How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling [6 Steps]

There are many reasons that you may want to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling holes.  Maybe you are renting, or you live in a dormitory. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered. Hanging curtains from the ceiling without drilling is easily achieved and can add a lot to your home.  We’ve thoroughly explored all the nuances of this project to create the best instructions and make them available to you.

In order to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling holes, follow these simple directions. 

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Measure and mark for hook placement
  3. Scrape away any ceiling texture
  4. Install adhesive-backed hooks
  5. Thread curtains onto the rod
  6. Hang the rod

As you can see, the process of hanging curtains, even without drilling holes, is not complicated. However, there are a few helpful tips that we’d like to share with you, so don’t stop reading yet!

A green curtain hanged on the ceiling of a house, How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling [6 Steps]

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How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling

1. Gather Your Materials

This is a good beginning step for any job. Having everything ready to grab can help to keep your project moving along smoothly.

Materials needed for this project:

  • Adhesive-backed hooks
  • Curtain rod
  • Measuring tape
  • Putty knife
  • Pencil
  • Step ladder

Adhesive-backed hooks

You will want to be sure that you get hooks rated for a fair amount of weight. No one wants to have their curtains come crashing down when closing them. Not all adhesive utility hooks are created equal, so choose wisely. 

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Click here to find these heavy-duty adhesive-backed hooks on Amazon. They are rated for 44 lbs. 

Curtain Rod

You don’t have to be quite so careful about choosing a curtain rod for your project. However, you will want to be sure that the curtain rod you pick is compatible with the hooks you chose. They will need to slide into the hooks easily but not add too much weight.

Click here to view this curtain rod on Amazon.

2. Measure and Mark For Hook Placement

The purpose of your curtain will largely determine its placement. If you are installing your curtain above a window, be sure to measure 2 – 3 inches away from the wall. You do not want your curtains to hang right against the wall. If you are hanging your curtains elsewhere, decide where each hook will need to be installed, and mark the spot.

Click here to find this measuring tape on Amazon.

3. Scrape Away Any Ceiling Texture

Unfortunately, adhesive hooks will not adhere properly to any existing ceiling texture. You will need to use a putty knife or a similar tool to scrape the texture away. Do not scrape too deep; you only need to get down to the drywall. Wipe the drywall clean of any dusty residue. You will need a clean surface for the hooks to stick.

Click here to buy this putty knife on Amazon.

4. Install Adhesive Backed Hooks

Most adhesive-backed hooks are installed by peeling off the protective backing and pressing them onto a clean surface. You will need to firmly press on the adhesive for a minute or so to ensure that it has a good hold. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific hooks. Wait about half an hour before hanging anything on the hooks.

5. Thread Curtains Onto The Rod

While you are waiting, you can go ahead and put your curtains on the rod. Some curtains have tabs meant for the rod, others have rod pockets. You may also choose to use ring clips. Whatever the method, you can now get your rods ready to hang.

6. Hang The Rod

This is probably the easiest and arguably the most satisfying step in the entire process. Place the rod, along with the curtains, on the hooks that you installed.  Adjust the curtains to hang evenly along the rods, and then step back and appreciate a job well done.

Is It Okay For Curtains Not To Touch The Floor?

Ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference. However, most designers do recommend that curtains and drapes touch the floor in one way or another. Curtains can puddle on the floor or lightly brush it. However, if you do not want your curtains to touch the floor, consider having them hang about an inch above it. This is perfectly acceptable.

You may find this article helpful: How Long Should Curtains Be? [By Room And Ceiling Height]

Do Floor To Ceiling Curtains Make A Room Look Bigger?

Yes! Floor to ceiling curtains not only make your room look bigger, but they also make your ceilings appear taller. Floor to ceiling curtains create a seamless, flowing visual from top to bottom that draws the eye away from corners. The effect that this has on your room is that it enhances the space that you do have.

What Can You Do If Your Curtains Are Too Short?

So you purchased curtains at a deal, brought them home, and then realized that they are too short! Although this is not the ideal situation, all hope is not gone. If your curtains fall short, here are few different ways to correct the problem.

Let Out The Hem

If your curtains are just barely too short, letting the hem out can be a very viable option. Most curtains have a hem that is a couple of inches deep and can easily be taken out. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Using a seam ripper, take out the original hem.
  2. Carefully iron the bottom of the curtains. Check what kind of fabric they are made of, and adjust the iron accordingly.
  3. Determine where your new hemline will be, and pin it.
  4. Check to make sure that your curtains are now long enough.
  5. Iron down the new hemline.
  6. Sew the edge of the new hem.

Take Them Down A Notch

Moving your curtain rod down can have an impact on the apparent length of your curtains. You may not get that floor to ceiling effect with this fix, but your curtains will not appear as short. Try moving your curtain rod down to an inch or two above your window casing. If you’re desperate, you could even bring the rod down past the top of the window and install valances to hide the gap.

Hide The Ends

Is it possible to hide the bottom of your curtains? Try strategically placing a loveseat or a couch in front of that window. 

Pull Them Back

One trick to fixing short curtains is to pull them back, away from the windows, with a tieback. This camouflages the length of your curtains and offers an easy fix! Consider layering sheers behind your drawn back curtains.

For some helpful tips in layering sheers, check out this article: How To Layer Curtains And Sheers [6 Suggestions]

Use Ring Clips

Ring clips are a brilliant way to fix curtains that are a few inches too short! Simply clip the rings to your curtains, and then thread the rings onto your curtain rod. That’s an easy 2 – 3 inches “added” to your curtains.

Click here to see these ring clips on Amazon.

Add To The Length Of Your Curtains

Adding length to your curtains is another way to fix curtains that are too short. This can be accomplished in one of three ways.

  • Supplement with additional fabric
  • Add a ruffle
  • Add some trim

Supplement With Additional Fabric

One way to lengthen your curtains is to add more fabric to them. Find a fabric that compliments the original curtains, and add enough to lengthen the curtain sufficiently.

An ornamental curtain with volumetric patterns

Add A Ruffle

Granted, this option is not for everyone or every room. Additionally, it will require significantly more skill and experience with a sewing machine to add a ruffle. However, if space and talent can accommodate it, a ruffle can add a substantial amount of length to your curtains.

A white see through curtain

Add Some Trim

Trim is another way to add length to your curtains. This a very easy fix that even an amateur seamstress can accomplish. The trick will be matching the right trim to your curtains.

In Closing

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative. Hanging curtains from your ceiling is a great way to add style and diversity to your home. Before you go, you may also find this related article useful: How To Hang Curtains From A Ceiling [5 Steps]

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