How Big Is A Dressing Table?

If you've ever considered adding a dressing table to an already crowded bedroom, knowing the dimensions is key to figuring out where you should place it. We researched dressing tables from a variety of retailers and manufacturers and will give you definitive answers to all your questions regarding this furniture throughout this post. 

The dimensions of a dressing table vary from model to model. They typically have a range of 30 to 35 inches for the length, 14 to 18 inches for the depth, and 29 to 32 inches for the height. 

Now that you know what the range of dimensions is for a dressing table, you might have some other questions. You may be wondering what kind of mirror you should use, or how to properly light the table. For the answers to these questions and more, continue reading. 

A blue themed dressing room with floral curtains, blue carpet, a small blue round chair, and a white dressing table, How Big Is A Dressing Table?

Why the ranges in dressing table size?

A gorgeous modern dressing table wiht cloth and a cement pattern wallpaper with bookshelves on the side

As all of our cosmetic needs vary from person to person, so will the size and style of our ideal dressing table. There are two factors that make dressing tables vary in size. They include the amount of surface space and the amount of storage space.

If you're one to need as much room as possible for grooming, a model of dressing table that has a lot of width is ideal. The more room you have to work, the more comfortable you'll be. And if you require a lot of tools or just like having a wide variety of cosmetics, a dressing table with ample storage should be on your radar.

So remember, dressing tables have a range of 30-35 inches in length, 14-18 inches in depth, and 29-32 inches in height. The size ranges guarantees that you'll find a dressing table that's suitable for nearly anywhere in your designated room. Ahead in this post, we'll be looking at dressing tables that address all of your needs. 

What height should a dressing table stool be?

A small dressing table with vintage curved mirrors, small gray chairs, and a decorative withered plant

Many dressing tables come with an accompanying dressing chair, which will have been designed and built with an appropriate height for the table. But if you need to purchase a separate seat, it's a good idea to know what size you need to be looking for. How high should the dressing table stool be?

As the height of the dressing tables themselves do vary some, so will the height of the stools you will be considering. Ideally, you should pick a stool that gives you at least 11 to 13 inches from the top of the seat to the top of the counter. In other words, if your dressing table counter height is 31 inches, you should look for a stool that is between 18 and 20 inches tall.

If you're able, consider purchasing a dressing table stool that can have the height adjusted. Should you ever get a table of a different height, you'd still be able to use the stool you had already bought.

This model dressing table chair has a comfortable cushion set atop a sturdy wooden frame. The chair has a height of 18.9 inches.

To view this model dressing table stool on Amazon, click here.

If you're one that spends more time than the average person at a dressing table, consider a more comfortable model.

This dressing chair's high back makes sitting in it for longer periods of time easier on your frame. This seat is also adjustable, making it work with almost any dressing table.

To view this adjustable dressing table stool on Amazon, click here.

What kind of mirror do you use in a dressing table? 

A modern retro themed dressing room with a round wooden framed mirror, solid wooden table, and white painted walls

If you are shopping for dressing tables, you will notice that many models and styles will come with a mirror already attached. Some designs will even have a mirror that handily folds down into the tabletop. But if the design you've settled on doesn't have a mirror equipped, you'll definitely need to purchase one separately. What should you be looking for?

Like the dressing tables themselves, mirrors will come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. When you select one, you'll want to look for a mirror that is tall enough to be able to view your entire body that is visible above the tabletop. The mirror should also be wide enough to accommodate your entire frame, with a little bit of room on either side.

Consider getting a lighted mirror, as this will save you the trouble of having to install proper overhead lighting.

To view this model lighted mirror on Amazon, click here.

You may also like a trifold mirror. This will allow you to see your profile from either side, making applying makeup and styling your hair a lot easier. 

This trifold mirror is lit with LED lighting and has a touchscreen on/off switch.

To view this model trifold mirror on Amazon, click here.

How do you attach a mirror to a dressing table?

If you've selected a dressing table that does not have an attached mirror, you'll want to add your own as soon as possible so that you can get the most out of your new furnishings. How do you attach a mirror to the new table?

The best solution is to not attach the mirror to the table itself but to hang it on the wall instead. It should be hung at a height that will allow for your entire body that's above the tabletop to be shown in its reflection. For aesthetic reasons, you should also have this mirror centered horizontally.

A small dressing area with a wooden dressing table, a wooden framed mirror, and lamps on the sides

There are numerous ways to safely hang a mirror on a wall. Different methods need to be considered based on the material the wall is constructed from (drywall, brick, plaster and lathe, etc.), as well as the overall weight of the mirror.

If you're hanging a mirror on a wall that is plaster and lathe, you'll want to predrill your holes first. Depending on the weight of the mirror, you'll probably want to use a nail for lighter weight mirrors, and molly bolts for heavier ones. Hanging a mirror on drywall is a little easier, as you won't typically have to predrill anything. The exception here is if the mirror weighs a substantial amount. In almost every case, however, the mirrors that work the best over dressing tables are lightweight.

If you don't want to use nails to hang your mirror, you'll find this article interesting: How To Put Mirrors On Walls Without Nails

This mirror has a diameter of 23.6 inches. Its lightweight design makes it easy to hang above your dressing table.

To view this model mirror on Amazon, click here.

How do you light a dressing table?

Proper lighting is essential to maximize the potential of any dressing table. What's the best way to illuminate the mirror? First, if you can avoid fluorescent lighting, it will help tremendously. This type of lighting is extremely bright and tends to distort colors. 

Use lights that are halogen or LED. This type of lighting will show the skin in the most natural way, making it easier to realistically work with. You can purchase stand-alone lamps for dressing tables, or get covered bulbs that will attach to the mirror. 

Click here to see these attachable bulbs for your dressing table mirror on Amazon.

You can avoid this altogether if you select a model of a dressing table that has a lighted mirror. There are many unique designs available that have this feature. The model below has the mirror already attached and comes with a matching stool. This dressing table's height and width make it perfect for placement in smaller bedrooms. 

Click here to see this dressing table with a lighted mirror on Amazon.

Where to put a dressing table?

The best location for your dressing table is in the area of your home where you typically apply your makeup and style your hair. Traditionally, the master bedroom has been the chosen location for this piece of furniture, especially if there is an adjacent bathroom. Dressing tables are most commonly found in bedrooms because they are large enough to fit the tables inside them comfortably. However, if you have the room elsewhere, there are other locations well-suited for it.

Some homes are designed with walk-in closets or bathrooms that are large enough to accommodate a dressing table. If you're fortunate enough to have a master bathroom suite with a little extra room, this would be the perfect place for it. The convenience of having your sink nearby is invaluable for both your hair and makeup. Many newer home designs will include a built-in dressing table in at least one bathroom for this reason.

The table can be stocked with all of the things you've made a part of your beauty regiment, as well as doubling as storage space for your partner's toiletries. This added convenience makes the bathroom the ideal spot for your dressing table.

Boahaus Dressing Table

This dressing table has seven drawers and an attached mirror, making it quite spacious. Its flat and narrow design allows for it to fit perfectly against any wall of your bedroom.

To view this model dressing table on Amazon, click here.

Charmaid Vanity Set

This model dressing table has less drawer space, but its smaller design allows for it to be placed along walls and in corners. 

To view this model dressing table on Amazon, click here.

In Closing

Dressing tables make it much more convenient for your morning and evening routines. They are designed to fit into almost any corner of your bedroom. While the dimensions will vary by style and model, they all stay within a fairly narrow range.

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