70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Grey bedrooms are making a huge comeback in the design world. This so-called boring color that used to be quickly discarded is now the belle of the ball. Contemporary designers have played up this color with everything from bright reds to neutral creams, and every look works beautifully.

This makes grey a great choice for showcasing your personal style in your bedroom. This is your space, your private retreat. It should definitely be a reflection of you!

Going for a color that's as versatile as grey is will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run. Use linens and decor accents to add your personality to the room, or if you can't resist the bright wall color, use grey to tone it down and bring a relaxed, comfortable feel to your room.

70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Wooden bench and boxes in monochromatic bedroom interior, 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Small, gray bedroom with big window, mirror in frame next to comfortable bed with quilted headboard, 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You
Moon art decor on the wall in a stylish grey bedroom interior, 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You
Floral pattern black bedding in a stylish, dark gray bedroom interior with plants and elegant furniture, 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You
Gray bedroom with large windows and decorated with modern elements, 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

We found over 70 examples of grey bedrooms to help inspire your inner designer. Keep reading to see how grey can be used to transform your bedroom into the perfect space for you!

1. Use Grey to Warm a Room

Luxurious gray themed bedroom

Using grey in this space adds the warm and cozy feel that could have easily been lacking. The different shades that are used create a good amount of visual interest, making this room fun to look at rather than boring.

2. Pop of Color

Stylish pink and grey themed bedroom

This room uses grey as a neutral along with white for the pink accents to pop against.

3. Grey Creates Industrial Look

Stylish modern bedroom with hanging bed

The grey on the walls and outlining the bricks give this room a more industrial feel, while the furniture and rug bring in a contemporary look.

4. Shiny Metallics

Stylish grey themed bedroom with patterned walls and flooring

The grey metallic wallpapers used here are a dramatic touch, and the different shades both warm and cool the room.

5. Mix of Styles

Stylish bedroom with brick wall, grey bed, bicycle, log and carpet

The grey is a great cool tone to contrast with the warmth of the brown and reds used throughout the room.

6. All the Drama

Modern minimalist bedroom

In this room, the white bed is dramatically showcased against the dark grey wall.

7. Grey Focus

Modern luxury bedroom

The greys used in this room make the focal points. Brown and white on the furniture and walls create a really solid look for the silvery shade to pop against.

8. Subtle Backdrop

Modern luxurious bedroom in a seaside villa with black stone wall

Where a lot of bright tones would detract from the main feature of this room, the grey tones used are perfectly subtle.

9. Casual Style

Modern loft bedroom

This low-key bedroom uses grey for a cooler companion to the warm green and brown tones used in the bedding.

10. Steely Shades

Modern hotel bedroom with city view

Subtle hints of grey in the bedding and rug of this room add cool tones to a room that has a heavy dose of warm colors in the furniture and wall colors.

11. Bridge Contrast

Modern hotel bedroom

Grey in the bedding, curtains, and flooring create a bridge between the black furniture and white walls and accessories.

12. Create Cohesion

Modern grey bedroom with work Place

Brown in the rug and furniture could look awkward against the white and black in this room. However, the grey in the bed and curtains echos the tones found in the flooring to make a cohesive look.

13. Mix it Up

Modern grey bedroom with hanging lamp

Mixing different hues of the same color creates a contemporary look in this bedroom that's cozy yet chic. Lighter shades keep the room from being too dark and drab while the darker greys insert a subtle cozy vibe.

14. Quiet Luxury

Modern grey bedroom

Using different textures in this room keeps the greys from fading into each other.

15. Dark and Light Contrast

Modern bedroom with stylish carpet and white cat lamps

The contrast between the dark and light greys as well as the grey and whites make for great visual interest in this room.

16. Patterns and Solid

Modern bedroom with patterned bedsheets and grey carpet

The solid surface of the grey closets against the pattern of the blanket and textures of the pillows, rug, and curtains make for a great mix of looks while using one color throughout.

17. Hints of Purple

Modern bedroom with king-size bed

The accent wall is a great purple-toned grey that's emphasized by the purple accents in the bedding.

18. Bold Wall

Modern bedroom with grey wall and white carpet

The panels of this wall are made bold and dramatic with the dark grey color painted on them.

19. Soft Contrast

Modern bedroom with grey carpet flooring

Where white and black make for a harsh contrast, using grey against black gives a softer yet still dramatic effect.

20. Make a Focal Point

Modern bedroom with grey bed and wooden interior

The wood-paneled wall could have easily overwhelmed the bed in this bedroom. Using grey on the wall directly framing the bed and in the bedding draws attention to it instead.

21. Framing the Bed

Modern bedroom interior with nature view

Framing the bed with dark grey furniture as well as in the bedding makes the bed stand out in this room.

22. Dark and Cozy

Modern beach side hotel room with wooden carpet flooring

The grey walls and trim make this room warm and cozy even with the light and airy look of the bedding.

23. Bright Room, Light Grey

Modern attic bedroom with parquet flooring

The lighter shades of grey used in this room add a bit of warmth while still keeping an overall bright atmosphere.

24. Medium Tones

Luxury hotel with red carpet and grey tiled floor

Grey that tends towards the middle of the spectrum, when combined with the dusty rose here, creates a warm and cozy element to an otherwise bright and breezy bedroom.

25. Dark Grey and Gold

Luxury hotel bedroom

When combined with gold tones in the wood and light fixture as well as the dramatic look of the paneled wall, grey transforms this bedroom into a luxurious space.

26. Monochromatic

Luxury grey themed hotel bedroom with city view

The clash between dark and light grey as well as the purple tone in the pillows make for a bold contemporary look.

27. Dark Accent

Luxury bedroom with modern interior and elegant wooden mirror

In a room using a lot of light color the dark grey wall and accents give it a focus as well as adding a warm element.

28. Grey on Wood

Luxury bedroom with grey bed and house plant interior

Grey, especially this shade, can be cold and harsh. Using wood against it, like the accent behind the bed, softens it and makes the room cozy and welcoming.

29. Light Against Dark

Hotel bedroom with grey bed and carpet

Using satiny textures for the grey bedding against black furniture creates a luxurious feel in this room.

30. Bright and Open

Grey themed bedroom with lots of books

Lighter grey colors are perfect for keeping a room bright and breezy.

31. Spot of Color

Grey bedroom with abstract design carpet

Grey and white create the base for this room, allowing the colorful pillow on the bed to draw the eye and keep the focus on the bed.

32. Subtle Colors

Elegant modern bedroom

The greys in this room have hints of purple and green in them, a great way to add hints of color while keeping a neutral room palate.

33. Wine Accent

Elegant bedroom with grey mattress wallpaper

Using the neutral grey against deep purple makes for a bold statement in this bedroom.

34. Silver and Gold

Elegant bedroom with grey bed and carpet

This look isn't just great on precious metals. Silvery grey against gold designs on the walls makes this room a step above your typical modern design.

35. Soft Pink

Domestic bedroom with grey, pink pillow case and wooden interior

The pinks in this room contrast nicely with the dark and light greys.

36. Warm Contrast

Cozy minimalist bedroom with grey floor and stylish interior

The wooden ceiling and accents, as well as the darker grey tones throughout this bedroom, keep it feeling warm and welcoming. The light greys and white walls make this space feel open and fresh.

37. Grey Industrial

Cozy loft bedroom with city view

Grey in this room is used to keep a fresh and light feel even as the brick and wood elements add a warmer element to the rustic industrial design.

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38. Many Mixes

Cozy grey themed modern bedroom

Grey takes part in all the various contrasts in this room, keeping it sleek and unified even with the many differences in color, pattern, and texture.

39. Jewel Tones

Cozy grey and purple themed modern bedroom

The walls, bedding, and flooring all make a solid neutral for the bright purple to stand out against in this room.

40. Keep it Simple

Classy grey bedroom interior

The minimalist vibe in this room is echoed in the simple colors of grey and white even as the grey is displayed in a couple of different shades.

41. Dark on Light

Bedroom with modern interior

Dark and light grey contrast well against the brown colors in this room.

42. Comfy and Cozy

Bedroom with grey wall, wooden interior and parquet flooring

Dark grey adds a dramatic yet welcome feel to a room that centers on a white bed.

43. Grey Brick

Bedroom with grey brick wall and house plant interior

Dark grey brick makes for a great rustic element in a room that tends more towards minimalistic looks.

44. Dark Grey and Blue

Bedroom with brick wall and hanging lamp

The dark grey in this room has subtle blue tones that are brought out by the bedding used. This keeps the room cozy while also looking bright and open when combined with the white brick.

45. Grey Glam

A gorgeous and luxurious elegant bedroom with gray and silver beddings and a gorgeous lighting on the chandelier

The design of this room is definitely glamorous. Velvet and metallic grey elements add a look that comes straight from vintage Hollywood.

46. Sleep Tight

An elegant dark gray themed bedroom with indoor plants on the header area

The greysin this room are all about adding that cozy feeling. White and cream dominate, but the greys draw you in and make you want to relax.

47. Stark Minimalism

A luxurious bedroom with gray colored walls, gray beddings, and dangling lamps on the sides

The look of this room is all about minimalism, and the concrete grey walls reflect that. Some plush grey bedding and cushions, as well as wooden elements, soften the design.

48. Matching Patterns

The wallpaper and screens on the table match each other well. Grey used between the two as well as elsewhere in the room tie everything together while keeping the two-toned color scheme from being drab.

49. Curtained Accent

A large gray themed bedroom with gray beddings, gray floor length curtains, and an indoor plant on the bookshelf

Bold grey curtains create a warm and welcoming feel when used to focus the room to the bed.

50. Simple Colors

Grey tones in this room keep the busy patterns from overwhelming the space.

51. Bright Yellow

Interior of a luxurious teal and grey color themed bedroom

Grey is a great base color for any room, but when used with a really bright pop of color like this blue it really shines.

52. Feminine Grey

Dark greys with shades of pink make for a great feminine style in this bedroom.

53. Soft Neutrals

Layering neutrals is easy to do. In this room, a mix of grey and brown tones offer warmth and comfort while the lighter whites keep the atmosphere light and airy.

54. Dramatic Shades

Different shades of one color naturally create a dramatic look. Using different dark shades of grey make this design especially striking.

55. Country Style

Grey and white paired with bold rustic elements give this room a bright farmhouse vibe.

56. Bold Boho

Deep, dark grey on the wall contrasts starkly with the bright white of the bed. When combined with the other elements of the room, this boho look is bold and dramatic.

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57. Southwestern Flair

Bohemian elements make this space casual and relaxed, while the soft greys keep it warm and inviting.

58. Fresh Style

This room uses subtle, light grey and simple patterns to keep its style fresh and bright.

59. Regal

Grey in this room adds a silver glint to the rich textures and purples.

60. Sleep Tight

A small retro themed bedroom with pictures hanged on the wall and a white bed with white beddings with white pillows

Dark greys and plush textures make this room soft and comfortable.

61. Elegance

A gorgeous modern interior of a bedroom with yellow and black patterned pillows and drapes

This room has a simple elegance thanks to its shades of grey. The metallic sheen on the pillows and the faux fur throw add a hint of luxury as well.

62. Farmhouse Charm

Grey plaid wallpaper makes for a pretty background to this simple yet cozy room.

63. Blue Tones

Interior of a modern Scandinavian themed bedroom incorporated with blue and white colors

Hints of blue in the greys used in this room make for a calm, peaceful retreat.

64. Bold Design

Dark grey on dark brown and black make this room bold and dramatic while still encouraging daily naps.

65. Breezy Elegance

A narrow farmhouse themed bedroom with gray beddings, gray pillows, and an abstract wall design

Light greys in this room work with the glitzy details to make this simple yet bright space elegant.

66. Warm Comfort

Cozy greys and pink make this bedroom warm and welcoming, ready for relaxing.

67. Richly Designed

Deep greys, as well as luxurious textures, work with rich pinks and purples to make this space soft and comforting.

68. Glamorous

Metallic and velvet fabrics in grey add a bit of luxury to this bedroom.

69. Grey Stripes

The greys on this bedding brighten a room that could easily be overshadowed by the brick wall.

70. Bold Heights

The dark greys used in this room keep the space grounded in a space where the high ceiling can make it seem too open and empty.

71. Casual Edge

The greys in this room soften the roughness of the brick and concrete walls that make up its industrial style.

Versatile and Stylish

As you can see, grey can be used in any design theme and for any technique. Whether you want to brighten or darken a space, make it more casual or boost the glamour, or simplify a dramatic look, grey is a great color to use in your bedroom.

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