25 Grey and White Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most important places in your home. It's a place where you often get to enjoy alone time, where you spend time getting ready, and where you can soak in a nice bubble bath. It is little wonder, then, that so many people are sticklers for high-quality interior design in the room with the porcelain throne. 

When it comes to color themes, few are as popular for bathrooms as grey and white. It's an ideal choice for almost every bathroom style. Of course, using those themes the right way is what always will make the biggest impact. Need a little inspiration for your remodeling project? Take a look at these visually stunning bathrooms using this dynamic duo of colors...

Bathroom with round mirror on the vanity area, semi-circular shower area and white bathtub, 25 Grey and White Bathrooms

1. Industrial Rustic

Modern bathroom with a visible metal framed shower area, gray tiles, wooden paneled vanity area, and a metal framed towel hanging section

Grey and white tend to be a popular color theme for industrial-style rooms of all types. It's easy to see why. Most "rivet" colors go well with grey walls, which in turn, makes this a very friendly look for people who love the ambiance of an old factory. Here, we see dark weathered wood paired with country accents and industrial stylings. The contrast looks incredible and still flows. 

2. Focal Point

Modern contemporary bathroom with a circular mirror on a dark gray wall and a glass wall shower area

Wow! What a window. The light grey and white help make this already stunning bathroom look even more open. What really makes this bathroom is the massive window paired with an airy, silver tub. With that said, this bathroom was clearly made to work with its architecture. The moral of this pic? Work with your room. 

3. A Royal Flush

A wooden paneled decorative bathroom section with a white bathtub and scented candles on the floor

Poker pun aside, this Rococo-stylized bathroom brings out the luxury in traditional design. A gorgeous brass chandelier, a white background, and a simple grey rug that balances out the ornateness are what make this work. If you're a fan of palatial designs, this is a great way to do it. Thankfully, finding a large grey bath rug is not that hard. 

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4. Holy Hexagon!

A gray and white themed bathroom with vertical windows, two luxurious toilet seats, and a large vanity area with a huge window

A busy hexagon wallpaper done-up in grey and white acts as an amazing focal point for this bathroom. With a wallpaper this busy, it can be difficult to balance things out or even accessorize. That's why all the accessories are either room-brightening plants or simple polished ceramic goods. 

5. Bold Minimalism

A minimalist themed vanity section and indoor cactus and a large bathtub

So far, we've seen plenty of light grey and white bathrooms. It's important to remember that dark grey and white can offer a bold contrast too. In this petite minimalist bathroom, dark grey and white make a strong statement. Here, the architecture is what speaks for itself. By tiling the walls in different colors, it's possible to make this small bathroom look bigger.

6. Modern Woodland

A classic themed bathroom with an old fashioned bathtub, and a French window on the background

If you haven't noticed, modern design and wooden accents really work well together. Here, the wooden branches in a vase act as a focal point in an otherwise nondescript bathroom. While this bathroom has a stylish brushed steel and white anthem, it's the wooden accents that make it look welcoming and warm. 

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7. Hypermodern

Modern white painted bathroom with a white flooring, white walls and a window with a panoramic view of the bay

Are you a fan of Space Age style? If you are, then you'll probably adore this awesome bathroom. Even though this bathroom is sparse, it looks incredibly sharp thanks to the texture of the tiles. The minimalist decor just adds to its futuristic flair, too. While this might not be the most feasible look for stylists on a budget, full remodelers could consider this vibe. 

8. Woodn't You Love This Bathroom?

A white painted wall with a light blue painted vanity area with a huge mirror and a sun roof

If you want to score an instant hit with a grey and white bathroom, add some shiplap wood paneling as an accent for one of your bathroom walls. With this bathroom's design, the dark wood paneling acts as a perfect backdrop and complement to the dark grey wall behind the tub. It's glamorous yet urban. 

9. Monochrome Magic

A luxurious modern contemporary bathroom with a decorative wall in the background, a raised level bathtub area, huge mirror on the vanity area, and a huge window on the right side

Monochrome looks work incredibly well with a white and grey bathroom, which is why they are so popular. Using different greys for things like striping tiles, bath mats, and other accessories make your bathroom look cohesive. If you need an effortless way to coordinate your bathroom, this is it. 

10. Stark But Smooth

Luxurious bathroom area with a light gray painted wall and a white bathtub

Sometimes, the best way to create a grey and white bathroom is to pair white with a grey that's so light, it's barely noticeable. Though you would expect this look to be a little drab, it's not. This is actually one of the best ways to get that spa-like look that people desire in a bathroom. Just think of wide-open spaces, and you'll see why this works.

Of course, you *do* need to have a splash of color in there. That's why the cactus and ultra-light wood accessories work so well here. 

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11. Cozy Country

A wooden cabinet with rolled and folded towel on it and a luxurious toilet on the side

So far, most of the entries featured involved futuristic looks that are a little stark. While that is one of the more popular trends, that doesn't mean you can't turn your bathroom into a cozy haven. Here, light grey and white are paired with wood panels. The panels give this bathroom a pretty, country vibe that is welcoming and recognizable. 

12. Classic Contemporary

Leave it to Pinterest to show us what an amazing look grey and white can offer in a contemporary bathroom setup. The reason this looks so good is that it's both familiar and stylish. We've all been in a bathroom like it and seen fixtures like them, too. In their own unique way, the traditional look of the polished silver and white bathroom accents make this look extra elegant.

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13. Subtly Greek

Bathroom with a double round mirror on the vanity area semi-circular shower area and a white bathtub, 25 Grey and White Bathrooms

Admittedly, the main focus of this bathroom is the Grecian arch that would make most homeowners jealous. However, it's worth noting how subtle the grey accents are. To make this surprisingly petite bathroom look larger, the interior designers stuck to all-white accessories. How can you not love that beautiful white pouf?

14. Blue Clues

A modern spacious bathroom with a huge window on the right and a light gray colored bathtub

While this is mostly an article about grey and white bathrooms, there's no rule against adding a splash of color to make a bathroom truly pop. Here, we see the awesome effects a pinch of blue can do. This minimalist bathroom looks exotic and interesting, all thanks to the baby blue lights and bath mat. 

15. Au Naturel

A bathroom on the attic of a house painted in gray with an indoor plant on the side

It's hard not to fall in love with this dark grey and white bathroom, especially when you take a look at its natural accents. Rich wood colors and a full view of a lush green garden make this a spa getaway at home. Though it relies heavily on wood and leafy accents, it's safe to say that city slickers would find this outdoorsy bathroom a beauty too.

16. Magnificent Marble

A white and gray themed bathroom incorporated with class molding on the columns

When most people think of patterns in grey and white, they are not thinking of polka dots. Rather, they're thinking of marble. And here, we see marble tile in all its splendor. It's clean and modern, yet traditional. People who are fans of the "tried and true" can always rely on a little marble to class up a bathroom.

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17. Slated For Success

A modern bathroom with a patterned wallpaper and a white bathtub

While we're on the topic of stone patterns that look incredible in the bathroom, let's talk about a more modern way to add texture to a bathroom. The inclusion of slate tiles has an edgy modern look that's clean and irresistible. Here, dark slate contrasts with crisp white on a modern setting. To avoid looking too commercial, the designers added some wood pallet shelves. It's easy to see why it's a winner.

18. Au Francais!

If there's one style that is hard to do in a bathroom, it's French styling. Believe it or not, grey and white is a color theme that works well here, too. To get that Frenchy look, add marble, subtle hints of brass, and a French-style water basin. In this bathroom setup, we see this look in action with some cute grey accents right alongside it. 

19. It's Country, Honey

Fans of Southern, rustic, and farmhouse designs regularly choose grey and white as a bathroom color theme. It's easy to see why. Grey and white are both neutral colors that work beautifully with worn wood. What's even better about using these shades in a country setting is that both dark and light grey can add that worn ambiance you love. 

Want to get a quick and easy way to add a Western touch to your bathroom? Add a wooden sign or two, just like in the picture above!

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20. Hollywood Glam

This bathroom is not just here, it's here with an attitude. The grey, white, and dark brown theme here is pointedly old school but still modern enough. While this elegant look resembles something you'd expect to see in the home of a New York heiress, the truth is that the golden touches keep it glitzy enough to look at home in Hollywood. 

We often overlook how distinct gold Art Deco accessories can be in a vintage bathroom. This brings their beauty to light in a distinctly impressive manner. 

21. Backlit Beauty

Modern contemporary themed bathroom with a round mirror and a brown colored vanity area

In a lot of ways, this bathroom resembles most of the others on this list. But, there's a twist to the design that's worth pointing out. While other bathroom designs stuck to clean designs as a focal point, this one did something a little different. To make this bathroom striking, the designers in question added some backlights into the folds of the architecture.

22. Bohemian Beauty

Grey is not a color that most people think of when they think of Bohemian decor, but here it is. Grey makes a good backdrop for electric designs, as does white. When the two are combined, you get a superb way to balance out some of the more eccentric and exotic design elements that you might want to add to a Bohemian bathroom. Play around with textures, and you should see good results.

23. A Taste Of Tropical

Tropical design is one of the hardest to work with, without actually going overboard. Believe it or not, sticking to a grey and white theme with splashes of green works well here. Grey textured wallpapers with palm prints are commonplace and can help give you a beachy feel. Meanwhile, adding some green accents can help tie it together with the brightness people tend to see in the tropics. 

24. Seeing Stripes

Let's just face it: black and white stripes are just a little too much for most modern bathrooms. If you want to get a more muted option than the classic, go for a soft grey instead. This will give you the muted look that's now preferred in most nautical themes, without being bold enough to be an eyesore. 

25. Minimal-Maximalist

A modern spacious bathroom with a huge window on the right and a light gray colored bathtub

This is a unique take on the monochrome theme that many modern bathrooms are starting to try. The entire theme here is focused on the geometry of the tile (in a light grey chevron), the organic look of the dark grey tub, and the dark grey wall framing. It's crisp and minimalist to an extreme. To add some color, they positioned two symmetric birds of paradise on either side of the bathtub. Chic!

In Closing

Let us know in the comment section below which look you're going to create in your bathroom! There are truly so many diverse, stunning ways to design the bathroom with grey and white hues. 

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