How And Where To Hang Blinds In Deep Windows?

Windows allow natural light to come into a room, but sometimes the weather gets so hot that we try to prevent sunlight from coming in. Aside from using curtains, you can install window blinds to prevent sunlight from coming in. But what if your room has deep windows? Can you still install blinds? We researched information that can help you hang blinds even in deep windows.

You can install blinds in deep windows in two ways: via inside mounting and outside mounting. Inside mounting gives off a clean and aesthetic look when installed, while outside mounting provides full privacy and can be used to create an illusion of a bigger window.

Making sure that the blinds you hang in deep windows will serve the purpose you’re looking for it is very important. Keep reading this post if you want to know more details about this topic so you can decide how you’d like to hang your blinds in deep windows.

A collaged photo of deep windows installed with blinds on the outside and inside, How And Where To Hang Blinds In Deep Windows?

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Inside Mount vs Outside Mount for Blinds in Deep Windows

People use blinds for different reasons, since they are inexpensive and easy to install. Most blinds are used to provide privacy, or to prevent sunlight from coming inside the room.

Some use blinds for aesthetic purposes, or for the sense of illusion when windows do not appear proportional to the whole interior design. 

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Interior of a white painted bedroom with a white framed deep window with blinds

Deep windows are one of the most challenging type of windows to hang blinds in. The solution to this problem could be via installing the blinds inside the window frame or by hanging the blinds outside the window frame.

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Inside Mount in Deep Windows

An inside mount means the blinds follow and fit perfectly inside the window frame, covering all the gaps. They’re installed from the inside part.

They provides the cleanest, most aesthetic looking effect if you’re aiming for a minimalist vibe inside the room. They also take up less space and still reveal the casing of the window.

If you are planning to install the blinds in deep windows, this can be a good option to create an illusion that the window is not shallow.

However, accurate measurement is important when choosing this option to make sure that the blinds will snugly fit within the inner frame of the window.

A deep beige colored window with wooden framing and blinds

Outside Mount in Deep Windows

Another way to install the blinds is by hanging them outside the window frame. Outside mount allows you to create an illusion that the window is bigger than it actually is.

This option also provides more privacy and doesn’t have to strictly follow the exact measurement of the window frame.

A light blue accent wall inside a white modern bedroom with a blue blinds

If there are areas around the frame that you would like to cover, such as holes or cracks, you can do an outside mount to hide it using blinds. Furthermore, this option can hide the deep window design.

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How To Install Blinds in Deep Windows?

Blinds offer more control over the amount of light that comes inside a room. You can tilt them according to your desired amount of light. However, some people do not go for blinds because they think that it takes a lot of hard work to hang them.

The truth is that blinds are not that complicated to install in windows, especially if you have deep windows that give you more space. If this is your first time hanging blinds in deep windows, you can follow these steps instead of hiring someone to do it for you. 

Decide Whether To Do an Inside Mount or an Outside Mount

 Choosing how you’d like to hang your blinds will allow you to know the size of the blinds to install in your window. You can consider a few factors when deciding whether to do an inside mount or an outside mount.

Are you looking to achieve a clean, aesthetic look that gives a minimalistic vibe? Then you can choose an inside mount, but if you want to make your windows appear bigger, and you’re aiming for more privacy, then you can pick an outside mount.

Measure The Window Frame

Measurement is important before purchasing your blinds to make sure that you will get the accurate size you desire.

If you want to do an inside mount, make sure to measure the inside dimension of the window using a tape measure.

You can measure the inside casing within the window frame. Measure the correct length from the topmost point of the window down to the base of the casing.

Should you choose an outside mount, measure the window frame along the edges. You can add a few inches if you want the windows to appear bigger.

Put the tip of the measuring tape outside the casing and then measure the dimension of the frame following the outer case of the window.

Purchase The Blinds

Once you get the correct measurement of the window and you have already decided whether to do an inside mount or an outside mount, you can now decide which blinds will suit your taste.

There are various types of blinds to choose from, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, faux wood, and many more.

Blinds also come in different styles. You can pick from roller shades, vertical blinds,  horizontal blinds, and cellular shades. It is up to you which style to choose, but the most popular is the roller shades.

After deciding which type and which style you would like, give your measurement to your chosen shop so they can make the blinds according to the size, type and style you provided.

Mark The Mounting Area

Hold the headrail of the blinds depending on which kind of mounting you have chosen. If you decide to do an inside mount, place the headrail on the topmost inner part of the window.

If you chose an outside mount, put the headrail on the outer casing or in the exact part where you want to hang it. Make sure it is centered. You can mark the headrail using a pencil after that.

Drill The Brackets

After marking where you will install the headrail, you may now attach the brackets that will hold it into place. Drill the brackets on the upper inner casing of the window if you are doing an inside mount.

If you decide to do an outside mount, attach the brackets outside the frame, right on the two sides of the window.

Install The Headrail and Valance

The valance clips are attached to headrail and the valance. Hang the headrail by attaching it to the bracket you mounted on the wall. Once the headrail is properly installed, connect the headrail and the valance.

Although valance is only a suggestion, it is recommended if you want to add more accent in the room. It helps hide window treatments by giving a formal look while covering the parts that might ruin the view.

Are Blinds Better Than Curtains?

Beige blinds mounted outside

Although curtains provide better insulation than blinds, in terms of durability, blinds are stronger than curtains.

Customized curtains are also more expensive than made-to-measure blinds. Blinds are easier to clean compared to curtains, and blinds require less maintenance than curtains, which can be hard to wash. Other than that, curtains are prone to molds unlike blinds.

Can You Combine Blinds and Curtains?

Wooden framed window with beige blinds installed outside a deep window

Yes! Putting blinds and curtains together provides a better window accent, aside from the benefits of the two that you can get when put together.

Although some homeowners love a minimalistic vibe, blinds alone can look unfinished or dull. Adding curtains can give more depth to the overall look of the window.

You can choose the type of blinds before deciding which curtain color or design you will go for. It is easier to pick the curtain when you have already decided which type of blinds you will use.

Wrapping It Up

A collaged photo of deep windows installed with blinds on the outside and inside

Deep windows are not that hard to style with blinds. You just have to decide if you want to achieve a simpler accent by using an inside mount or if you’d like to cover the frame and get more privacy by choosing an outside mount.

Regardless of the pros and cons of these two options, what’s important is that you will love how the final look will turn out.

You are free to style your deep windows in any way that you want, so unleash those interior designer skills within you and play with your creative side!

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