What Color Hardware For Cream Cabinets? [12 Amazing Ideas]

Kitchen cabinets can add a decorative touch to your space, but they are also highly functional and usually necessary in any kitchen space. To bring out the best in your cabinets, we have searched multiple sources to bring you an inclusive selection of hardware to pair with your cream cabinets.

Choosing a hardware color for your cream cabinets is much easier than you'd think. A few of our top choices for this color palette include:

  1. Bronze
  2. Black
  3. Gold
  4. Copper
  5. Antique Copper
  6. Brass
  7. Stainless Steel
  8. Satin Nickel
  9. Antique Silver
  10. Natural Wood
  11. White
  12. Glass

Finding the perfect hardware for your cream cabinets is only one of many decisions needed during your kitchen project. You may ask what color paint to use or whether cream cabinets are outdated.

You may wonder what color appliances would work best or what color flooring goes well with cream cabinets. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics; keep reading!

Luxury cream colored classic kitchen, What Color Hardware For Cream Cabinets? [12 Amazing Ideas]

1. Bronze

Deep brown shades of bronze come highly recommended as color pairings to cream cabinets. This deep warm colored metal is the perfect rich contrast to light neutral colors, such as cream.

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Large custom cream white kitchen with cabinets and oven and gas stove and pendant lighting and double island and bar area

This particular shade of hardware adds a sophisticated look to any space. Cabinet hardware in this shade can add a warm and inviting ambiance to your room.

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Champagne Bronze

If you are looking for a lighter version of bronze, champagne bronze may be the perfect choice to pair with your cream cabinets. This warm metallic shade mix light brown and gold, resulting in a much more subtle brown metallic hue.

A soft, warm color, champagne bronze hardware adds a cozy glow to your cabinets. Use this color for a deeper version of a gold shade in your kitchen.

2. Black

Modern kitchen with stove and oven

Black hardware can give your space a sleek modern look, a timeless and classic color. These small pulls in black are subtle while still adding some bold color to your kitchen.

Black with cream is a variation of black and white, an elegant and ageless color combination. Black hardware contrasts beautifully with your cream cabinets for a classy enduring look.

3. Gold

Modern beige colored luxury kitchen

Shades of gold are unmatched when it comes to brightening up your space. Warm metallic shades of gold are rich and welcoming.

Using gold hardware will give your cream cabinets a brilliant contrast that is bold and inviting. Gold hardware adds a lively burst of color to your entire kitchen.

Matte Gold

Matte gold is slightly warmer and a bit more subtle than traditional gold. This shade of gold works well with light neutrals, such as cream.

Pairing this soft gold shade with your cream cabinets can create a light inviting ambiance. Natural wood and greenery accent this color combination perfectly.

4. Copper

For a bright orangy zest of metallic color, copper hardware can make the perfect statement on your cabinets. Brilliant and cheery, this shade adds a vibrant ambiance to your kitchen.

Copper hardware is bold, bringing some unique color into your home. This warm metallic tone will draw tons of attention to your cream cabinets.

5. Antique Copper

Generally, antique copper is slightly darker than regular copper hardware. Antique copper adds detail to your kitchen cabinet hardware with a subtle deep-colored brushing.

The undertones of antique copper are still the same infamous orange metallic tones, combined with some deep smoky color for a brilliant and bold result. This unique shade of hardware is sure to turn heads in your home.

6. Brass

While gold and brass may look similar from a distance, these two colors are pretty different. Gold is a bit darker, and brass has more yellow undertones.

Brass hardware can add a fun, bright metallic shine to your cream cabinets. This shade was hugely popular in the 1990s but made a modern statement combined with subtle, neutral cream cabinets.

7. Stainless Steel

Domestic ovens and cupboards

There is something to be said about the simple elegance of stainless steel hardware. This flat silver metal is eye-catching without being overbearing.

Pairing this cool metallic shade with your cream cabinets adds some understated cool contrast to your kitchen. Stainless steel hardware can also coordinate with appliances for a modern, harmonized look.

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8. Satin Nickel

Modern kitchen detail

Satin nickel is a shiny, more brilliant silver metallic tone. This hardware is bold and makes quite a statement against your cream cabinets.

A polished finish gives this hardware an unmatched shine and sparkle. While this hardware offers a high gloss, it also requires more upkeep than brushed metals.

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9. Antique Silver

Kitchen cabinets in white cream color

Darker than stainless steel or satin nickel but lighter than black hardware, antique silver has a unique smokey tone. This deep shade of silver can add the perfect rich color companion to your cream cabinets.

This cool metallic shade contrasts the subtle warm color of your cream cabinets for an elegant contrast. Antique silver pulls can be paired with black or silver hinges.

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10. Natural Wood

Shaker style country kitchen with granite worktop surface

For a look inspired by nature, consider using wood pulls. Wood pulls add some cozy warmth to your cream cabinets. Wooden accents, such as interior doors and window framing, will add a cohesive look to your kitchen.

Pulls in natural wood shades can give your space a welcoming country ambiance.

11. White

Classic cream colored kitchen

Use white cabinet pulls to create a dimensional look. Crisp, clean white pulls pair with your cream cabinets for an unmatched subtle contrast.

The combination of white and cream can give your kitchen a more detailed look. The use of white appliances will add to the overall slightly contrasted ambiance.

12. Glass

Glass knobs can give any kitchen a chic, elegant look. Brilliant eye-catching glass knobs will add some pizzaz to your cream cabinets.

Hinges in almost any color can be used to match this unique style. Painting your hardware the same cream shade as your cabinets is also an excellent option for this look.

What Paint Color Goes With Cream Cabinets?

While many colors will work with neutral cream cabinets, light neutral shades from white to tan come highly recommended. Lighter neutral paint colors will give your kitchen a light, airy look.

Using lighter colors will draw attention to your cream cabinets. Using deeper neutral shades like tan will draw the eye to the wall color.

What Color Floors Should I Have With Cream Cabinets?

The color cream is a neutral shade that coordinates well with many colors. Many experts suggest that different shades of hardwood flooring make the perfect color combination with cream cabinets.

Deep rich shades of brown add a warm contrasting shade to your cream cabinets. Lighter wood flooring can add a bright and spacious look to your kitchen.

What Color Appliances Go With Cream Cabinetry?

While you may not give the color of your appliances a lot of thought, they can add character to your space. By combining white appliances with your cream cabinets, you can give your kitchen some subtle contrast for a detailed look.

Stainless steel appliances are classy and modern and combine with your cream cabinets for a cool metallic contrast. Black appliances are low maintenance and give your space some deep color for depth and definition.

Are Cream Cabinets Out Of Style?

While cream-colored cabinets were considered outdated for a brief period, they quickly came back. All-white kitchens have recently become popular but can be hard to upkeep, making cream the perfect substitute.

This shade adds a subtle warmth to your kitchen space that is cozy and inviting. Cream shades are considered modest and subdued, adding an understated color to your room.

To Wrap It Up

Cabinet hardware is often an afterthought, but it can significantly impact the overall look of your kitchen. Finishing your cream cabinets with the perfect hardware can change the look of your entire space.

With so many options available, picking the right color hardware for your cream cabinets is essential. We hope that the above selection has made your decision a bit easier.

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