What Should You Have in Your Bedroom? [11 Must-Have Items]

What should you have in your bedroom? It may seem like a silly question at first, but maybe this is the first time you've put a bedroom together from the floor up. Our handy guide will help you make sure you have everything checked off your list when putting together your bedroom space.

A properly outfitted bedroom should have:

  1. A sturdy bedframe
  2. A comfortable mattress
  3. A well-designed headboard
  4. Functional side tables
  5. Gorgeous Linens
  6. Bedside lamps
  7. A cozy rug
  8. Appealing artwork
  9. Dressers or Armoires
  10. The perfect personal items
  11. A few houseplants

What You Should Have in Your Bedroom? [11 Must-Have Items]

We're highlighting each of the bullet points below to get you started putting together your fully-equipped room. We've got great examples that may be just what you need. Keep reading as we give you all the details that you need to create the luxurious bedroom of your dreams!

A Sturdy Bedframe

They say everything depends on a great foundation. And in this case, it's the bed frame to hold your mattress in place. You want to find a frame that is sturdy enough for every sleeper and puts your mattress at a great height. Some things to think about are if you want a platform bed or box spring set? Do you want a bed frame that is complete with a headboard or just the part for the mattress so that you can switch out your headboard as you change designs?  Here's a great article on how to choose the right bed frame for you.

A simple bed frame like this is both functional and sturdy for any mattress. You can find many different designs and weights and heights online to get the perfect look for your bed and headboard combination.

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A Comfortable Mattress

Undoubtedly an essential item for your bedroom is a comfortable mattress. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from. Many memory foam mattresses can be ordered in the mail and come with excellent return policies, though some sleepers complain about the temperature being too warm. There are traditional inner coil mattresses, and gel mattresses, and pillow topper mattresses.

One trick is when you are at a friend's home or a hotel where you realize you've had an amazing night's sleep...ask! We did just this and ended up with a mattress from Amazon that was not only inexpensive but also incredibly comfortable.

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A Well-Designed Headboard


You've chosen to go with an under-mattress bedframe and choose a changeable headboard. Awesome! But what makes a great headboard? You need to think about overall size, function, decor style, and cost, of course. For something in the farmhouse vein, you might choose a rustic wood headboard. If you're going classic, think upholstered. For something more modern, upholstered will work as well, but think about cleaner lines, no buttons, or tufts.

This tufted linen headboard from Lily is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes and comes in a great neutral beige. It's a good choice for a classic or transitional design in the bedroom.

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Functional Side Tables

Who doesn't love a cup of tea or coffee in bed? Or a great book to read on lazy mornings? What makes both of those things even better is having a nightstand to set your personal items on. If they have a couple of drawers for tucking away remotes, lip balm, and a fuzzy pair of socks even better. You'll want to think about the style nightstand you choose based on your other decor choices. (If you have a coastal themed room, check out our blogpost on coastal nightstands here: 13 Coastal Nightstands That Will Add Charm To Your Bedroom)

We found lovely carved wood shabby chic nightstands similar to those in our image above. Made by Tom & Co., they come in a set of two, have both a handy drawer and a bottom shelf for your books. They are 17" wide x 13" deep x 27" high and are made from pine wood.

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Gorgeous Linens


Now you have your bed, your nightstands, your headboard, it's time to get cozy, and what better than luxury linens to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary? There are so many options when it comes to linens, but our rule of thumb is if you have a lot going on with furniture or wall color, then go simple with linens. Conversely, if your room is very neutral and calm, maybe your bed linens are where you add a pop of color or some heavenly throw pillows.

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Bedside Lamps

An excellent bedside lamp not only adds another fun design element to your room but also provides lovely illumination. There are so many choices out there in every style and price range. We have a great post here to help you in your hunt for the perfect lamps: Where to Buy Lamps Online (Top 35 Stores)

A Cozy Rug


If your room is not carpeted, or even if it is, a soft, cozy rug next to the bed can add an extra layer of coziness to your dream bedroom. Consider some of the great lambswool type rugs out there that feel divine as you sink your toes into them upon waking.

We found this great one from Safavieh. It's a 6' x 9' ultra plush sheepskin. You won't want to leave your room!

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Appealing Artwork


Whatever your style or taste, there's something about having a few framed pieces on the wall that can take your bedroom from neutral to truly yours. The tonal white on white pieces above is great in a stark bedroom. They add interest and draw the eye in without overpowering the other designs. In the 2nd photo, the simple black and white photograph doesn't clash with the rich browns and corals of the bedding.

Dressers or Armoires

If you don't have a huge closet to keep all of your clothing storage out of the bedroom and you have enough space, a dresser can be a great way to add storage while keeping clutter to a minimum. If you don't have a closet, you can always consider adding a wardrobe or armoire to the room to allow for hanging storage as well as drawers.

This great reclaimed wood dresser from Ashley furniture not only offers excellent storage with five large drawers but a great design that will work in both modern or farmhouse designs. It also gives you an additional surface for television or personal items.

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The Perfect Personal Items



If you like a bit more going on than a starkly modern design (which is a great choice, too), think of the items you want to pull in that make your room feel like your sanctuary. Scented candles, framed photos, vases, and candelabras all look beautiful on your dresser or nightstand surfaces. Put together a small collection that focuses on one color or one feeling. Center things around a unique item. Change it up when you want to refresh your room.

These distressed antique white candle pillars are an Amazon Choice for popularity and great design.

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A Few Houseplants


If you're of the green thumb variety, you might consider bringing a bit of the natural world indoors. House plants are not only beautiful, but they create a calming atmosphere perfect for the bedroom. But you might be asking, how will I know what plants to put in my bedroom? We've addressed that in our next section.

What Plants Should You Have In Your Bedroom?

What You Should Have in Your Bedroom? [11 Must-Have Items]


One of the primary considerations when choosing any house plant is the type of light your plant will receive. If you have plenty of light, then you might consider the following house plants:

  • Pothos. It's easy to grow, has gorgeous trailing heart-shaped leaves, and prefers bright to moderate light.
  • Peace Lily. Though this lovely deep green plant with white blooms can tolerate lower light, it blooms best in bright light.
  • Rosemary. It smells great, you can use it for soaking baths, or sneak some to the kitchen, but it will want to be on a windowsill for the most sunlight possible.
  • Boston Ferns. Gorgeous greenery will be your reward for taking care of this somewhat finicky plant. It likes bright light and daily mistings.

For low light, you can consider the following house plants:

  • Chinese Evergreen. It's happiest in low light, but know that it prefers warmth to a drafty location.
  • Dracaena. This spiky plant will not only look beautiful but also purifies your air. It's happiest in moderate to indirect bright light.
  • Lacy Tree Philodendron. This is a magnificent easy-to-grow plant that does just fun in moderate light and will spread out if given the room to grow.
  • Dieffenbachia. This is a carefree plant that needs only moderate light and moist soil to do well in your bedroom.
  • Snake Plant (also known as Mother-In-Law Tongue). This impressive evergreen is one of the easiest houseplants to care for, and its stiff upright leaves look great in any planter.

What Should You Never Have In Your Bedroom?

There are probably as many opinions about what not to have in your bedroom as to what to have in your bedroom. So much of it depends on the rest of the space in your home. For us, the most significant thing would be clutter. A cluttered bedroom makes for a less than peaceful environment. Keep your surfaces clean, your clothes in their storage spaces, and your shoes in the closet.

Beyond that, some people suggest keeping electronics, food, pets, and alcohol out of the bedroom. But that is all a matter of personal preference.

Your Perfect Bedroom

So there you have it. The things you need and don't need for your perfect bedroom. If you're ready to start shopping, please check out our post: How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Bedroom. This should help you as you move forward. Happy designing!

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