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How Much Does A House Cleaner Cost Per Hour?

For those who are always on the go, household chores can stack up and be left undone. You might be considering hiring a house cleaning service to help ease your chore load.

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If you want to hire a house cleaner and are wondering how much it might cost you, we can help. Let's get into the answer below!

The national average for house cleaning services will run between $25 and $90 per hour. Your location is a significant factor in how much the service will cost.

Whether or not you use a house cleaning service or an individual will also impact the overall hourly cost.

Now that we know the price range of a house cleaner per hour, we'll look at the factors that will impact the overall hourly cost. You might also be wondering if house cleaners are expected to do dishes or what a deep cleaning will include. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead!

back view of woman house cleaner looking at the clean living room after she tidied up, How Much Does A House Cleaner Cost Per Hour?

Factors That Go Into House Cleaning Costs

It is easy to find the range of what it will cost you hourly to clean your home. As you can tell, it can vary greatly and for various reasons.

Here, we'll examine the most significant factors for the price range. In the post, we'll look at the average cost in the more populated states.

Your Location

The three rules in real estate are location, location, and location. It's fair to say that this could also apply to the cost of a house cleaner.

The more populated an area, the higher the cost of living. The more it costs to live, the more you will have to pay for basic services.

The hourly house cleaners at the higher end of the price range are mainly in the most densely populated regions of the United States.

But what you will pay for a house cleaner is determined by much more than your zip code.

Size Of The Job

Do you want the windows to be cleaned? What about the drapes? Are the carpets in need of shampooing or just a solid vacuum job? When getting an online quote, these are some of the questions you'll need to consider.

Home Guide provides a comprehensive list of what to expect to pay for additional services that go above and beyond a basic house cleaning.

Whether it involves changing the bedsheets, cleaning the oven, or dusting the blinds, you will have a good idea of what this will run you in addition to the hourly rate.

Is It A Big Company Or A Single Cleaner?

Three women, mature women cleaners from cleaning service, washing windows in apartment together.

If you hire a service for the job, you should expect to pay more money. A service will contract with reputable house cleaners, making your need to screen an individual unnecessary.

On average, a professional maid service will charge $75 an hour to clean your home. If you find someone on your own, they will cost an average of $25.

There are positives and negatives when hiring an individual or contracting with a service. Services can be more reliable as they vet their sub-contractors.

But individuals are less expensive and can be much more flexible regarding terms of service.

Square Footage Of Your Home

The bigger the home, the more it will cost to have it cleaned.

Some services will charge per room instead of per hour. They will have one fee for a bedroom, another price for a bathroom, and yet another for a living room or family room.

You can imagine how quickly this will all add up if you live in a place with ample square footage.

How Much Is A House Cleaner In New York?

In the Empire State, the average price is $80 per hour in the NYC area.

With a cost of living that is among the highest in the U.S., it's only fair to assume that the price per hour for house cleaning will be near the top of the price range.

Researching smaller areas in New York yields prices that are far less. Albany, for example, averages less than $20 per hour for a non-service-related house cleaner.

In Buffalo, expect to pay an average of $16.50 an hour for the same.

Overall, the state average for housecleaning in New York is $40 per hour. But as we pointed out earlier in this post, you will pay more for a service and deep cleanings.

This is a horizontal, color photograph of brick homes in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York.

How Much Is A House Cleaner In Florida?

What you will pay for a house cleaner varies across Florida. In Orlando, this will cost an average of $14.25 per hour. The price in Miami is higher, averaging $18.75 an hour.

In the gulf city of Tampa, the average is $16 an hour.

After carefully researching many cities in Florida, the state average is near $17 per hour.

Florida State - road sign illustration

How Much Is A House Cleaner In Texas?

Texas is geographically the largest of the continental United States. And the average price of a house cleaner has a lot of range in the Lone Star state.

In the city of Dallas, the average is $18 an hour. Houston averages a bit lower, at $16.50 an hour.

Smaller cities in the state range between $14 and $16 per hour. Throughout the state of Texas as a whole, expect to pay an average of $16 an hour.

Stock photograph of a residential district and the downtown skyline of San Antonio Texas USA at twilight.

How much is a house cleaner in California?

California can be an expensive state to live in. The average individual will charge $19.25 an hour for maid service in Los Angeles, while in San Francisco, the cost jumps to an average of $22 an hour.

As you would expect, the average hourly rate drops substantially when comparing large cities to rural and suburban areas. Here, you'll expect to find a house cleaner costing $14 to $18 per hour.

The average cost of house cleaning in California is $18 an hour.

The view on street from the hill in San-Francisco.

Can I Expect A House Cleaner To Do The Dishes?

Angi explains that you shouldn't expect your housekeeper or maid service to do your family's dishes.

You should do the plates, pots, and pans, and clean your food messes up before the house cleaner(s) arrive.

Of course, some services and individuals will do your dishes if they are asked. But don't expect them to do this additional service for free. Dishes can be very time-consuming.

It's wise to expect to pay quite a bit more for them to do this chore than their hourly rate.

If getting someone to do your dishes is a must, consult with each person or company you vet. Be sure they will take on this added task and get a solid quote on how much it will cost you.

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What Does A Deep Cleaning Include?

If you have put off cleaning for some time, you might need a deep cleaning. Though this will cost you more money, the result may be worth it.

A deep clean will include vacuuming and dusting every surface in the house. Window sills will be thoroughly cleaned, blinds dusted, and draperies vacuumed.

The house cleaner will wipe down doors and doorframes; baseboards cleaned, and mirrors and furniture polished.

Expect the oven to be cleaned inside and out, kitchen drawers to be wiped down, and all kitchen furniture to be washed and wiped down.

Your bathroom will have the tub/shower tiles scrubbed, the sink and toilet rigorously washed, and the vanity cleaned.

Closeup view of a woman's hand using an antibacterial wet wipe for disinfecting the railing on the flying cage.

Is There A Way To Calculate My House Cleaner Fee?

Fixr has established a calculator that will give you a pretty good estimate of what it will cost you to clean your house.

Enter your zip code into their calculator, which will figure your area's average cost. It also provides the low and the high amounts.

To Wrap Up

Selecting a cleaning service can take a bit of homework, but it will be worth your time when you find the right one.

Remember that when you are trying to determine the hourly rate, who you hire (individual or service) and what you want them to include will make your costs vary greatly.

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