Are you trying to find a color that coordinates with your pine furniture? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to help you find the perfect color for your home.

Generally, using grey colors alongside pine furniture will work nicely. With that said, be careful with the amount of dark grey you incorporate into a pine-dominant room, as it can be overwhelming in large quantities.

So, what shade of grey should you go with? And how do you choose the perfect shade? Keep reading to learn all about using grey with pine furniture.

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Should You Use Grey With Pine Furniture?

Yes, grey is a great choice to use in a room with pine furniture. Light greys are easier to coordinate with pine than dark greys, but both can be good options when appropriately employed. Grey is a neutral tone that can carry both cool and warm tones.

Light greys are typically cool, and darker greys tend to hold a warmer undertone. Choosing a grey with warm undertones can result in a monotonous room. Dark greys can make the room feel too dark and dreary if there isn't enough pine in the room to even it out.

Is Light Grey A Good Choice With Pine Furniture?

Yes, light grey is perhaps the easiest grey to incorporate into a room with pine furniture. The cooler tones in lighter greys help balance out the warm tones found in pine. The contrast created is subtle yet noticeable, creating precise coordination.

Prestige Paints Cool Grey Interior Paint

This light gray carries beautiful cool tones to create a lovely contrast against the pine.

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Empty Minimalist Room with Gray Wal

Is Dark Grey A Good Choice For Pine Furniture?

Dark grey can work well with pine if it's done correctly. A dark grey can easily become overwhelming, creating a dreary, flat-looking room. Dark greys are good in moderation, like on the trim and moldings in a room.

Rust-Oleum Charcoal Paint

This dark grey paint is ideal for trim and moldings. It's dark enough to create contrast but maybe too dark to dedicate an entire wall to it.

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What Colors Go With Pine Furniture?

Grey isn't the only color option you have when trying to coordinate with pine furniture. Blue, green, and purple are other cool tones that you can successfully use along with the pine. Cool colors are the easiest to use with pine since they create a nice contrast.

Warm colors like yellow and red can work with pine but are best used as small pops of color in the space. Using warm colors sparingly is the best way to incorporate them in rooms with pine furniture. Try adding a vase with bright red flowers in the room to add some warmth.

What Color Is Pine?

Pine is known for its warm yellow undertones, which is why it works best with cool colors. Using blue or green will contrast with the yellow in the pine, creating balance throughout the space. You can use other warm colors with pine, but sparingly so you don't overwhelm the room with warmth.

Prestige Paints Robin's Egg Blue Interior Paint

This light blue shade is perfect for use with pine furniture, creating a gorgeous contrast against pine's yellow undertones.

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Can You Mix Pine With Other Wood?

Yes, mixing wood tones and species is a great way to create depth in a room without adding overwhelming color. Choose a primary wood species to carry the look and add selected pieces made with other wood or stained differently to produce a variation.

You can even use varying wood species, tones, and colors to help add depth and interest to the space.

What Woods Look Good Together?

Mix warm and cool-toned woods with neutrally-toned woods to create diversity. Most wood species will blend well together, but it's good to create contrast between pieces. Since pine is warm wood, it will contrast nicely with cooler woods like ash and maple.

Neutral wood tones like walnut are also a safe option that won't create a stark contrast but add variety to the room's look. You can also use stains to help achieve your desired look by attaining a specific tone.

Varathane Walnut Gel Stain

This dark walnut stain is a great option if you want to create a neutral wood tone to add to your space.

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Does Furniture Have To Match?

No, furniture doesn't have to match to create a beautiful uniform appearance in a room. While a matching set is a great way to coordinate a room easily, it's not necessary to make a beautiful room.

Don't be afraid to mix and match pieces to get a fun and unique feeling in your space.

Can You Have Too Much Wood Furniture?

If you feel like you have too much of a single wood tone in a room, try staining some pieces of different shades to create some diversity. If you feel like your space is becoming cluttered with too much furniture, it may be time to weed out a few pieces to prevent clutter.

SmartSF Rustic Coffee Table Set

This coffee and end table set uses both pine and cedarwood to create gorgeous pieces with wood variety.

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Modern interior of living room, scandinavian style

What Is The Difference Between Pine And Knotty Pine?

Knotty pine typically has large brown knots, while standard pine lacks the knots. If you want a rustic look, knotty pine is the way to go.

Both knotty pine and standard pine share the same recommended color coordination for the most part.

Is Pine Still In Style?

Yes, pine is a timeless classic. It is one of the least costly wood species, making it popular furniture and home construction option. Pine is not well suited to exterior applications because it lacks rot resistance, making it a better choice for interior applications and furniture.

Linon Home Nook Set In Pine

This dining set consists of pine tops and a frame that has been painted white to create contrast.

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How Can I Make My Pine Look More Modern?

Adding color or varying wood tones to the room will help to modernize your pine furniture. Shades like blue or gray are a great option if you desire a more current atmosphere.

Gray has cool tones, but it doesn't present an overpowering amount of color either, making it a safe and interesting color choice with pine.

How Can I Add Color To My Home Without Using Paint?

If you want to add color to your space without the hassle of painting, try adding some colorful decor. A vase with fake flowers that offer a pop of color can be a great alternative to painting. You could also try adding boldly colored statues, figurines, or art to the space as an easy way to introduce more color.

Gubo Artificial Flower Arrangement

The blue flowers in this piece stand out against the white vase, and both will create contrast against the pine.

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Wooden Table Top with Blur of Cozy Living Room.

Can You Use Warm Colors With Pine?

Yes, you can use warm colors along with pine, but you will want to be careful that you don't end up with a bland color scheme. Since pine is also a warm color that carries yellow undertones, you will need to be careful that you don't overdo the warmth in the room.

Use white or other neutral colors to help break up the warmth, and add bright pops of color into the decor to create interest.

Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Venetian Yellow

This yellow paint is bright and cheerful, but it must be used carefully with pine since they're both warm tones.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know all about harmonizing pine furniture with the rest of your home, you're ready to start gathering paint swatches and planning your redecorating phase.

Make sure to test your colors in the room you are decorating to ensure that the light reflects appropriately and you end up with a great result. Have fun shopping, and enjoy your home's fresh new look!

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