Can You Hang Shelves With Command Strips Or Hooks?

Finding clever ways to keep the walls in your home from becoming damaged can be tricky sometimes. Do you want to hang a few shelves but don't know if Command strips or hooks will work? Well, we've done plenty of research into this question and have the answers for you. Let's get into it.

Although you can hang shelves using Command hooks and strips, you won't want to put heavy things on top of them. Considering that Command's adhesive won't usually hold more than a few pounds, adding hefty items onto your hanging shelves can result in everything falling onto the floor.

However, if you use lightweight shelves and place a few small items on them, you shouldn't have any problems.

As we begin, we will cover all things Command products and discuss whether or not you can hang shelves with them. Whether you rent, want to keep your walls hole-free, or need some new wall mounting ideas, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf, Can You Hang Shelves With Command Strips Or Hooks?

Are Command Strips Strong Enough To Hold A Shelf?

Command strips won't be strong enough to hold heavy items. This includes hanging wall shelving. You can often use Command strips/hooks for lightweight wall pieces, so there shouldn't be an issue if your shelf is hollow.

As we covered, Command products don't typically hold more than a few pounds, so the fewer items you place on your shelf, the better.

Furthermore, regular Command hanging strips hold around four pounds, which isn't much. On the other hand, the brand's large strips can handle a 24-36 inch object weighing up to 16 pounds, so you might want to try that option.

What Is The Maximum Weight A Command Strip Can Hold?

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If you purchase one of Command's bigger strips for hanging items, expect it to hold 15-16 pounds. As we said above, you need to use one of the brand's 24-36 inch hanging strips to get a higher weight tolerance, so your shelving may not be big enough.

However, you can certainly try cutting down the larger strip to fit your wall shelf, although that could affect its weight capacity. Again, this can be hit or miss, so you might want to use a nail if you have valuable display items.

Command Large Picture Hanging Strips

These large Command strips hold up to 16 pounds, includes 14 pairs, are white, and promise to remove without damaging your walls.

Follow this link to see them on Amazon.

Can I Use A Command Hook To Hang A Wall Shelf?

Yes! You can certainly try using a Command hook to hang a wall shelf. Unlike strips, you will need to line up your hooks to fit into the nail holes on your shelves.

Doing this is more complicated, so between hooks and strips, we recommend strips. Furthermore, Command hooks aren't always as sturdy as the wall-to-item adhesive, putting your valuable items at risk of damage.

Not every wall shelf has big enough nail/screw holes to work with a Command hook, so this won't always work.

Which Is Better For Wall Shelves: Command Hooks Or Strips?

Between Command hooks and strips, we recommend strips for hanging shelves. As we covered, Command strips tend to keep a better hold on shelving, while hooks can make them uneven and wobbly.

You can also adjust the length and width of a Command strip to perfectly fit your shelf(s), while you can't modify a hook.

Adding to that, Command strips also tend to hold more weight than hooks, so their design can make a big difference. Regardless, carefully read your product's directions before installing your shelves to avoid damage.

Do Command Strips Stay On The Wall?

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf

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In general, Command strips will stay on the wall. However, over time, your strips adhesive will lose its strength, so it's likely to see your shelf start to separate.

On top of that, wall texture can affect a Command strip's ability to stay on a surface. For example, if you have super glossy wall paint, your strip may fall off when you put weight on it.

Additionally, if your wall is extremely rigid, it's also possible for a Command hook to lose its grip and fall.

The key is to find a smooth, somewhat matte surface for your strips and shelving.

Why Won't My Command Strips Stay On The Wall?

One of the main reasons a Command strip won't stay on a wall is that it's dirty. Typically, dust, dirt, and any residue on a wall will affect the adhesive on a Command product.

Many experts recommend cleaning your wall before applying a Command product, as this will ensure it has a good grip. You can do this by using a Magic Eraser or a clean, damp cloth.

Once you finish wiping down the surface, make sure to let it dry. Command strips don't like moisture, so applying one to a wet wall is a recipe for disaster.

What Happens If A Command Strip Gets Wet?

If a Command strip becomes wet, expect it to fall off your wall. As we mentioned, Command products don't respond well to moisture and can become loose if water is present.

According to WaterProof Tips, direct water exposure will cause the adhesive to break down, which ultimately means your strip will peel off the wall.

This can be problematic for shelving, as the extra weight will speed up this falling process. So, before you install your shelf, make sure the wall is clean, dry, and smooth.

Does Humidity Affect Command Strips?

Generally, humidity isn't good for adhesive products like Command strips. If you live somewhere with more than 75-80% humidity, it's likely your strips won't work.

Of course, the inside of your home won't be this humid, but if you leave a window open or turn off the AC, you could see your shelves fall off the wall.

With that said, if you have a dehumidifier in the room where your strips and shelving are, there is a smaller chance of moisture affecting them. Too much moisture isn't good for the interior of a house, so having a dehumidifying product can be helpful regardless.

Can Command Strips Dry Out?

Yes, a Command strip can dry out. Over time, the adhesive on your strip will degrade, ending with it losing its stickiness altogether.

Again, this shouldn't happen too quickly, as long as the inside climate isn't overly dry. Like too much humidity, super dry, cool air can also affect a Command strip, so using these isn't always easier.

Is It Better To Hang A Wall Shelf With A Nail?

Hand driving a nail into the wall with a hammer

For those debating the effectiveness of a Command product, using a nail will be a more stable option. Considering that a nail goes into the wall, having your shelves sit on top of one will be more predictable than using an adhesive strip.

As we mentioned earlier, Command strips and hooks can be delicate, while a nail can usually withstand weight and weather fluctuation.

Furthermore, many experts recommend using studs to hand wall shelves, as they provide a sturdy surface behind the wall for screws or nails to grip.

Most wall shelves will also include a set of recommended nails or screws to use, so you know they will be able to handle the shelf's weight regardless.

Should I Use A Screw To Hang A Wall Shelf?

If you don't mind a big hole in your wall, you can certainly use a screw for hanging shelving. Unlike nails, screws need to create a much bigger hole inside the wall to secure properly, so they are the best option for heavy items.

However, if you aren't hanging anything too big, using screws can be an unnecessary point of damage. Especially if you're renting, making tons of screw holes can result in a hefty fine from your landlord, hence why Command strips are so popular.

Are Command Products Worth It?

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf

Overall, we would say that using Command products is worth it. In general, the strong adhesive on Command strips and hooks will be able to hold wall shelving, as long as you don't exceed 15-16 pounds.

Furthermore, Command strips don't damage your walls or paint. This can be perfect for renters and homeowners who don't want to make a mess.

On top of that, Command strips should last on your walls for long periods, so you don't need to worry about replacing them as often as other lower-quality adhesive products.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you need to hang ten shelves or one, knowing how to use a Command strip/hook is essential. From what we found, Command strips and hooks will work for lightweight wall shelving.

Generally, you can expect smaller Command adhesives to withstand four pounds, while larger options promise up to 16. It's also important to make sure the surface to which you stick a Command product is clean, dry, and smooth.

Regardless, remember to follow the instructions on your Command strip or hook, and don't be afraid to use a nail or screw for heavier, more valuable display items.

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  1. Command makes display ledges that are small shelves that hold two pounds and large ledges that hold five pounds. Hope this helps.

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