How Big Should A Foyer Rug Be?

Whether you call it a foyer or an entryway, it is the first thing people see when they enter your home. You need to choose a rug that’s both practical and appropriate for the style of your home, but you also need to choose a rug that is the right size. So, how big should your foyer rug be? Well, we’ve got the answer for you. We’ve researched in depth the possible sizes for a foyer rug and have some tips and suggestions for you to consider!

Calculate how big your foyer rug should be by first measuring your foyer. Then subtract the amount of space you would like between the rug and the wall, typically between 6″ and 18″. There isn’t a one size fits all rug size, and your foyer rug size will depend on the shape, size, and design of your foyer. It also depends on the amount of floor you’d like to keep visible.  

So we’ve told you how to calculate the general size of a rug for a foyer, but how do you decide what shape and size will be best for yours? Keep reading as we go into detail about different foyer rug sizes and shapes. We’ll also answer some other questions you might have about how to choose a foyer rug, whether a rug is necessary, and the easiest rug to clean.

Modern foyer with shoe and bag rack and large foyer rug, How Big Should A Foyer Rug Be?

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Foyer Rug Size Depends On Your Foyer

So we mentioned it briefly above, but let’s talk a little more about some things to consider when choosing the size of your foyer rug. Foyers come in all shapes and sizes, which will unsurprisingly play a part in the rug size you need. You don’t want your rug looking too small or too large, so first, consider the size and shape of your foyer. Is it long and narrow, big and wide, or small and rectangular? Having a general idea of the size in your head will help you relate to some of our image examples below! 

Long & Narrow

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Long & Narrow

If you have a long narrow foyer, you might want to use a runner rug. These rugs are typically two to 3′ wide and range from 6′ to 14′ long. If you have a large doorway, runner rugs can also work horizontally across the front of the door, like in the image below.

Large old luxury house entrance with art and yellow walls, long and narrow foyer

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Big & Wide

Foyer with leaded glass doors, big and wide foyer

If you’re lucky enough to have a large foyer, a small rug will be dwarfed by the open space, so consider adding a larger rectangular rug. These can range in size from 3′ x 5′ up to 9′ x 13′. A 5′ x 7′ would be appropriate for most foyers, but if your front door leads straight to a room like a living room, you may want to consider something bigger, or you can use a runner to visually create a hallway-like area like in the image below.

Modern hallway with stylish furniture, big and wide foyer

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Small & Rectangular

Beautiful modern entrance door with a mirror, square and rectangular foyer

If you don’t have a lot of space in your foyer, a small 2′ x 3′  rug will probably suffice. Not all rugs are square, and circular rugs are a great way to add dimension to a small room, so a circular or oval rug may also work for you, like in the example below! 

Modern hallway with stylish furniture, square and rectangular foyer

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How Much Floor Should Be Visible

Luxury entrance living room with red rug, staircase, well spaced foyer rug

Rugs are the most effective visually when they have some space around them.  If you choose a runner or a large rectangular rug, try to center it so that it has an equal amount of floor on either side. The general rule is to keep 18″ of space around a rug. If you have nice hardwood that you’d like to show off, you might want to choose a narrow or smaller rug, but if you’d rather protect your floors, choose a rug that fits snugly but still has at least 6″ of space around it. 

How Do You Choose An Entryway Rug?

Front entry foyer of a luxurious home

So we’ve given you some ideas on how to choose the right size and shape for your entryway rug, but what else is there to consider? When choosing an entryway rug, you need to think about how it will fit in with your overall design and whether it will work practically. 

Overall Design Considerations

Think about how much of a part your rug will play in your overall design. Do you want it to be the main focal point of the room, or will visitors’ eyes be focused elsewhere, like on your wallpaper or cute decor? If you want your rug to be bold and impactful, choose a bright colored or patterned rug. If you want something more subtle, a neutral-colored rug will pair well with almost any decor. 

High Traffic

Shaggy rug with dirt and pet paw on top

There are many beautiful rugs out there, but choosing a big shaggy rug for your entryway might not be a good idea if you have children or pets that might bring in the dirt on the bottom of their shoes or feet. If your entryway sees a lot of traffic, consider using a patterned entryway rug. While neutrals and solid colors can be nice, they will show a lot of dirt. Patterned rugs are much more forgiving. 

Opening & Closing The Door

Colorful entry way with purple wall vase of flowers black glass door and mosaic rug

If your rug is going to be placed close to your door, make sure you can still easily open and close the door. Having to struggle with your rug every time you open the front door will get old very fast, and if it bunches up when you close the door, it can also be a trip hazard. You don’t want your guests’ first impressions to be almost falling over!

What Type Of Rug Is Easiest To Clean?

Person in dirty shoes leaving muddy footprints on carpet

As we mentioned above, most entryways are going to see a lot of traffic and a lot of moisture, and even if shoes are taken off right away, they’ll still be on your rug for a moment. Because of this, the chances of your rug seeing the dirt at some point is pretty high, so an easy to clean rug will save you a lot of time and frustration. Inside/outside rugs are a good, affordable choice for an entryway as they are made to withstand moisture from outside. For a more luxurious option, choose a wool rug. Wool is easy to clean, stain and water-resistant, and durable.  

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Is A Foyer Rug Necessary?

A beautiful foyer entrance with a light hanging above the dark hardwood floors

A rug can transform a space, even an entryway, and it’s the first thing people see when they enter your home, but putting aesthetics aside, there are both times when an entryway rug is necessary and when it isn’t.

If you have tile floors, it might be easier for you to clean those than a rug, especially if you know your rug will see a lot of abuse. However, if you have carpeted or hardwood floors, a rug can help add a layer of protection—it’s much easier to clean a rug than a carpet! 

If you’d like to hear some more reasons about why you should have a rug in your foyer or entryway, check out “Should You Have A Rug In The Entryway?

Final Thoughts

The size of your rug depends on the size of your foyer, but hopefully, we’ve given you some helpful hints and ideas on how to choose the correct size and style! Keep in mind the size, design, and overall practicality of the rug when deciding!

For more ideas on how to style your entryway, check out our other blog post: “How to Decorate a Split Level Entryway [6 Suggestions].”

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