11 Cool High Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Having high ceilings can be considered a blessing and a curse when it comes to lighting. Yes, the 15-foot ceiling in your living room is breathtaking but is it producing enough light to fill the space? Lucky for you, we have done our research and have compiled a list of our top 11 high ceiling lighting ideas. 

No matter the design of your home, lighting is a must-have. Having gorgeous high ceilings has been a highly sought-after feature in luxury homes for decades, and there is no sign of them fading out of style anytime soon. From spotlights that shine down from above to opulent chandeliers, there are a ton of stylish lighting options you can try out in your high ceiling space. 

As we get into this list, we will show you our top 11 high ceiling design ideas to try out in your home. We have also attached some lighting products to get you going in the right direction in your high ceiling room design. No matter your style or budget, we've got the high ceiling lighting solution for you! Let's begin. 

Modern style two-high living-room interior with staircase and higi ceiling lighting. 11 Cool High Ceiling Lighting Ideas

1. Tiny Spotlights

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Interior of brand new Living room of brand new luxury home

First, we have a tiny spotlight high ceiling option that will provide just the right lighting amount without being noticeable. Spotlight design has been trending in new homes popping up across the market and offer dimmable features in certain homes. If your ceilings are 15 feet or under, this is a great lighting option for your space. 

2. Matching Chandeliers

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Modern high ceiling loft living and dining room. The Rooms have wooden floors ,decorate with white furniture,

For those who are after a modern high ceiling look, we have these matching chandeliers that will undoubtedly add light and style to a room. Going with a similar or matching light fixture can create a soft theme throughout your home and is an excellent option for open-concept spaces.

efperfect Modern Sputnik 18 Light Chandelier

Here is a modern and stylish high ceiling option for those wanting a statement light fixture from the perfect brand. This chandelier is 18 lights and features LED bulbs that preserve power and produce up to 220 volts.

Check this light fixture out on Amazon here.

3. Low Hanging

Beautiful modern luxury apartment with high ceiling and low hanging ceiling lighting

Another excellent high ceiling lighting idea would be a low-hanging option like this one. This lighting type is great for a dining room with high ceilings and looks great with a long family-style table. You can choose to go with one statement light or two to shine some light over your dining room area.

4. Lantern Style

loft kitchen design with Lantern Style ceiling lights

Here we have a lantern high ceiling design using three hanging lights across this contemporary kitchen space. This lighting option is great for urban areas with plenty of light during the day and can be used mainly at night. 

5. Dropped Ceiling

Open floor plan with high ornate coffered ceilings. Spacious great room with dropped ceiling

Fifth on our list, we have this ultra-modern dropped ceiling concept that is great for high ceiling spaces. This is an excellent option for those looking to spice things up using architecture and ambient lighting. The three hanging lights over the island in the kitchen are a perfect pairing for this room style. 

6. LED Strip Lights

Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room with LED strip lights on the ceiling

Following a futuristic design, we have a strip-light high ceiling idea for you to check out. This lighting is excellent for high ceilings and can be paired with spotlights to create enough light in your space. The wood paneling in this room is a nice touch and can make the strip lighting look even more high-end.

7. Rustic Chandelier

Gorgeous detail in family room with modern furnishings and large chandelier hanging high above the room

Here we have a rustic chandelier high ceiling option that will look great in a farmhouse-designed home. Choosing to go with an ample round light to hang in your high ceiling room is a classic and grand way to get some light shining. This has a wilderness lodge vibe and complements the leather furniture well. 

Fifth And Main 8 Light Pendant Bronze Chandelier

Here is a rustic chandelier we found from Fifth and Main that will look amazing in your high ceiling space. This light fixture is a textured bronze finish and has eight lights.

View this item on Amazon by clicking here.

8. Modern Round Hanging Lights

Picture of a luxury apartment loft with a living room and modern kitchen with large round hanging lights

Next, we have a modern lighting idea that will look amazing in a high ceiling space. These LED lights are not only beautiful to look at but also pack a ton of bright light. This light design style has been trending in recent years and can often be found in luxury homes and public spaces. 

Royal Pearl Modern LED 4 Ring Chandelier

Here is a modern round hanging light fixture we found from the Royal Pearl Store. This will add a touch of contemporary design and provide plenty of much-needed light in your space using LED technology.

View this light fixture on Amazon here.

9. Spider Web Lighting

Loft style living room interior with design furniture. Scandinavian living. spider web lighting

Another cool lighting idea for your high ceilings would be a web-like design similar to this. This room uses many hanging lights and their cords intertwined to give off an industrial look. We can see this working out well in loft spaces and urban apartments/studios.

10. Classic And Opulent

Digital image of a beautiful living room of a large house in the style of a long island house with classic and opulent lighting

Next, we have this classic chandelier option for your high ceiling needs for those wanting to live out their royal fantasy. Using a statement chandelier to light your room is a classic and elegant design choice that will get guests and family talking. Who doesn't want to live in a castle?

11. Sconces

luxury living room with light sconces

Last, we have a sconce lighting idea that is an excellent alternative to massive hanging lights. This is a more ambient option to light up a room with a high ceiling and looks great on an accent wall. We recommend trying this out in a living room above a fireplace or accent wall. 

The Wrap Up

Having a home with high ceilings can be tough with the wrong lighting, so it is always good to do a little research. Whether you have a more minimalistic taste or want to recreate a Disney castle, there are so many fantastic light options for your space. We suggest trying out a statement piece for your living room using LED lights that pack a punch of brightness and also will save you some money on your electric bill. Another great way to add some light would be using small spotlights around a room in addition to a statement light fixture. No matter your taste or budget, there is a lighting option waiting for you and your high ceilings. 

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