14 Horse-Themed Bedroom Accessories That Will Add A Wild Touch To Your Design

14 Horse-Themed Bedroom Accessories That Will Add A Wild Touch To Your DesignThe simplest way to liven up any space is through a statement piece. Bold, signature items can stamp personality into any interior, adding a je ne sais quoi to any room. To add flavor and life, why not try horse-themed decor?

The majesty of wild horses – their freedom, strength, and beauty – is an unparalleled wonder. Their mystic beauty has tried to be captured by artists, writers, and musicians, from the Rolling Stones to Lil Nasx. This list contains equine decor for everyone, for those who prefer rustic, country styles, and for those who simply want to make a statement. A single piece of decor can say so much. Let’s take a look at some tasteful horse-themed items to make all your equestrian dreams come true.

1.Color Changing Horse Lamp

Here we have a truly unique piece, a colorful horse lamp composed of geometric shapes. This lamp is certainly a distinctive piece that can add intrigue to any bedroom. It operates with both a touch sensor and remote control and allows for a diversity of color options. You can set the lamp to fix on a single color (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white) or choose the colors to rotate automatically. The lamp comes with several modes. Colors can flash, brightness can change. With all the options, this single piece can feel like multiple items.

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2. AHS Run For the Roses Lamp

This lamp is a more muted choice than the first and demonstrates a more realistic depiction of a beautiful, dark horse. This piece will provide a wonderful accent atop any bedside table or shelf. The muted black-grey coloring of this lamp will also blend seamlessly into any color scheme, making it the perfect addition to any space.

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3. Horse Bookends

These bronze bookends will add some life to any bookshelf. The figures in motion add some movement and majesty to what might otherwise be a lifeless shelf. If you’re looking for a piece that adds function to form, these bookends are a must.

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4.Cast Iron Horse Wall Hanger

For another functional piece, why not add these cast-iron hooks? Featuring beautiful depictions of horses, and adorned with horseshoes, these hooks add personality to an extremely useful item. String up your riding gear after a jaunt, or simply hang a purse or coat. However they’re used, these hooks exude personality.

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5.3D Horse Duvet Cover Set

This classy duvet is the perfect piece for any horse-lover. The simple color scheme–a creamy white–will blend into any bedroom’s aesthetic. This unique piece is made with 100% Microfiber, guaranteed to be soft and comfortable. Duvets are perfect for both summer and winter weather, making them the ideal bed garment. The dye on this particular piece is also environmentally friendly, an added bonus to anyone with ecological values. If white is not your color, this duvet comes in a brown and black as well.

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6. Glass Top Horse Sculpture Table

This is the perfect addition to any bedroom and can be used as an excellent bedside table or stand. The flat glass surface allows for multiple objects and uses, while the horse figurine below adds a sense of personality. The natural tones and grass molds at the base make this the perfect piece for any natural, earthy themed room.

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7. Silver Horse Lamp

This silver horse lamp will make a dynamic addition to any dresser, side-table, or shelf. The lampshades are built from glass and portray horses galloping through a field with a bright blue sky behind him. The lamp operates with a touch sensor, making it an accessible item. And light-bulbs are included, making the use of this lamp streamlined and simple.

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8. Rocking Horse Clock

This silver horse clock is another classy piece that will pair nicely with the aforementioned silver horse lamp. The clock appears inside of a rocking horse, a beloved childhood image that has been popular since its creation in the 17th century. This clock comes in both silver and gold and is adorned with elegant blue Matashi crystals. The 1” x 2.75” size makes it the perfect accessory for any desk, shelf, or bedside table.

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9. Wooden Horse Bench

This black wooden horse-bench makes the perfect accent piece, while simultaneously functioning as spare seating. The black wood will blend with any color scheme and can be used for sitting or storage. Approximately 24 ½” long x 12” wide, this unique piece will make an excellent addition to any room.

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10. Non-Ticking Horse Wall Clock

This horse clock is perfect for hanging on any wall. The cartoon horses lend a cute, personal touch to a functional item. Made from durable acrylic material and covered by water-resistant paper, this clock will make for a long-lasting purchase. And as an added bonus, this clock was constructed with a non-ticking design, making it the perfect purchase for light sleepers or anyone who finds themselves frustrated by a constant nagging tick.

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11. Earth-Toned Horse Area Rug

This lush area rug appears in muted tones and will blend perfectly into an earthy, rustic aesthetic. If you’re looking for something to spruce up your floors, this rug is an ideal piece. Featuring five artistic renditions of horses, this rug will certainly make a statement.

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12. Western-styled Horse Bedding

This sleek, earthy bed set will certainly liven up your living space. Its neutral color scheme will blend easily into your bedroom. This full 7 piece set is adorned with tasteful horse figures, accompanied by western type pattern, making it the perfect bed set. As a plus, this set is fully machine washable.

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12. Chezmoi Galloping Horse Curtain Set

These curtains pair perfectly with the aforementioned bed set. The neutral colors provide a rustic feel and are certain to create a southwestern vibe in your bedroom.

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13. Pink Pony Kid’s Curtain Set

These cute curtains come with a cartoon-horse design and will add a whimsical, light-hearted vibe to any room. This is the perfect choice for any horse-loving child.

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14. Horse Outlet Cover

This rustic, steel outlet cover is the perfect accent for any room. If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your space, changing outlet covers is the perfect small detail that will add a great deal to your overall interior.

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of horse-themed bedroom decor items. Looking for more galloping-quality decor? Check out our 29 horse-themed bathroom accessories here.

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