How Big Is A Typical Corner Shower? [Dimensions Explored]

Are you planning to replace your shower but aren’t sure what size to use or a standard size shower? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide to help you determine the best size shower for your space. 

Corner showers come in a range of different sizes. The most common size for a corner shower is 36-inches x 36-inches, but they can be larger or smaller.

You’re probably wondering how to determine the best size shower for your space or if corner showers offer any benefits. Keep reading to learn all about shower sizing.

Interior of a modern bathroom with a glass shower wall, pink colored cabinets and small plants on the wall, How Big Is A Typical Corner Shower? [Dimensions Explored]

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What Size is A Standard Corner Shower?

Corner shower units are available in multiple “standard” sizes for pre-made units. 36-inch showers are the most commonly found size in homes because they are spacious enough for most people to use comfortably while still saving space. You can even have your corner shower custom-made to specific dimensions by a contractor.

What Sizes Do Corner Showers Come In?

Although 36-inch corner showers are the most common, pre-built showers come in a range of sizes to meet the individual needs of different homes. They can be larger or smaller than 36-inches. Here’s a list of common corner shower unit sizes:

  • 32″x32″
  • 34″x34″
  • 36″x36″
  • 38″x38″
  • 42″x42″

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Round corner glass shower wall with white cabinets in the vanity

What Is A Corner Shower?

 Corner showers come to a 90-degree angle to fit into corners and usually have a triangular, round, or neo-angular base. This compact design is an excellent choice for small bathrooms, but it can be used to maximize the space in larger bathrooms as well.

What Is The Most Spacious Shape For A Corner Shower?

The most spacious shape for a corner shower is a neo-angular. The angular design provides extra room for the shower’s interior, giving you more room to move while you shower. While this design is the most spacious, it’s also the most costly to purchase and install.

DreamLine 36 1/8-Inch Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

This glass shower enclosure is ideal for most families, with its neo-angular design providing additional space. This is the glass only; the base is sold separately. It comes in two different finishes to match the hardware in your bathroom. 

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Is A 32-Inch Corner Shower Too Small?

A 32-inch shower may feel a little tight, especially if you are used to a larger shower. These small showers don’t leave much room for toiletry shelving or space to move while washing. People with a larger build may have difficulty using a 32-inch shower. 

Dreamline 32-Inch Acrylic Shower

This 32-inch shower stall kit includes the base and walls needed to install a new shower. Its small size makes it ideal for bathrooms with limited space. This shower is available in multiple sizes and colors to meet the needs of your space. 

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Do Corner Showers Save Space?

Yes, corner showers are a great way to save space in small bathrooms. Their ability to fit so well into corners can help free up floor space for other bathroom necessities. Using a glass door on your corner shower can also make the whole bathroom appear larger, which is an excellent trick in tight spaces.

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Are There Other Benefits To Corner Showers?

Corner showers aren’t just great for saving space. They have other benefits as well. They’re aesthetically pleasing and easy to incorporate into a design. Their glass enclosures remove the need for shower curtains making cleaning easier and mildew on curtains a thing of the past.

Corner showers also contain water very well and tend to allow less water to escape than showers that rely on curtains to keep water in. This helps prevent the risk of slips, gradual water damage and saves time on after-shower clean-up. 

ELEGANT Shower Base And Glass Combination

This neo-angular shower is a 36-inch model that includes both the shower base and the glass. The metal frame and door handle come in a chrome finish for a timeless, elegant look. The base comes with a lightly textured floor surface to prevent slippage.

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Are There Any Disadvantages Of Corner Showers?

Corner showers with metal frames around the glass enclosure have been known to rust over time, particularly the hinges. This can be avoided by choosing a frameless glass enclosure or performing precautionary upkeep like regularly applying a water deterrent.

Corner showers are also known to have a slippery floor, leading to falls if you are not cautious. This type of accident can easily be prevented by using grips. 

Secopad Non-Slip Shower Stickers

These stickers have an adhesive on the back that clings to the floor of your tub or shower to provide a textured, non-slip surface. They come in five different colors as well as a transparent version to provide you with the ability to customize the look. The stickers come in a pack of twenty-four, which should be plenty to cover most shower or bathtub floors.

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What Is The Smallest Size A Shower Can Be?

Interior of an empty modern bathroom with wooden paneled cabinets and a glass walled shower area

The smallest size for a corner shower is 32-inches by 32-inches. Custom showers can be even smaller, like barrels and buckets used as bases. Before you make any purchases, you will want to review the local building code requirements to ensure that you meet any regulations.

Ove Decors Breeze 32-Inch Corner Shower

This corner shower is 32-inch by 32-inch and includes the base and glass enclosure. It’s offered in two different colors and three different sizes.

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A round corner bathroom with a glass wall shower

What Is The Largest Size A Shower Can Be?

The largest corner shower is a 42-inch. However, custom corner showers can be made by many companies and contractors. You don’t have to limit yourself to pre-built units either; corner showers can also be built-in. A new shower is a large investment, so make sure to choose something you will be happy with for a long time.

DreamLine 42-Inch Shower Enclosure

This enclosure includes the neo-angular base and the frameless glass enclosure. Its large size gives it a luxurious and spacious feeling. It comes in a variety of finishes and base colors, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for your bathroom.

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What Is The Standard Size Of A Shower Corner Seat?

The standard size for a corner shower seat is between 17-19-inches tall and 15 inches deep. However, they can range anywhere from 15 to 19-inches tall and between 15 and 24-inches deep. The dimensions will vary depending on the size of the shower and whether the bench is built-in or stand-alone. 

Zhuoyue Corner Shower Bench

This corner shower bench has an extra shelf for storage and rubber pads on the feet for a non-slip grip. It’s made from bamboo, and it can hold up to 250-pounds.

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A corner glass walled shower area in a modern bathroom and a light gray colored vanity cabinet

Is A Corner Shower A Good Investment?

Yes, a corner shower is an excellent investment, especially if you are trying to maximize a small space. It’s also a significant investment, so if you think you may want a bathtub or something larger than a corner shower in the future, it may be best to save up for your ultimate goal. Overall, they are a good, reliable option for a new bathroom shower.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Corner Shower?

Having a new shower stall installed in your home will cost anywhere from $862-$1,010, depending on the materials used and the labor costs in your area. The shape of the shower will also have an impact on pricing, with neo-angular showers tending to be the most costly to install. Some stores will offer a flat-rate installation fee if you order the shower from them, so be sure to investigate this option as well.

Backed Into A Corner Shower

Now that you know all the different shower sizes and how they can improve your bathroom, you’re ready to start shopping. When choosing a shower, make sure to consider how much space you and your family need to shower comfortably. Good luck, and have fun with your project!

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Interior of a modern bathroom with a glass shower wall, pink colored cabinets and small plants on the wall

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