Does a Guest Room Need a Dresser?

If you have an extra room in your house, you might be considering using it as a guest room. This may leave you wondering how you should furnish a guest room. Does it need a dresser? We have researched this topic to determine what professional decorators say,  

Guest rooms do not require a dresser, but you should provide a place for guests to store their belongings. A dresser does this job quite effectively. However, you may use these alternatives: 

  • Closet space 
  • Shelving 
  • Portable dresser
  • Garment rack

The type of storage you will offer to your guests will depend on the size and layout of the room. Let's explore these options together so you can choose the one that best fits your guest room. 

A modern Scandinavian themed bedroom with a dresser on the side, Does a Guest Room Need a Dresser?

Guest Room Storage Options

Traditional Dressers 

A dresser on the side of the wall

If you have space, a traditional dresser is a great way for guests to store their belongings. Guests will be able to organize their clothes in a way that makes them easily accessible for the entirety of their stay, and a dresser does not require a lot of maintenance on your part. If you are purchasing a bedroom set for your guest room, you may already have a dresser included in the set. 

Closet Space 

A dresser with organized containers for shirts and pants, and a section for hanged dresses

If your guest room has a closet, you can modify it in many ways to offer a single space for your guests' belongings. One thing you can do is provide hangers in the closet. Your guests can hang most of their clothes up. Some closets have shelving installed in them already, and they can be used to store undergarments and other items. Add a bit of flare and help keep things organized by placing baskets or bins on these shelves. 

For those closets that don't have extra shelving to store clothing, there are many other options to help you make the closet guest friendly. A closet kit provides all the pieces you need to build storage in the configuration you like best. Hanging storage bins offer a place to hang clothes without the need to install permanent shelves. 

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Modern bedroom with blue painted walls a small bunk bed with cabinets and drawers on the side

From wall-mounted shelves to bookshelves and shelf units, there is no limit to the number of configurations you can create for your guests to use as storage. If you have enough floor space, a unit similar to a bookshelf could serve as a place for guests to store clothes. You could even add bins to the shelves to mimic drawers. Wall-mounted shelves could work just as well for storing clothing if you don't have sufficient floor space for a whole unit. Just be sure that the shelves are deep enough to hold clothing.


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Portable Dressers 

If you have a smaller guest room that isn't used very often, a portable dresser might be a good option for you. When you have guests staying with you, you can wheel one of these into the guest room and then use it for other purposes when you don't have guests. Widely available and decently priced, this is even a great option to add extra space to the storage you already have in the room. 

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Garment Racks 

A modern Scandinavian themed bedroom with a dresser on the side, Does a Guest Room Need a Dresser?

A garment rack is another great option if you want something that is temporary or if you don't have closet space to dedicate to guests. There are simple options available that consist of a bar to hang clothes. More complex options are similar to the storage units we've already discussed and will come with shelves or areas for bins. 

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What is the Difference Between a Dresser And an Armoire? 

A dresser is typically a set of drawers that is used in a bedroom to hold clothing. An armoire serves this purpose as well, but it generally is more extensive and may also include other features such as shelves and cabinets. It is not uncommon to see an armoire in a living room or dining room, where dressers are usually in a bedroom. Armoires also tend to be fancier than dressers, and they can be heirlooms passed down in a family. If you have an armoire that is special to you, it is not advisable to place it in your guest room, where it may be damaged. 

Does a Guest Room Need a Closet? 

A closet is a great way to offer storage to your guests without having to make too many changes. However, a guest room doesn't need to have a closet if there are other areas for them to store their clothes. A garment rack is an excellent option for hanging clothes if you don't have a closet available. 

How Do You Stock a Guest Room? 

Clothing storage is an essential part of designing a guest room. But you may want to go the extra mile and stock the room with items to keep your guests comfortable and provide for their needs. Here are a few suggestions to add to your guest room to give a great experience. 

Bedding and Linens 

Leaving extra blankets and pillows in the guest room will ensure that the guest is comfortable throughout the night. Additionally, towels and washcloths can be left in the guest room. Having these items already available to the guests will allow them to adjust their bedding as they wish or tend to their hygiene needs without having to wake you up or search through your home. 


Having toiletries available for your guests is always an appreciated gesture. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or soap, and toothpaste are good basics to have. You can also provide extra toothbrushes or razors, feminine products, mouthwash, and cotton swabs since travelers frequently forget them. Make sure to give a box of tissues for your guests and stock the bathroom they will use with toilet paper. 

Trash Can 

A trash can is a small item that is often taken for granted. It quickly becomes inconvenient to go into a different room every time something needs to be thrown away. You will also eliminate some of the messes your guests may leave behind if they have a place to put trash. 

Water and Snacks 

Put together a snack basket for your guests to have in their room, along with some bottles of water. If you've ever stayed at someone else's home, you know how awkward it can be when you are hungry between meals or after everyone is asleep. Help your guests feel at home by fulfilling that need for them without them having to ask.

There are so many items you can provide to your guests to help them feel at home, but these are some great options. It also doesn't hurt to reach out and ask what you can provide to make their stay great! 


Your guest room is your guests' home away from home while they are on vacation. It is easy to become overwhelmed, thinking of all the things your guests may need. If you provide a comfortable bed, snacks and toiletries, and plenty of space for their belongings, your guest will have everything they need for their stay. 

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