How Big Is A Loveseat?

Loveseats are a great addition for seating, but exactly how big are they? Size can be a determining factor in whether you can incorporate a loveseat into your furniture layout. We've done some research to find out and have the answer to how big is a loveseat, and more, for you in this post.

Loveseats are a smaller version of a couch and are typically made to seat two full-sized adults comfortably. The numerical measurement of the standard loveseat is as follows:

  • Small loveseats are 52" in length.
  • Medium loveseats are 58" in length.
  • Large loveseats are 64" in length.

We'll take a look at each of these sizes and where they might work in your room. We'll also find out why they're called loveseats. We'll also talk about the size of a sofa compared to a loveseat and why loveseats might actually be more expensive than sofas. So please, keep reading!

A beautiful dog relaxes on a gray loveseat sofa, curled up comfortably but eyes open looking at the camera, How Big Is A Loveseat?

Loveseat Sizes, Measurements, And Uses

A loveseat is a small couch or an oversized chair, depending on how you look at it. Typically, a love seat has two couch cushions and is intended to have space for two adults. Loveseats come in various sizes, from small to large, and we'll look at how you might use the various sizes in your own decor. The awesome thing about loveseats is how versatile they are as a home decorating piece.

Small Loveseats

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The general size for a small loveseat is about 52" in length. These smaller loveseats are great for entryways, offices, or smaller apartments where size is an issue. In the entryway above, a chic grey velvet loveseat provides the perfect spot for sitting to take off shoes. It's a great resting place for a purse or the mail, or just a spot to wait for your loved one to be ready to leave home for the day.

Here's a similar small loveseat that's the perfect size, 52", for the foyer. This one is covered in a piece of charcoal fabric with a tufted back and no arms. Click here for this loveseat on Amazon.

Close up view of laptop, notebooks and folders on yellow sofa at home office

Putting a small loveseat in a home office can be a nice seating alternative. Move your laptop from the desk to the loveseat when you need to change your posture. Or, invite a client and give them a comfortable spot to sit as you go through home listings or look at their bookkeeping needs. 

Here's a classic upholstered loveseat at 52.4" that's a great look for a functional home office. Dressy enough for business but relaxed enough for comfort, this particular loveseat comes in navy as shown, grey, or black. Click here for this on Amazon.

Medium Loveseats

Medium-sized loveseats average about 58" in length. You'll find this size used most commonly for double recliner seating, small apartments, and bedroom seating.

Home Theatre with a big screen and a loveseat sofa

In this home theatre, a loveseat and armchair provide seating for three adults. Many loveseats in this size are available as double recliners, which is a comfortable choice for a home theatre set-up. 

This double recliner has two comfy seats, a narrow profile, even two drink holders for excellent movie-watching comfort. Click here for this fabric recliner loveseat on Amazon.

The interior of a small living room with loveseat sofa

In a small apartment or tiny home, a medium-sized loveseat might be the perfect choice for your space. It provides a comfortable spot for reading and visiting without taking too much space.

This mid-century modern style sofa in eggplant velvet is a fun contemporary look for a small apartment or tiny home. This sofa is available in several other fun colors. Available here on Amazon.

Large Loveseats

Beautiful Inviting Bedroom Interior with loveseat sofa

Large loveseats have an average measurement of 64". These large loveseats are also advertised as small sofas. They are a versatile piece of furniture because they are available as sleeper sofas as well as regular loveseats. A piece like this would work well in a large master bedroom or as an optional sleeping area in a basement playroom. 

This 64" convertible loveseat flattens down into a sleeping spot. It even has under bed storage to make it more versatile. Store your linens in a convenient place for this dual-use piece of furniture. Click here for this on Amazon.

This scrumptious Chesterfield style loveseat would look magnificent in an elegant master bedroom. When you want a little privacy but aren't quite ready for bed, curl onto this emerald green sofa and dive into luxury. If green's not your color, this 64" loveseat comes in blue, pink, camel, grey, and mustard yellow. Click here for this loveseat on Amazon.

Why Do They Call It A Loveseat?

The very first loveseats were designed as early as the 1600s. They were not the courting couches of later days but rather made to provide enough space to hold the oversized dresses worn by ladies. As dresses got slimmer, these oversized chairs remained in production, and couples saw an opportunity to sit closely. It was during this time, around the 1950s, that the loveseat got its nickname. Now loveseats are often included in sofa or living room sets to provide additional seating in a living room.

Don't you just love that a loveseat is called a loveseat because of the desire to sit close together?

Is A Sofa Bigger Than A Loveseat?

Yes, the sofa is bigger than a loveseat. Typically loveseats have two couch cushions, and sofas have three or more. A loveseat will comfortably fit two people, and a sofa seats anywhere from three to five or even more if you're talking about a sectional. But both have a purpose. If you're in a small space, you might choose to have a loveseat and an armchair rather than a full-sized couch. This gives you more flexibility in room design.

This 3-piece set gives you an armchair to seat one adult, a loveseat to seat two adults, and a sofa that will set three adults. Click here for this furniture set on Amazon.

Why Are Loveseats So Expensive?

A beautiful dog relaxes on a gray loveseat sofa, curled up comfortably but eyes open looking at the camera, How Big Is A Loveseat?

You would think that since a loveseat is two-thirds of a sofa's size, it would be two-thirds of the price. However, loveseats can be oddly expensive. What's the reason for this? It comes down to a couple of factors, which we'll explore below.

Loveseats Are Not Produced In Mass Quantities

First, loveseats are not as commonly purchased as sofas. With today's large homes, most people want large sofas or sectionals. But loveseats require the same type of manufacturing, close to the same amount of labor, and nearly equivalent materials. Because they're not produced in the same mass quantities, they are more expensive. The exception to this is buying a sofa kit that includes a loveseat in the purchase price.

Sofa and loveseat sets like this are the most economical way to buy a loveseat. This one is available on Amazon.

Loveseats Tend To Be More Decorative

Many loveseats are designed with design in mind. They can be beautiful antiques or contemporary reproductions. Many well-known designers will put their stamp on a loveseat. The price you pay is for something that is more akin to art than  furniture when it comes to these pieces.

This English leather rolled arm loveseat is an investment to pass down through the generations. Click here for this on Amazon.

The Demand For Loveseats Is Not As High As The Demand For Couches

In terms of supply and demand, the higher the demand and the supply, the lower the price typically. Because loveseats are not as desirable as full-sized couches, their cost can be a little higher. But if you found the exact right loveseat for your space, it will be worth the extra price you might need to pay.

In Conclusion

Is a loveseat better for your space than a sofa? It might be depending upon your needs and even if you don't know where you're going to put it. That's really one of the great things about loveseats; they're incredibly versatile and work in a whole host of rooms. Now that you have an idea of the size and costs, you can shop for the perfect pieces for your home and room.

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