Hot Pink Throw Pillows Decor [Design Tips With 17 Examples!]

There's no denying hot pink throw pillows can really stand out in any room design. The color itself makes a bold statement that's feminine as well as powerful. Girl power at it's best.Hot Pink Throw Pillows Decor (Design Tips with 17 Examples!)

If you love hot pink and want to use it in your living room, throw pillows are a great accent item to use. If you're unsure on how to achieve the perfect look using these plush decorative cushions and pillows - we have you covered. In this post, we'll offer illustrated tips on how to properly use hot pink throw pillows in any room design and then offer you some fantastic affordable options for your chosen design plan.


Tip #1 Don't limit yourself to the bedroom

When talking pinks, you may think the boudoir is the only place to safely use such feminine shades. While it's perfectly ok to have a girly pink-themed bedroom, there's nothing stopping you from using pink - including hot pink and fuschia - in the living room as well.

Believe it or not, even a traditional living room can look great with a couple of hot pink pillows thrown in -

Tip #2 Don't Go Overboard

You don't have to go overboard like The Pink Lady of Hollywood.

After all, even The Pink Lady says:

I'm not looking to make a fashion statement. I'm looking to make an exclamation mark!

Assuming you are looking to make a design statement, the key here is to keep things balanced. Limit the use of hot pink to accent items, like lampshades, a small accent rug or decorative pillows!

Tip #3 Combine hot pink with neutral colors

Sometimes, the best way to bring out a bold color is by placing it next to neutral shades. Just like how this fuschia throw pillow really blends into the color scheme -


The light gray couch is a perfect background for the bolder hot pink. We loved how the additional pillow ties the colors together with a gray and pink geometric pattern.

Tip #4 Play around with shapes, patterns, and textures

Who says throw pillows have to be boring square patches of solid color? Think about mixing various textures and shapes, to spice things up. For shapes, look for rectangular, triangular, circular, and even heart-shaped pillows! As for textures, you can really go crazy, getting hot pink pillows in velvet, faux fur, shiny satin, and even sequins.

Keep reading, as we'll provide some great examples for various types of hot pink throw pillows - including links to buy them right away from Amazon!

Tip #5 Don't leave those hot pink pillows on their own

Yes, we did say not to go overboard. However, you definitely should echo the hot pink shade in one or more additional accent items in the room. Repeating the color gives your design more balance and makes it clear that you were aiming for that very specific effect.

This small living room is a great example of matching hot pink items. The throw pillows match the rug, as well as the deep pink lampshade.

Tip #6 Add another bold color - if you dare

This suggestion is not for the faint of heart! Hot pink is a very dominant color in its own right, so mixing it up with another strong color may or may not appeal to you. However, if you're not color-shy, you may want to experiment. Throw pillows are great in being an affordable accent item.

You can try them out and see if the colors match or not. Worst-case scenario - you hate it and replace a couple of pillows. No harm done.

17 hot pink throw pillows you can try

Already know how you'd like to work these puffed-up patches of hot pink into your room? Or maybe you still need inspiration? Either way, here are some of our favorite hot pink throw pillows for you to try out. Just click on the links to get to the product page on Amazon.

1. A simple set of two decorative square hot pink pillows

Probably the easiest way to get going with pink accent pillows is adding a couple of simple crimson-pink square pillows to your living room setup. These are super affordable and you'll get a good sense of whether going all-the-way-pink is really for you.

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Hot Pink Combine in Patterns

As mentioned in the tips above, a pattern can help "dilute" the power of pink and help you create a more balanced look. Here are a few options.

2. Add an oriental touch with a Morrocan pattern

We love this pattern for its geometric simplicity. It manages to turn the ornate Morrocan window shape into a manageable - even tidy - look. The white complements the pink in this case, creating a beautiful look that could work well in any white-themed living room.

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3. An exotic Indian pattern in hot pink and gold

This is a great example of an elaborate pattern. You'd think that gold and hot pink would be too "glitzy" but in this case, the overall impression is actually very easy on the eye.

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4. Try a geometric floral pattern

Just like the Morrocan pillow above, this one also uses an intricate pattern to create a very clean look. It's a fantastic way to bring the sense of the floral into the room, without going overboard. This is important when dealing with pink because both the pink color and floral patterns are considered feminine.

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Floral, pink and beautiful!

Speaking of floral patterns. Here are three examples of three-dimensional flowers, created with fabric over pillows of different shapes.

5. The square hot pink floral pillow

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6. The round hot pink flower throw pillow

The round pillow lends itself very nicely to the shape of a gorgeous rose.

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7. One more floral hot pink pillow

Actually, a set of two! These throw pillows are covered in hot pink roses - perfect for a Valentine's Day gift.

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Experiment with textures

Patterns offer a great way to mix and match pillows of similar color while still creating an interesting and varied look.

8. A knitted pillow for added texture

If you're crafty, you could easily knit or crochet your own pillow cover. For a faster turnover, just order one or more of these knitted fuschia pillows.

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9. Faux fur hot pink pillow

There's nothing quite like a fluffy pillow, is there? You could hug these faux fur pillows and snuggle up to them just like a couple of giant sweet pink teddy bears!

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10. Plush round throw pillow

Or if you prefer, a single round teddy bear of a pillow!

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Try different shapes

We've seen both round and square pillows on the list so far, but how about other shapes?

11. Classic rectangular throw pillows

Rectangular pillows lend themselves very well to more traditional living room setups. And as we've seen in the tip section, there's no reason why you shouldn't combine hot pink pillows in such living rooms. Combine these with gray pillows over a gray couch for a perfect match.

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12. Heart-shaped hot pink throw pillow

You really can't talk about hot pink without mentioning hearts! For an ultra girly look, try a hot pink heart-shaped throw pillow! And this too would make a great gift for Valentine's Day.

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Bring out the bling! Glitzy hot pink pillows!

Last but not least - let's take a look at some super crazy gorgeous hot pink throw pillows that are all about the glitz, the bling and the moolah!

13. Metallic shiny pillow

For a retro disco look, or just for sheer fun, nothing beats the good old metallic shine! And it really brings out the pink shade, doesn't it?

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14. Studded faux leather pillow

Faux leather and metal studs? And all in bright pink! Talk about making a statement in a room!

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15. Gold sequins on hot pink

We loved how the gold sequins are arranged in the middle of the pillow. While still feminine, it's the kind of brilliant pink pillow that would work well in any living room.

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16. It's all about the glitter - and the pink!

To add this hot pink pillow to your room design, you need to be either very young - or very brave! So which are you?

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17. Mermaid sequins in hot pink

This pillow says hi and we say adieu! Last on our list is a unique, fun and shiny hot pink pillow covered in mermaid-style sequins.

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So, what do you think? Do you use hot pink throw pillow in your bedroom or living room? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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  1. I liked what you said about how it would be smart to get a few different throw pillows that are different shapes. Also, it might be smart to consider getting some with a pattern or design on them. That could really help break up all of the pink and make it less bright.

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