy Princess

Beautiful bedroom decorated with Christmas elements, expensive bed with a knitted bedspread creating a fairy princess effect

Whoever said fairytales can't look modern hasn't seen this ethereal take on bedrooms. Pink adds a feminine touch, while different layers of grey give the room an otherworldly vibe. The room itself uses sheer materials to make the bed's area look like it belongs in a surreal movie. It has a mystical vibe, too. 

Several dream catchers are hung up on the wall to help keep the overall look of the room feminine yet slightly spiritual. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that those quilted throws look incredibly welcoming!

15. A Blush Of Modern

If you are a fan of major statement pieces in a room, look no further than this design concept. Much like other concepts on this list, it features grey, gold, and pink as a color scheme. Unlike others, it uses pink, gold, and grey to create a backdrop for something other than the bed. That's right: the colors are mostly used to frame an unusual statement piece.

This hanging chair is one of the most attention-grabbing things we've seen. By lining it with a little pink and putting it near the sun, the designer ensured that people got a good viewing area for a truly statement-making piece. This just goes to show you that your bedroom doesn't have to force the statement piece to be your bed.

Final Thoughts

Grey and pink is a timeless color combination that can give your bedroom a modern flair, rustic appeal, or magical coziness. Try some of these inspirational ideas with your own bedroom decor and let your dreams soar!

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