How Big Should A Living Room Be?

Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in your home. It's where families and guests gather. So how big should a living room be? Well, we've researched the answer to this question in-depth, so you don't have to. 

The average size of a living room in the United States is 330 square feet. However, room size will vary depending on the size of the house. 

Now you know the average size of a living room, but keep reading as we elaborate on different living room sizes. We'll also discuss what furniture you need for a living room and how to layout a small living room. Additionally, we'll go over the difference between a great room and a living room.

A modern living room with table, couch and television, How Big Should A Living Room Be?

Living Room Sizes

Obviously, not all living rooms are going to be 330 square feet. Often the size of the living room depends on the size of the rest of your house. A small living room will be around 130 square feet with dimensions of approximately 10-feet by 13-feet. A medium living room will be around 216 square feet with dimensions approximately 12-feet by 18-feet.

What Is Considered A Large Living Room?

If you have a large family, or you really enjoy entertaining guests at your home, a large living room is probably a must. For a living room to be considered large, it should be over 300 square feet. This means that the average American household has a large living room. Large living rooms will measure at least 15-feet by 20-feet, but custom-built homes may have much larger living rooms. 

What Is The Difference Between A Great Room And A Living Room?

Great room with marble floors

You might have heard the term great room in a similar context to the living room, but what's the difference? To many people, the terms can be used interchangeably, especially if their home only has one room. However, when it comes to floorplans, a great room is the term used for an open floor plan area that can be used as a living room, study, office, or recreational room in one combined space. 

A great room might include a living room area. The living room has one main purpose, whereas the great room may have multiple. Generally speaking, a great room is less formal and more casual than a living room.

Is A Den Smaller Than A Living Room?

There are arguments about whether the den is smaller than a living room. In some homes, the den may be a smaller room than the living room, but the den is much larger in others. One thing that can be agreed upon is what a den is used for.

A den is an informal room, like a family room, where people can retreat in private or hang out together and watch movies or play games. It has a relaxed environment and is not usually used to entertain guests. Smaller dens often double as a study or office, while larger dens are usually furnished with large sectionals and family activities.

How Do You Layout A Small Living Room?

So if you're not lucky enough to have a large living room, how should you layout a small living room? There are a few tips that will maximize the space of your living room. 

Cut Down On The Number Of Furniture Pieces

Living room with table, couch and television

First, you should decide which pieces of living room furniture are essential. If you plan to invite people over a lot, seating might be a priority. Think about whether your living room should be set with a conversation area or whether you just need a couch and a TV. If you have a small living room, you won't have a lot of extra space for unnecessary items. 

Downsize Your Furniture

Space problem in a small living room

Choose smaller versions of living room furniture. Not everyone can fit a huge sectional in their living room, and furniture manufacturers know this! There are small couches available to accommodate your small living room.

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Dual Purpose Furniture

You should also try to make one piece of furniture do two jobs! Have an ottoman double up as an extra seat or storage. Finding dual purposes for furniture can help save space in your living room. 

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Placing The Furniture

Focal Point

Once you've decided on your essential furniture, you need to think about the layout. Most living rooms center around a focal point like a TV or fireplace. 

Cozy small living room with fireplace

Distance the furniture as much as you can. Create space between your items of furniture so that it doesn't feel too cluttered. Use walls to place couches against and take advantage of corners. 

Conversational Living Room

If you're more interested in sitting down and chatting with your friends or family, consider turning your living room into a conversation room. In this case, you'll focus mainly on the seating arrangement. You can pair two chairs with a sofa or four chairs around a coffee table, or you can just have two sofas. The main idea is that the seating arrangement allows for people to sit face to face and talk.

Small living room interior with pastel colored armchairs and coffee table and wooden shelve on parquet with plant and window in the background

Whichever layout you choose, if you have a small living room, going for a minimalist design will help make the space feel bigger. Also, consider adding a mirror to your room as another way to make the room feel larger. 

For more small living room ideas, check out: "35 Very Small Living Room Ideas."

What Furniture Do You Need For A Living Room?

Earlier, we mentioned that if you have a small living room, you should stick with only the essential living room furniture items, but what are those? Some furniture pieces are necessary for a living room, no matter what size room you have.


The number one priority should be seating. You can't relax and watch TV without somewhere to sit, and most people don't want to stand up to chat, so the first piece of furniture on your mind should be a sofa or couch. The sofa is the largest and arguably the most important piece of furniture in the living room.

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TV Stand 

If you plan on having a TV in your living room, you'll need something to put it on unless you plan on mounting it to the wall. Console tables, TV units, or stands are all good options. Console tables can double up as extra storage and can be quite decorative too.

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Coffee Table or End Tables

Next, you'll probably want to consider some kind of table. Whether it's an end table to hold additional lighting or a coffee table for your drinks, most living rooms won't be complete without some extra surface area. Plus, they are a great place to add additional decor items like vases, photo frames, or candles. 

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Area Rugs

Finally, the best way to complete your look is with an area rug to connect all of your pieces together. Rugs also help protect your floor and add some warmth to your space. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope our article has been helpful to find out the average size of a living room. Not only that, but we also hope we've helped answer some other questions you have about living rooms. And, if your living room does err on the smaller side, hopefully, we've given you some ideas and inspiration on how to maximize the space. 

For more living room inspiration, especially if you're lucky enough to have an extra-large living room, check out our other blog post: "11 Extra Large Living Room Layout Ideas."

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