How Big Are Sliding Doors?

Are you considering adding some sliding doors to your home? If so, you're probably wondering what the standard dimensions are for sliding doors. Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to provide you with all the information you will need to install sliding doors in your home. 

The two most common width measurements of a sliding glass door are 60 inches or 72 inches. The standard height of a sliding glass door is 80 inches.

While these dimensions are considered standard, you may find that your opening doesn't accommodate these widths perfectly. So what do you do if your opening is too wide or narrow for standard-size doors? And how do you make sure you're measuring the right way? Keep reading to learn all about adding sliding glass doors to your house.

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What Are Standard Sliding Door Sizes?

The standard width dimensions for sliding glass doors are 60 inches or 72 inches. Sliding doors are designed to fit into the same opening as double doors, which is why they come in these two standard widths.

These are the same dimensions considered standard for double doors. An 80-inch height is standard for any door.

How Thick is a Sliding Door?

The depth of the door jamb can usually be purchased in 6 9/16-inch and 4 9/16-inch depths. The standard thickness for the door itself would be 1 3/4 inches. The door's glass depth can vary between 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch thick. These are standard thickness dimensions, and they can vary depending on the age of your home and the existing door.

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What If Your Door Opening Isn't Standard Sized?

If your opening is wider or more narrow than standard doors, you may have to have a door custom-made for your opening. Another option would be to have your contractor reframe the opening to resize it to a standard dimension. Resizing the opening will make future replacement easier and may even be less costly than commissioning a custom-sized door.

How To Measure The Width of a Sliding Door

When measuring an existing sliding door, you will want to measure the opening created by the door jamb. With the doors closed, stand on the interior side of the door. Hold one end of your tape measure flat against the jamb and stretch the tape across to the other side of the opening. This is your width measurement. 

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How Wide is a 4 Panel Sliding Glass Door?

Standard four-panel sliding glass doors are 36 inches per panel, for a total width of 144 inches. They can vary in width, especially in older homes.

For doors that are not standard sized, you may need to have the doors custom made. You could also have a contractor reframe the opening to fit two separate sliding door units.

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What is The Maximum Width Sliding Door?

For any openings wider than 72 inches, it is highly recommended to consider using multiple door units. You could consider using double doors with less glass that swings open. Glass becomes less stable the larger it is made, so it can be difficult to find a wider-than-standard sliding glass door. 

What is The Minimum Width Sliding Door?

Sliding doors can be found as small as 16 inches per door for very narrow openings. Most of these smaller doors will need to be custom-made since they are very uncommon. If you have an opening this small, you can opt to use a single, full-view exterior door instead.

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How To Measure The Height of a Sliding Door?

To measure the height, hold the end of the tape measure down so it's flush with the inside of the door track where the door slab rests. Pull the tape measure up to the top of the door frame and into the area the top of the door slides into. You can also measure the height of the door slab to find this dimension. This is your height measurement.

When to Replace Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors need to be replaced if the glass breaks or cracks or if the seal gives out. The seal holds in the insulating gasses between the glass panes. If you start to see condensation building up between the glass, your seal has broken. Once the heavy gasses escape the cavity between the glass, the door loses most of its insulation value.

Can Sliding Glass Doors be Repaired?

Most manufacturers of sliding glass doors oppose the idea of attempting to repair these doors. It can be extremely dangerous to try to restore issues with the glass.

Even if you can clean the condensation from between the glass, the door will not regulate temperature as it should. It's much easier, safer, and more effective to replace the doors altogether.

Can The Glass be Replaced in a Sliding Glass Door?

The cost to have a professional replace the glass in your sliding doors will range between $150 and $1,500. The total cost will depend on the labor cost in your area and the type of replacement glass you purchase.

You will want to request quotes on the work before you move forward; you might even find that it's more cost-effective to replace the whole door unit. This is not a job for the average homeowner; a professional will be needed for this project.

What's The Difference Between Sliding Doors and French Doors?

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French doors, or double doors, are hinged and swing into the home. Sliding doors slide open and typically have one functioning door and one stationary pane of glass.

French doors tend to be more durable and more secure than sliding doors but also come with a larger price tag. Double doors also offer more variety, opening up more design possibilities. 

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How To Install A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are fairly easy to install, but it is good to have help since they are large. If you aren't confident in your own carpentry skills, you can hire a contractor to reduce the chance of error. Here's a quick step-by-step guide and a detailed video to give you an idea of the process:

  1. Measure properly.
  2. Install your sill pan and caulk around the opening.
  3. Place the door unit into its opening.
  4. Use shims to adjust the door in the opening and create a tight fit.
  5. Secure the door with screws.
  6. Secure and adjust the threshold.
  7. Fill in all gaps and install the trim around the interior and exterior of the door.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Sliding Glass Doors?

The total replacement cost for sliding glass doors, including labor, can range between $700 and $2,400. Standard size sliding glass doors can be found at most building supply stores for prices ranging from $300 to $2,500. You can save a good amount of money by doing this project yourself, but it takes time, assistance, and some know-how. 

How Much to Replace 4-Panel Sliding Glass Doors?

A four-panel sliding glass door replacement will run you between $2,500 and $7,000. This is a larger and more labor-intensive project, so both labor and material costs are higher.

This is another project that could be done by a homeowner, as long as they have a couple of friends available to help them out. If you don't have helpers available, you will want to hire a professional; otherwise, the project may take longer than anticipated.

Unlocking Your Home's Potential

Now that you know all the standard dimensions for sliding doors, you're ready to start measuring and looking at options. If you have an odd opening size, call in a contractor for help deciding how to proceed with the project. Remember to have fun while you give your home a facelift, and don't limit yourself to sliding doors. 

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