21 Hacienda Style Living Room Ideas

When you hear the word hacienda, there are numerous images that probably come to mind. These Spanish plantation homes were known for their clay tile roofs, rounded doorways, and stucco siding that were painted shades of red and brown. On the interior of these dwellings, small windows were built to keep out the intense summer heat. The ceilings were crossed with exposed beams, which sometimes extended beyond the exterior walls.

Hacienda-style living rooms can give your home the feel of the traditional haciendas of yesteryear, no matter what the exterior design of your home is. Brown or red tile flooring is a common choice, as are walls that are painted to match. It's also fairly common for the interior walls to be textured before painting to capture an extra sense of authenticity.

While some of the traditional features of a hacienda living space might present some challenges, you will be able to make certain smaller modifications to your living room to fit this style. And if you're not able to expose the beams in your home or have the windows rebuilt to be small and round, you can still make your living room have the colors and decor of this popular and fun design.

For this post, we've discovered twenty-one different living rooms that designers and homeowners have adopted. To see what they've achieved, read on!

A luxury hacienda style interior living room with bookshelf, books, arm chair, sofa and fireplace, 21 Hacienda Style Living Room Ideas

1. Vaulted Ceiling

This living room was constructed to be in the hacienda style. The vaulted ceilings are crossed by exposed support beams, giving this living room a grand appearance. Lighter-colored walls flow down into a brown floor, accented by the darker decor on each wall. The room's focal point is the fireplace in the center, which is covered by a brown metal grate.

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2. Rounded Doorways

Here we have a living room with a rounded doorway leading out into a spacious entry hall. Coupled with the high vaulted, exposed beam ceiling, this living room was also constructed in the classic hacienda design. Note the brown flooring and the red upholstery for the furniture and how they complete the style.

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3. Spacious Living Room With Rounded Windows

This homeowner has a larger-than-standard living room. Rounded windows adorn the room on the left, letting in the maximum amount of natural light. While the ceilings are not vaulted, they are crossed by brown wooden beams. These stand out against the white ceiling. The tan flooring and off-white area rugs tie the room together when coupled with this owner's choice of furniture.

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4. Dark Interior With Traditional Lighting

Here we see a vaulted ceiling that has been stained a deep brown. The ceiling is crossed by exposed beams that are almost black. In the center of the ceiling is a traditional hacienda chandelier. The dark flooring looks fantastic with the deep red and green upholstered furniture atop it. 

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5. Brown Ceiling, White Furniture

This living room has the traditional exposed beams crossing a brown-stained ceiling. This dark hue is countered by the lighter colored area rug and the white upholstery on the furniture. To the far left, we also see a chandelier hung over that side of the room. This living room is a great example of how you might decorate your living room in the hacienda-style, even though it does not have the traditional small windows or rounded doorways.

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6. Modern Hacienda

The homeowner here has a living room with a narrowly vaulted ceiling, with cross beams added for the appearance of structural support (even though they are purely cosmetic in this case). Large windows dominate the background, flanked by large and lush green potted plants. Long and narrow, this room has been furnished and decorated in a modern style.

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7. Hacienda Style in a Traditional Boxed Living Room

Here is another example of how you can make your living room look like one inside a hacienda. If you look at the basic structure of the room itself, it's not anything out of the ordinary. To give it the feel of a hacienda, the designer installed wooden slats along the entire ceiling, then mounted exposed, decorative cross beams. The white furniture offsets the brown flooring and large brown coffee table.

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This traditional area rug would look nice in this living room.

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8. Adobe Corner Fireplace

This room has an adobe fireplace tucked in the corner. Along the sidewalls leading to this fireplace are raised areas that have been adorned with comfortable cushions. This modification adds a lot of extra seating for this room, as there is still room for a sofa and chairs. The dark ceiling is accented by a floor that is a lighter brown tile. 

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9. Exposed Wood

The living room in this photo has had a wooden ceiling attached to the original one to conform with a hacienda feel. The long wooden table, hardwood flooring, and brown draperies match the style perfectly.

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10. Traditional Hacienda Colors

The homeowners decided to use the traditional reds and browns in nearly every possible way for this living room. The dark brown ceiling beams cross over the top of rust-colored walls. The tan furniture sits atop a traditional hacienda rug. Note the number of decorative accessories in this room that are also shades of brown or red.

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11. Modern With a Touch of Tradition 

Here we see all of the hacienda construction elements; vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and most likely rounded doorways leading into the room. Rather than decorating this style, the homeowners opted to use bright colors and decor to liven up the room.  

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A touch of tradition could be achieved with an appropriately designed throw pillow.

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12. Shotgun Room With Vaulted Ceiling

This room is long and narrow, making it easy to transform into a cozy place to relax at the end of the day. 

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13. Modern Furnishings Within a Hacienda 

The vaulted ceilings and rounded doorways are the only hacienda elements kept in this modern living room. There is an abundance of natural light from large windows, which is greatly reflected off of the white upholstered furniture and lightly colored throw pillows. 

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14. Luxury 

Nearly everything in this living room is ornate. The exposed beams are much more than the traditional wooden ones. The hardwood floors are expertly installed oak. Each fixture captures the eye in this room as if each had a story to tell. Tastefully furnished and decorated, this living room exudes the luxuriousness of the higher class of Spanish settlers from yesteryear.

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15. Large Rounded Doorways and Windows

The flooring of this living room is obscured by a large area rug. On the right are large windows with rounded tops. While the ceiling isn't vaulted, it does have the traditional exposed beams. 

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A throw like this one would match the decor in this room.

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16. Open floor plan

This living room has a floor plan that is open. This is due to the sheer size and number of entry points off the main hallway. These rounded doorways lead into a spacious room with vaulted ceilings and a wooden planked floor.

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17. Large Chandelier 

Here we have another traditionally constructed hacienda living room. This one has an enormous chandelier hanging over a great amount of the space.

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This smaller chandelier would look great in this room.

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18. Tiled Flooring

This living space has the traditional exposed beams that have been affixed to the vaulted ceiling. Rather than the hardwood flooring we've seen in other living rooms in this post, the homeowners have installed tiled flooring in traditional hacienda colors.

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19. Modern Hacienda Luxury 

The rounded entryways in this room have been ornately constructed. Long wooden planks have been installed for flooring, atop of which is exquisite and tasteful furniture. 

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20. White and Dark

The ceilings and walls are white and bright in this hacienda-style living room. To counter this, the homeowner has chosen flooring that is a deep brown. The furniture is equally dark, giving a sense of balance to this living space. 

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21. Splashes of Color

While there are many browns in this room, it has also been decorated with splashes of color. Reds and greens are throughout the furnishings, and the area rug has reds and purples. These colors make this room much more lively and fun while at the same time not overshadowing the traditional style of the hacienda living room.

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In Closing

The hacienda-style can be achieved whether or not your home was built for it. Designers can help you make certain small modifications to your living space to achieve the look you desire. As you've been able to learn from this post, if you are in a home with flat ceilings and large windows, you can still make your living room feel like a hacienda.

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