80 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas You’re Going to Love

When deciding on design ideas for a bedroom, it's easy to overlook the guestroom. After all, how often do most of us have guests stay over? Unfortunately, this means that we usually don't consider the design of a guestroom until family or friends are already on their way to visit!80 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas You're Going to Love

You might be in a similar situation where you want to make a cozy space for your incoming guests. Or maybe you just want to spruce up your existing guest bedroom so it's ready whenever you need it. Either way, we've got a ton of inspiring design ideas and pictures for you to transform your guestroom into the warm and welcoming space any guest deserves!

Keep reading for how to turn your guestroom into one that your guests will never want to leave.

1. "Orange" You Glad We Included This One?

Artistic bedroom

When designing a guestroom, consider decorating around a color theme. With multiple pieces in the same color, just place them evenly throughout the room for an intentional and professional look.


2. Sheer Sophistication

Yellow bedroom with tv

For a simple sophisticated feel, blend sheer textures in soft nudes. Metallic accents like this picture frame will complement fabrics with a sheen.

3. Say Anything

Wooden bedroom with black and white themed interior

Add some charm to your guestroom with a welcoming embroidered inscription and quirky, blank wall art that's sure to cue compliments.

4. Regal Rose

Wite bedroom with red wall

If your bedroom won't fit much more than a bed, make it the focal point with a decorative headboard. This guestroom is fit for a king or queen!

5. Line-Dried Linen

White boho style bedroom

You can easily pull an effortless look together just by keeping it simple. An abundance of natural sunlight and minimal accessories enhances a bright linen white, making this room look clean and fresh for your guests.

6. Window Art

White bedroom with simple interior

If your guestroom already has a great feature like stained glass windows, incorporate this design into the decor. Here, the bright blue accent table and mosaic picture frame complement the built-in window art.

7. Draped in Design

White bedroom with orange blanket

This guestroom shows how casual design can be effortlessly elegant. The oversized comforter and corresponding throw give the bed a decadent "draped" appearance, while the wall decor creates a dramatic cascading effect.

8. Let the Outside In

White bedroom with glass door and window

If your guestroom already has a great view and plenty of windows, keep the decor to a minimum so as not to detract from the natural beauty outside.

9. Natural Glow

White and orange boho style bedroom

This guestroom is already welcoming with all the natural light and wood details. Adding a warm accent color like this sunset orange really makes this space shine!

10. Pop of Pattern

Two bedroom with large wooden door cabinet

Add instant zest to an otherwise plain guestroom by incorporating fun patterns like the ones displayed by these bedspreads and this table lamp.

11. Cotton Clouds

Teal bedroom with black and white interiors

To achieve a fresh and airy effect, use light neutrals and matching accents like this cotton wall art and floral arrangement.

12. Sunrise and Shine

Sunny white bedroom

Bring in natural light with sheer curtains. Your guests will appreciate the subtle alarm clock!

13. Peach Paradise

Sunny bedroom

Layer soothing tones like this soft apricot and creamy white for a positively peachy glow!

14. Wash of White

Small white attic bedroom

If you're using a loft or attic for your guestroom, apply this whitewashing effect to furniture and walls to open up a small space and add height to a sloped ceiling.

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15. Use the View

Small bedroom with grey wall and carpet floor

Maybe your guestroom has limited windows and a sparse view with only a sliver of sky. Don't hide the view-use it to make the room look pulled together by incorporating the color of a neighboring roof into the accent furniture, such as these matching end tables.

16. Home Away From Home

Small bedroom with canvas painting on wall

Pale neutrals and a sharp dark accent piece will make this space one your guests might never want to leave!

17. All the Right Angles

Small bedroom by the window

If your guestroom is in a unique angled space, use separation of paint colors to highlight its unique character. Keep the furniture to a minimum so as not to overwhelm a narrow room.

18. Floating Dreams

Simple wooden bed with house plant decors

An accent wall doesn't have to be a different shade to draw the eye-these floating shelves are proof that you can add visual interest without changing the paint color. Just make sure to match the shelves to the furniture to pull the look together.

19. Statement Curtains

Simple small bedroom

Emphasize a room's natural features like this arched window and pleasant view with decorative curtains. This makes the window the focal point and allows you to keep the rest of the room simple while still creating an inviting space for your guests.

20. Thoughtful Design

Simple modern bedroom with mirror and plants

Design your guestroom with their needs in mind. A ladder shelf is a unique way to display towels while a see-through wire bin makes reading material easy to find.

21. All in the Details

Simple black and white bedroom

You can keep a guestroom simple and still give it a polished look by remembering to match small details. This metallic lampshade base pairs well with the brushed nickel light fixture and chrome drawer hardware.

22. Guest Garden

Simple bedroom with wood flooring

You can create a naturally inviting space by trellising house plants and displaying floral arrangements. Knick knack shelves and empty decorative boxes will give guests plenty of storage for travel items.

23. Thoughtful Additions

Simple bedroom with wooden interior and glass window

Including a trash can is a convenient accessory to spare your guests from having to venture out. Then again, when your guestroom is this nice, who would ever want to leave?

24. Mimic Nature

Simple bedroom with plant decors

Use rich textures and a soothing palette like this sage green to achieve visual interest while still maintaining an ultra-cozy feel. Leaning a large mirror against the wall is a trend we've been seeing a lot lately and loving even more!

25. Mix Neutrals

Simple attic bedroom with wood interior

Blend warm and ashy wood tones for a naturally tranquil effect. Floating sculptures add a touch of whimsy and give this guestroom a dream-like quality.

26. Moroccan Nights

Retro style bedroom

Make your guests feel like they're staying in a magical foreign land! The Moroccan style has become a cultural favorite in interior design because of its striking patterns and these distinctly shaped vases and pendulum lights.

27. Roll Out the Red Carpet

Red carpet bedroom

Here's another example of a narrow guestroom that benefits from the bed being the focal point. Matching the lush red rug to the headboard tyes the look together.

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28. Rose Glow

Purple-ish bedroom

A rosy hue is a great choice for any bedroom because red or pink light mimics the colors of sunrise and sunset. Incorporate this color in decor or light fixtures to help your guest rest and wake up refreshed.

29. Modern Medley

Purple bedroom

This modern design features clean lines with sharp shelves and crisp wall pieces. A fun wallpaper design adds visual interest while red and plum pops off the white.

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30. Create Movement

Modern white bedroom with white curtains, tv and wood flooring

Add textures that change dimension as you move around them like this light fixture and blurred art piece. Painting the walls with a faux suede paint will enhance this effect while long lines in a beadboard ceiling work to stretch and lengthen the room.

31. Guest Nook

Modern white and blue bedroom

Even a small room can function as a cozy guest nook. Keep things simple and stock it with just the essentials.

32. Guest Suite

Modern large master bedroom

If you're lucky enough to have a bathroom in your guestroom, be sure to match the decor of the vanity to the room for seamless flow. A backlit mirror adds a unique modern touch.

33. Playful Design

Modern kids bedroom

This guestroom has a youthful vibe that is whimsical enough to still be suitable for adult company.

34. Private Escape

Modern bedroom with white walls and lampshade

Frosted glass offers your guest the utmost privacy.

35. Design With Guests in Mind

Modern bedroom with white interior and wood flooring

Dark woods and bronze accents warm this stark white decor. Meanwhile, thoughtful details like hanging robes and a door-mounted mirror are both functional and appreciated.

36. Convenient Touches

Modern bedroom with teal pillow and blanket

Save space on a nightstand by mounting a reading light within arm's reach.

37. Provide Entertainment

Modern bedroom with sofa

A guestroom is a great spot to relocate a spare TV!

38. Invite Color to Stay Over

Modern bedroom with messy blankets

A black and white theme offers endless opportunities for splashes of color. Layering different colors and textures into a bedspread will make it feel and look cozy.

39. Provide Contrast

Modern bedroom with brick wall and artwork

Offset a rich and complex accent wall with smooth neutrals and simple accents.

40. Work With What's There

Minimalist style bedroom

If your guestroom is located in the basement, you can always use what's available and go with an industrial theme.

41. Add Texture

Minimalist bedroom

Layering textures in decor adds depth and complexity. You'll love the results and so will your guests!

42. Make Boring Beautiful

Large bedroom with sink

A plain watercolor closet can become a charming focal point with a coat of rich paint and decorative wall-mounted storage.

43. Victorian Vibes

King sized bed with luxury wallpaper

This Victorian-inspired guestroom is as attractive as it is welcoming. Dazzle your guests with a sparkling chandelier!

44. Play With Shapes

king-size bed with a rusty bedroom interior and a mirror

Who needs symmetry when offbeat can be so on-trend? This custom headboard and quirky-cut mirror are sure to make your guests smile.

45. Sans Storage

Hotel type guestroom

If your guestroom lacks a closet and storage space, give your guests a convenient place to hang their clothes. These adorable wicker baskets provide thoughtful essentials while doubling as delightful decor.

46. Moody Mystery

Grey themed bedroom

Guestrooms are the perfect opportunity to do something different with decor. You can create a chic and cozy sense of mystery with a moonlit gray color palette and interesting textures.

47. A Soft Place to Land

Grey bedroom with teal pillows

Give your guests a luxurious experience with complimentary tea and soft throws to warm the chilly nights.

48. Royal Treatment

Grey bedroom with red carpet

Leaving robes on the bed for your guests is the perfect way to make them feel warm and welcome.

49. King Comfort

Grey and teal color bedroom

Setting up a guestroom for a couple is easy-just double everything! Here, each person has their own quaint nightstand and reading light.

50. New Use

Flower themed bedroom

When children grow out of furniture, you can repurpose it in a guestroom. What was once a child-size desk is now a cute nook for guests to set up a laptop or to use as extra storage.

51. Warm Welcome

English bedroom with yellow wall

Warm wood and golden walls contrast the chilly scene outside this pretty window. A spare rocker gives guests an extra seat to enjoy the view.

52. Bunk Up!

Double decker bedroom

If you're short on space, go up! This guestroom keeps it simple with a single pillow and duvet while a freestanding room divider functions as a decorative element and privacy screen.

53. All "Naturel"

Cozy wooden bedroom with patterned interior

Who says walls have to be finished? This guestroom has everything you need without all the fuss.

54. Match the Outside

Cozy white bed with white cabinet and windows

Of course, you can always pull off a polished look by matching the decor to a stunning woodland view. The Craftsman-style woodwork makes this guestroom fit seamlessly into its surroundings!

55. Fancy Frills

Cozy white bedroom with tv

A ruffled bedspread and sheer curtains will give any guestroom an elegant edge.

56. All Tucked In

Cozy white bedroom

A smaller bedroom tucked away is perfect for a guestroom. To save on space, keep furniture and storage to a minimum.

57. Mauve Majesty

Cozy modern large bedroom

Give your guests a luxurious experience with rich textures and moody mauve tones.

58. Private Oasis

Cozy modern bedroom with grey curtains

Make your guests feel like they're staying in a luxury resort! These lined curtains provide privacy while fresh-cut flowers and a crystal chandelier add a lavish touch.

59. Hazelnut Hideout

Cozy modern bedroom with curtains

Let the light in with sheer curtains to warm this walnut palette. These cocoa-colored accent chairs offer guests a seat and extra storage space.

60. The Scent of Home

Cozy blue bedroom with grey carpet and tv

When designing a guestroom, don't forget to make it smell as welcoming as it looks! Oil diffusers not only offer a soft scent but a decorative touch.

61. Sleeping Beauty

Cozy bedroom with wood flooring

This guestroom has a fresh, feminine vibe.

62. Cozy by the Fire

Cozy bedroom with teal sheet and fireplace

Warm woods, a fireplace, and a sheepskin rug make this guestroom crazy cozy.

63. Shutter Shuteye

Cozy bedroom with plants and wooden interior

Repurpose used shutters by painting them and arranging them on an accent wall. Lean a ladder against a wall and trellis houseplants for a whimsical effect.

64. Leave an Impression

Cozy bedroom with plants and artwork

These gorgeous jewel-toned throw pillows are striking against an ash gray bedspread. Matching modern furniture and accent pieces give this guestroom a dash of sophistication.

65. Tropical Getaway

Cozy bedroom with dark teal wall and plant shaped hanging lights

Make your guests feel like they were whisked away to a tropical paradise with a deep teal accent wall, a jungle floral arrangement, and pineapple-shaped light fixtures.

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66. Timeless Classic

Cozy bedroom with blue carpet

Blue and gold are a classic pairing in any age.

67. Modern Classic

Classy white bedroom with many pillows

In this guestroom, modern classic decor gets an antique twist with this upholstered chair and vintage typewriter.

68. Contemporary Excellence

Classy modern black and white bedroom

This guestroom is a flawless example of contemporary design-clean lines, modern furniture, and futuristic bedding.

69. Unexpected Art

Classy modern bedroom

If your guestroom has a quirky feature like this indented wall, don't hide it-Make it into an art piece!

70. Starlight Stunner

Classy dark bedroom

This guestroom has all the elements we love in a bedroom! Rich textures, dark woods, and a truly awesome accent wall that's reminiscent of the twinkling night sky.

71. Golden Opulence

Classy bedroom with yellow-ish and white color interior

If you're going for a glamorous guestroom vibe, gold and white is always a great choice. These elegant table lights give an opulent glow.

72. Add Dimension

Classy bedroom with plant interior

Add dimension to a narrow guestroom by combing textures and patterns. We're loving this ashy armoire against the plum wall.

73. Frosted Forest

Christmas themed bedroom

Icy aspen gray and woodland tones blend together seamlessly for a fresh and frosted look. Pine sprig accents will have your guests feeling like they've woken up in an enchanted winter wonderland!

74. Butterscotch Beauty

Bright color bedroom with wood flooring

Add a sweet touch to a guestroom with butterscotch paint and fresh linen white bedding and curtains.

75. The Colorfully Cluttered Effect

Boho style bedroom with candles

Treat your guests to a free-spirited design where pretty much anything goes. Candles and tray service are a welcome sight for any weary traveler.

76. Mad for Monochrome

Black and white bedroom white stylish frame interior

This guestroom features a monochrome color palette with a touch of rich mahogany. A wall of pictureless frames is an interesting twist and offers plenty of clean lines to complement this contemporary theme.

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77. Balanced Blend

Black and white bedroom

A neutral color palette like this one is easy to find pieces for. Notice how the chalk wallhanging perfectly matches the floors and tabletop accessories.

78. Smoke and Mirrors

Bedroom with plant interior and wood flooring

Mirrored closet doors create an illusion of a larger bedroom and add a unique dimension when reflected opposite another. Contrast all that cool metallic with a warm, smoky gray and vibrant bedspread.

79. Feature Highlight

Bedroom with artistic interior and wood flooring

When your view is this spectacular, the bedroom becomes a frame for the window! Emphasize the room's best feature with special effect paint on the walls and ceiling.

80. Cottage Chic

Attic bedroom with wooden interior

Give the "cottage feel" a modern uptake with crisp white trim and bronzed curtains.

We hope this post has helped you come up with the perfect design that will have your guests begging to come back and stay! Now that you have some ideas on how to design your guestroom, check out this post for inspiration on how to decorate bedroom walls with pictures.

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