How Big Is A Garage? [Including 2-Car And 3-Car Garages]

A garage is a great addition to any home. Some use it for its intended purpose of storing the car, while others use it as storage space. Some convert the garage into addition to their living space. All these scenarios might make you wonder just how big is a garage. Most garages can function both as a place for your car and as storage.

Garages range in size. While some are just big enough to fit a small car, others can be big enough to store a boat. Any garage should be wide enough to open the car door without hitting the wall or other cars. It should also be deep enough so you can walk around the car. A garage should have a minimum height of seven feet.

  • The minimum size for a one-car garage is 12' wide by 20' deep.
  • For a two-car garage, the minimum size is 22' wide by 20' deep.
  • For a three-car garage, it will be 31' wide by 20' deep.

We have researched all about garage sizes for you. Read on so you can discover how to match the garage size to your needs. Also, we will give you some tips as to how best to organize your garage for storage.

A house exterior with view of garage and driveway, How Big Is A Garage? [Including 2-Car And 3-Car Garages]

How much space should be between cars in a garage?

There should be enough room between the cars to allow both driver and passenger can exit the car comfortably. The total is the width of the car as well as at least 7'6" for door allowance.

Car width ranges between 5'10" for a compact car to 6'10" for a full-size SUV. It is always best to consider not only the car you currently have but also future needs. Another thing to consider is the needs of the passengers. Baby gear requires more room to maneuver, while a healthy adult can manage in tighter spaces.

Also, many people store things in the back of the garage. It will be convenient, but not necessary, to have enough space to move bulky things. Some of these bulky items can be a lawnmower or even a trash bin.

Ideally, you will have no less than three feet between the cars. Three feet is the minimal space that allows for opening the car door without hitting the other car. Five feet is ideal since it allows you to maneuver around either car freely.

On the other hand, you do not want too much space between the cars, since it is a waste. If you choose to have a wider garage, use the space between the car and the wall for storage and organization.

How wide should a garage workbench be?

Well-organized clean three car residential garage

A garage is a perfect place for a workbench, especially if you do not have a basement. Since the workbench is most likely to be against a wall, it should be deep enough to be useful but narrow enough so you can reach across comfortably. That will put the width at about three feet.

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You will want some room around the bench to be able to work. However, sometimes it is best to move the car out of the garage while working in it. Which will protect the car and provide you with ample space.

The bench should fit in a way that does not impede parking spaces. Measure how much space you will need for the workbench and account for it.

As for placement, most people place the workbench on the long sides of the garage. The bench will be parallel to the parked car. However, there are no rules, and if the garage is very long and narrow, it might be better to place the bench at the deep end of the garage.

Wherever you place the workbench, it is important to have enough light. For some jobs, you will need proper ventilation as well. A good fan and lighting should provide ventilation and light.

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How do you maximize space in a one-car garage?

Interior of a car residential garage without the car

With proper planning, you can park your car and have ample storage even in a one-car garage. The secret is shelving and utilizing the area above the car.

A typical car is 4'2'' to 4'5" in height, and even a tall SUV is less than 6' tall. Since a garage needs to be at least 7 feet tall, it gives you plenty of space above the car. Also, there are three walls on which to hang shelving and organizers.

Storage space should not come at the price of safety or convenience. Being able to park the car safely every time is the priority. Another important factor is convenient access to the car. You do not want to have to go through an obstacle course every time you go to your car.

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Planning can maximize the storage capability in your garage. It is always important to think about your current and future needs. Even though it might not seem so now, you will probably replace your car before you move. In a deep garage, you can install shelving at the far end unless you have a longer vehicle.

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How do you utilize overhead garage storage?

Overhead storage is largely overlooked in a garage. While the garage door mechanism and the garage door occupy some of the space, you can still use the rest. Leave enough clearance not to hinder the garage door's operation, and utilize the rest.

All you need to do is figure out how much clearance you have between the top of the car and the ceiling. Most of the overhang space in the garage will be above the engine block, the shortest part of the car.

You can even hang a storage rack above the car. A storage rack above the car will be hard to access with the car in the garage but is very useful for off-season items.

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For kayaks or skies, you might prefer a pully system that is easier to use. Those are perfect for keeping bulky items out of the way while enabling convenient access. However, pully systems are usually pricier than a simple shelving system.

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Overhead storage in the garage is a great way to keep items out of the way. Accessible, with a pulley system, or a little less accessible but safely tucked away.

Parking the car in the garage

We have all seen the commercials about driving through the garage. Or driving into the garage with the bike still on the car. These accidents are preventable. Having a place to park that is protected from the weather is worth the risk.

One of the ways to prevent simple accidents like those is alerts. A simple reminder that the bike is on the car. A reminder of the exact place to park can prevent a lot of frustration.

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In Closing

A garage is a great addition to your house. It is a useful place to store not only your car but also your garden or workshop tools. A garage can double as your workshop. It is, after all, a large ventilated space. The size of the garage should be determined by your needs as well as your budget.

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