15 Great House And Roof Color Combinations

A huge mansion with white stone brick walls and black shingle roofing, 15 Great House And Roof Color Combinations

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Choosing the right color combination for your house and roof can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

With the perfect blend, you can create a stunning, harmonious look that stands out in any neighborhood.

To inspire you, we have put together a list of 15 great house and roof color combinations. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Dark and Light Contrast

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A white classic country home with wooden sidings and shingle roofing

A dark and light contrast is a classic, timeless choice. This house’s charcoal-colored roof stands stark against its white siding.

The dark color of the roof is carried down into the black windows, doors, and various hardware. Everything about this design is carefully laid out. This color combination will work with a variety of home styles, too.

2. Modern Industrial

A single story contemporary designed house with brick walls, laminated cladding and an awesome stone patio

With a modern industrial style, you’ll enjoy the usage of lots of mixed media. This home combines red brick, cement, and wood panels.

To complete the modern industrial look, it’s only natural to have a gorgeous dark metal roof. If you don’t want a metal roof, you could instead install a black shingle roof.

3. A Seamless Gray Transition

Classic American country home with blue sidings, shingle roofing and white overall trims

The house and roof colors in this photo perfectly exemplify a seamless color transition—the gray shingles of the roof share similar shades to the wooden siding shingles.

The gray siding shingles complement the blue-gray siding of the house beneath. Then, lastly, as you move down the house, the blue-gray siding transitions easily into gray stonework. 

The color palette in this home is very intentional, ensuring a soft look. This look ensures that you don’t draw too much attention to a particular detail of your house.

4. Gray and Brown

Single story house with shingle roofing, decorative stone cladding and gorgeous landscaping

Although gray and brown aren’t the most popular color pairing choices, they work well together. The cool gray stone stands out underneath the warm brown shingles, and one element does not overpower another.

The stone’s texture adds visual interest to the aesthetic as well.

And, although gray is cool and brown is warm, both colors reflect what you can find in nature. This guarantees that the color combo works well. 

5. Multi-Colored Brick and Gray

A small classic American country home with black shingle roofing and white trims

If your home is built with this type of architectural style, your roof is on full display and cannot be missed. For this reason, you want to ensure that your roof and house colors mesh well.

The multi-colored brick and gray complement the sloping slate-gray roof. The light gray color underneath the roof overhang blends well with the roof color, while the multi-colored brick stands out against it. 

6. Tan and Beige

Light brown sidings, tinted windows and decorative stone cladding design for a residential home

It should go without saying that tans and beiges go well with tans and beiges. The lighter colors used in the siding pull from, the lighter color flecks in the brown shingles of the roof.

This aesthetic is easy on the eyes, especially with the various textures used in the design. 

Something else worth noting is that, with this color palette on your home, your landscaping really has the opportunity to catch the eye. Allow your landscape to infuse more color into your property. 

7. Eye-Catching Color Combinations

Single story house with purple colored sidings and white trims and incorporated with a beautiful landscaping

If you’re looking for an eye-catching color combination, look no further. There’s nothing subtle about the combination of purple, gray, and wood tones.

The gray roof and wood siding shingles allow the purple color to work well on the house. The purple is not too overpowering due to the other light tones used in the design.

White trim ties everything together and allows each element to stand out.

8. Soft Grays

A single story house with white trims and gray shingle roofing and three dormers painted in white

It’s no wonder that various tones of gray work flawlessly together. This one is for you if you want to stick to a single color palette.

The slate-colored roof complements the light gray of the house, and the white trim keeps everything looking crisp. The soft grays allow for a fun pop of color elsewhere, like this yellow door.

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9. Blue-Green and Brown

Classic two story designed house with blue shingle sidings and beautiful landscaping

If you’re into using colorful siding, this blue-green and brown color combination is striking. The brown roof matches the color of the brown stonework, opening up more color options for the rest of the house’s siding.

The blue-green hue looks gorgeous and adds the right amount of color to the design. It even has a nice coastal cottage vibe to it.

10. Spanish-Style Casita

A white tropical designed house with clay tile roofing and incorporated with and stunning garden landscaping

With Spanish-style architecture, you’ll want to pair your stucco home exterior with a Spanish clay tile roof. These architectural pieces just go together.

As seen here, the bright white stucco helps the orange roof pop. You can then add more colorful elements, such as the bright blue trim, in this photo.

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11. Dark Moody Hues

Black and white inspired two story mansion with white trims and gorgeous landscaping

If you’re all about creating a moody look, then use dark colors for both the roof and the house.

Here, the nearly black colors are lightened with the use of white trim and light columnar stonework. Additionally, dark colors will be an exceptionally good choice in colder climates.

12. Metal Roof With Green Siding

Two story house with green sidings and decorated with weather shingle cladding

This cocoa-colored metal roof pairs well with the green siding, bringing forth the surrounding feelings of nature.

The colors used are warm and inviting, which are perfect for this environment. Natural earth tones always work together, so you can’t go wrong with this color combination. 

13. Inky Roof With Brown Siding

Contemporary designed home with brown PVC sidings, red painted trellis and black shingle roofing

The ink-colored roof looks sharp against the smooth brown siding of this home.

The stonework around the house also pulls from the dark color of the roof, ensuring the look is cohesive. With this home, your eyes are drawn to each individual feature. 

14. A-Frame Metal Roof Beauty

A log cabin with glass windows, a viewing deck and light bulbs set up on the sides at a forest park restaurant

Considering how much roof an A-frame home has, you might think more about the colors you use for both the roof and the house.

In this example, you get a very contemporary feel. The wood siding pairs perfectly with the dark metal roof. The colors do not distract from each other, yet they stand out from one another.

15. Warm Brown Log Cabin Feels

A log house at a forest area constructed with shingle roofing and frameless windows

A log cabin home is all about creating a cozy ambiance, both inside and out. Dark brown shingles complement the log siding to create this classic, well-loved look.

These color choices make the home blend in with the wooded surroundings, too. River rock stonework around the foundation and columns of the home brings in even more natural elements.

In Closing

A huge mansion with white stone brick walls and black shingle roofing

From bold color choices to soft complementary tones, there’s an aesthetic out there for everyone. The options are nearly endless!

We hope this list of 15 house and roof combinations has inspired you. Let us know in the comment section below which color combination is your favorite. 

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15 Great House And Roof Color Combinations
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