How Big is a Fitted Sheet? [Fitted Sheet Sizes by Type of Bed]

Are you wondering how big fitted sheets are? Maybe you have a fitted sheet that has no tag. Or you want to know the exact size to buy new sheets for your bed. We've identified each fitted sheet size per mattress, so you'll know where to begin.

Fitted sheets vary in size, dependent on the size of the mattress. So that you get the right fit for your mattress, we've provided a list of mattress sizes and the appropriate fitted sheet size for each:

Bed Type Size of Fitted Sheet
Crib/Toddler bed 28" x 52"
Twin/Single bed 39" x 75"
XL Twin bed 39" x 80"
Full/Double bed 53" x 74"
Full XL bed 53" x 79" 
Queen bed 60" x 80" x 15"
Olympic Queen 66" x 80" x 15"
King 78" x 80" x 15"
California King 73" x 85" x 15"

As you can see, there is quite a size variation among fitted sheets. Please keep reading as we discuss how to measure for the right-sized fitted sheet for each mattress type, and elaborate on pocket depth, so your fitted sheet stays in place. We'll provide examples of every size fitted sheet and share some tips on how to choose sheets and how to coordinate sheets with bedding.

A modern bedroom interior with clean white bed and pillows, How Big is a Fitted Sheet? [Fitted Sheet Sizes by Type of Bed]

Sizing Fitted Sheets By Mattress Size

Crib/ Toddler

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The toddler mattress is the smallest mattress size that we will discuss for fitted sheets. It also can be referred to as a crib mattress. The dimensions for a toddler fitted sheet are 28 inches by 52 inches. You will notice the size of the mattress matches the dimensions of the fitted sheet, as well. 

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A twin mattress measures 39 inches by 75 inches for fitted sheets. Twin mattresses are also referred to as singles, but a single mattress is slightly smaller at 38 inches in width by 74.6 inches in length. A twin fitted sheet will fit nicely on either twin or single mattress sizes.

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XL Twin

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When measuring a fitted sheet for an XL twin bed, you add five inches in length to a regular single or twin sheet. So a fitted sheet for an XL twin would measure 39 inches by 80 inches. An XL twin mattress will measure 36 inches in width by 79.6 inches in length. These sheet sizes can be difficult to find in stores but easily found online. 

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A full size fitted sheet measures 74 inches in length by 53 inches in width. The measurements for the full-sized mattress itself are 74.6 inches in length and 53 inches in width. It is very close to the actual measurement of the sheet. Sometimes full sized beds are also known as double beds. 

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Full XL

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Believe it or not, there is a full XL mattress and a fitted sheet to fit. Just like the twin XL, you will add five inches in length to the extra-long, full fitted sheet. A fitted sheet for a full XL mattress will have 79 inches in length by 53 inches in width.

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A queen- size fitted sheet measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long by 15 inches deep (pocket depth). The measurement of the mattress itself is 60 inches wide by 79.5  inches long. Once again, there is not much of a difference between the sheet dimensions and the mattress measurements. 

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Olympic Queen

An Olympic queen-sized mattress allows an extra six inches of sleeping room for couples. The dimensions of the mattress are 80 inches in length by 66 inches in width. The fitted sheet measurements are the same as the mattress. You are likely to find an Olympic queen size fitted sheet in stores and easily online.

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A fitted sheet for a regular king size bed is 78 inches by 80 inches by 15 inches deep (pocket depth). The mattress itself measures between 76 inches and 78 inches in width by 80 inches in length. 

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California King


A California king-size fitted sheet measures 73 inches by 85 inches by 15 inches. A typical California king-size mattress measures 72 inches in width by 84 inches in length. There are a few inches difference in sheet size to allow for stretching. 

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Please note that getting the right size fitted sheet for any mattress is very important. If it is too small, it obviously will not go on correctly. If it is too big, the fitted sheet will not stay on the mattress and can move while you are sleeping. This will cause it to bunch up and eventually come off. Remember always to find an XL sheet if you have a twin XL or full XL mattress for a proper fit.

How do I measure for a fitted sheet?

Using a tape measure is the easiest way to find the measurements of your mattress. First, measure the width of the mattress. Then you can proceed to measure the length and depth of the mattress. After taking down all your measurements, look at the dimensions of the fitted sheet on its packaging. It should match up to those that you wrote down within a few inches.

Also, think about your mattress and if you are using a topper. This may add a few inches to measurements, as well.


How do I choose a fitted sheet?

There a few deciding factors in choosing sheets in general, such as thread count, fabric, and colors/prints. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious and durable the sheets are. Fabrics and colors/prints are to your preference. Sheets can be satin, silk, cotton, or even flannel. 

Should the fitted sheet match bedding?

Some people prefer the sheet to match all of their bedding. Again, this is all in what you prefer for overall appearance. You could always choose a neutral color that pairs well with any color/print you may choose for the top sheet, blankets, or comforter on your bed. 

In Conclusion

The sizing of a fitted sheet depends on the size of the mattress. From a twin-sized bed to a California king, each mattress has different dimensions, as do the sheets. Always factor in whether the mattress has a topper or even a waterproof cover. Remember to add an extra five inches to any mattress that may be XL in length. 

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