How To Hang Curtains On A Sloped Ceiling In 5 Steps

Whether it is for decoration or practical use, hanging curtains is usually simple. However, there will always be one situation where we might run into difficulties. More specifically, how can you hang curtains on a sloped ceiling? If you want to know the steps, we have researched the issue and found some answers. 

There are a few steps one needs to follow when hanging curtains on a sloped ceiling: 

  • Evaluate the purpose of the curtain: privacy, decor, or to hide a slope
  • Find how many slopes you have to deal with, and determine the extremity of the slope(s)
  • Gather the materials; determine whether to use one, two, or a corner curtain rod
  • Mark and drill the wall to install the curtain rod(s)
  • Thread the curtains and style however you wish

Once you cover those steps, you can consider some options regarding how to hang your curtains. 

Not all slopes are the same. Some may need to deal with two instead of one. You will need to get into the specifics to know how to hang curtains on a sloped ceiling. Once you know what you are dealing with, the process is simple. To find out more, keep reading ahead. 

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Steps To Hang A Curtain On A Sloped Ceiling

Evaluate The Purpose Of The Curtain

Do you have a window that you want to cover for privacy? Or do you want to accentuate the sloped ceiling design? Maybe you hate the slope and would like to hide it altogether. Like any other home improvement project, first, you need to evaluate the purpose of the curtain. Evaluating its usage will ensure the best results. 

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Gather The Materials

If the purpose of the curtain is as simple as privacy, you can use a simple roman shade. However, if you do not want to use a roman shade, you will need the following materials:

  • Drill and nails
  • One curtain rod if the ceiling slopes from one side
  • A corner curtain rod if the ceiling slopes from both sides
  • Two curtain rods if the angle of both slopes are asymmetrical
  • Curtain
  • Curtain rings
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

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If you suddenly do not want to use curtains, there are other options to consider. For more information, click here.

Mark The Wall

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Measure the wall using a measuring tape and mark the spot where you need to hang the curtains. If you are planning to hang the curtains on windows, make sure to mark two to three inches above. 

Drill The Curtain Rod On The Wall

A man drilling the wall for screw mount for the curtains rods


If the ceiling slopes from one side, then use only one straight rod. When two slopes are present near your window, you can use a corner curtain rod. However, when the slopes are uneven, it can be troubling to find curtain rods that match the angles. In a situation like this, you can use two curtain rods and drill them in place. 

Thread The Curtain & Style

A gray curtain laid on the sofa

Some curtains have eyelets present at the top, while others have a rod pocket. You can also use curtain rings to thread the curtain into the rod. After you thread the curtains on the rod, you have the option to style them. If the curtains are for decorative use, you may use ribbons to gather the curtains at one side to get some light inside. 

Hanging Curtains To Hide A Slope

Young woman installing curtains.

If the purpose of hanging curtains is to hide a slope, then you can drill the curtain rod on the highest point of the sloped ceiling. Once you add the curtains, no one will be able to see the slope. You can use the space behind the curtain as a storage unit or create a small entertainment or reading there as well. 

Can You Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling?

Hanging curtains in bedroom — Stock Photo, Image Hanging curtains in bedroom

Yes, it is possible to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling. If you are renting a place and are not allowed to drill a hole in the wall, you can use a few methods to hang curtains. But first, you need to get self-adhesive wall hooks for curtain rods. As the name suggests, these hooks can stick to the wall and do not require any drilling.

Not all self-adhesive hooks are the same, so choose wisely. Check the diameter of these hooks to ensure it is enough to hold a curtain rod. The weight capacity also matters as a hook with low weight capacity would not carry the rod and curtains. 

Scrape Off Wall Texture

A man polishing the wall

Unfortunately, the majority of adhesive hooks do not stick well on textured walls. When your walls have an uneven texture, you can use sandpaper or a putty knife to level the wall and prep it for the self-adhering hooks. By flattening the wall, you will ensure the adhesive sticks well to the wall. 

Adhere The Hooks On The Wall

Mark the wall where you want to place the rod. Then follow the instruction manual that comes with the self-adhesive hooks. Most of the self-adhering curtain rod hooks have a protective layer on the adhesive side. Peel it off and press it on your desired spot for a minute. Otherwise, if your adhesive hooks come with a manual, make sure to follow the guidelines to get the best result.

Hang The Rod & Thread The Curtain

Finally, we are at the easiest and self-explaining part of the process. Thread the curtain on the rod and hang the rod on the hooks. If you need more information on completing this process, click here.

Can Command Hooks Hold Curtains Up?

Close up of woman hands hanging curtain with metal hooks on ceiling ledge. — Photo

Yes, command hooks have been renters' best friends for many years. These hooks help you hang curtains without the need for drilling or nailing the wall. But there is one thing to keep in mind when using command hooks for curtains. These hooks come in different sizes of command strips. The strips have a varying weight capacity. 

For instance, a large command strip can hold up to 16 pounds. Meanwhile, a small command strip has a weight capacity of four pounds. To use these command hooks correctly, determine the weight of the curtain rod first. Most of the time, manufacturers will list the heaviness of the product in the product description. When it comes to the curtains, use linen curtains as these are lightweight and will not put much pressure on the command hooks. 

Lastly, not all command hooks are the same. Some only hang towels. Their shape might also not be appropriate to hold a curtain rod. So, make sure you get the right command hooks for a curtain rod to get the best results. 

These command hooks can hold up to five pounds of weight and are perfect for holding curtain rods. 

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How Do You Hang A Shower Curtain On A Sloped Ceiling?

Bathroom interior.

There are a few ways to hang a shower curtain on a sloped ceiling. 

Method 1: Use Two Shower Curtain Rods

This method is the easiest way to hang a shower curtain on a ceiling with an extreme slope. 

  • One Sloped Side & One Leveled Side Ceiling: All you need to do is attach two separate shower curtain rods, one on the leveled part of the ceiling and one on the slope. 
  • Two Sloped Side Ceilings: You can still use two curtain rods if both sides of the ceiling are sloped. 
  • Entirely Sloped Ceiling: Use one curtain rod. 

You can thread the curtain on the rod using curtain rod clip rings. 

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Method 2: Use Shower Rod Angled Wall Mount/Adapter

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A shower rod angled wall mount/adapter is the perfect solution for ceilings with a 130 degree or less slope angle. Attach the adapter at the end of your adjustable curtain rod and mount it. Then thread the shower curtain the usual way. 

Final Takeaway

Curtains can add a lot of style to your home. On the other hand, they can also be great for privacy. However, we will always run into a bit of difficulty hanging them if our circumstances are not the best. With some research, that difficulty becomes simple in no time. We hope you found the article was informative and helpful, until next time!

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