How Big Should A Mirror Or Art Be Over A Console Table?

Console tables provide visual impact and functionality in small spaces.  Because they stand only about waist-high, they are often paired with large mirrors or artwork on the wall above them. 

If you consider adding wall decor above a console table, you may be wondering what its dimensions should be.  We've done the research, and we have the answers for you!

A single piece of art hung above a console table should measure approximately two-thirds of the table's width and be 30" to 36" high.  The bottom edge of the frame should be 8" - 10" above the table's surface. 

A mirror should measure one-half to three-quarters of the width of the console table.  Its bottom edge should be 6" above the surface of the table, and the mirror should be 30" - 42" high.   

Of course, you should consider more than just the height and width of the object you place over the table.  You might consider hanging items other than mirrors or large art pieces, or you may wonder whether you can break the "rules" regarding size and placement. 

You will also want to consider what items to place on the top of your console table and how they will complement the table and wall decor.  We'll discuss all of those questions in this article: read on to learn more!

Poster frame in Scandinavian style modern interior living room, How Big Should A Mirror Or Art Be Over A Console Table?

How Big Should A Mirror Or Art Be Over A Console Table?

Because console tables stand about 30" to 36" high, it is typical for mirrors or art above them to be approximately the same height and somewhat less than the width of the table. 

Adhering to these general guidelines ensures a visual balance between the table and the art.


A mirror hung over a console table should measure one-half to three-quarters of the width of the table and 30" to 42" high. 

A wider mirror will dwarf the table, and a taller one will upset the vertical balance and extend too close to the ceiling.  The bottom edge of the mirror should be 6" above the tabletop.

However, there can be exceptions to this rule.  For example, a tall mirror above a console table can make a dramatic statement in a high-ceilinged room.  Smaller mirrors can also sometimes be appropriate.

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Elegant round mirror in wooden frame above fancy console table with flowers in vase in trendy bedroom interior with beige vase

In this bedroom, the console table replaces a vanity.  The mirror is smaller than typical and placed at a height where a standing woman can view her face in it. 

However, the total distance from the top of the table to the top edge of the mirror's frame is about the same as the distance from the floor to the tabletop.  Thus, the vertical balance is preserved.

Single Artwork

A single large piece of art above a console table should measure approximately two-thirds of the table's width and be 30" to 36" high.  Unlike a mirror, the bottom edge of the artwork is placed 10" above the tabletop.

Modern iron staircase in a spacious foyer designed with gray hardwood floors and wood console table under abstract wall art

The wall art in this picture balances the height and width of the table.

What Else Can You Hang Above A Console Table?

While large mirrors and art pieces are the most common items to mount on the wall above a console table, there are many other creative alternatives.

Single Large Textiles

Tapestries and other rectangular-shaped textile hangings follow the same sizing guidelines as single-large art pieces.  However, textiles with non-uniform shapes have more flexibility. 

For example, the macrame hanging shown here can be as wide as the table at its top because its tapering point has the effect of making it appear narrower.  Thus, it does not overwhelm the view of the table.

Multiple-Panel Artwork

Two-panel artwork is typical over console tables.  The outside edges of the panels should line up precisely with the edges of the table. 

Artwork of three or more panels is generally too wide to fit the wall above any except the longest console tables; still, it can make a dramatic statement as long as it doesn't overlap the edges of the table.

Metal Wall Sculptures

Interior floral poster mock up with vertical wooden frame

Metal wall sculptures typically consist of multiple pieces with a non-rectangular outline.  Thus, their size and placement can be more flexible than that of a rectangular piece of art.

Multiple-Piece Art Or Photo Collages

Collages consisting of multiple framed artworks or photos can also look great above a console table, packing a visual punch when coordinated with decor atop the table.

Can Art Be Wider Than A Console Table?

In most cases, the art on the wall above a console table should be no wider than the table itself.  A single large piece of art should measure about two-thirds of the width of the table. 

A two- or three-panel artwork can extend to the edges of the table but not beyond.  However, a collection of multiple smaller pieces, such as a photo collage or a group of metal artifacts, can be wider than the table itself without destroying the balance.

Beige table with decorations for Halloween, wider decorations above the console table

This picture demonstrates how a photo collage can be wider than the console table below it.

Should Art Be Centered On The Wall Over Furniture?

Traditional wisdom calls for wall art to be centered over furniture; however, console tables allow for some flexibility in that rule.  Mirrors and wall art above a console table can be offset from the center if the decor on the table's top serves as a visual bridge.

For example, in the picture below, the poster above the desk is offset so that its right-hand edge aligns with the outer edge of the desk.  The lamp on the left side of the desk bridges the resulting visual gap.

Poster on a white brick wall above the desk and shelves in hipster style

How Do You Style A Console Table?

Once you've purchased a console table and placed it in your home, your next step is to "style" it -- to produce the visual effect you're looking for by putting decor on, around, above, and beneath the table. 

You will no doubt have been thinking about this step all along as you planned and purchased wall art, a mirror, or decor for the table.  Completing the look involves a five-step process, outlined below:

Table with plants and decorations

Select a visual anchor

Add a striking, usually large, piece that draws and holds the eye.  Usually, whatever you have placed on the wall above the table serves in this role; however, it is possible to have a large sculpture or piece of pottery on the tabletop that anchors the ensemble.

Add height

Bridge the gap between the tabletop and the bottom of the wall art by adding decorative objects of varying heights to the top of the table. These objects might include lamps, candles, framed photos, a vase with flowers or a dried arrangement, or other similar decorative items.

Add texture

You have several options here, too: a textile piece on the wall, a runner atop the console table, towels in a wicker basket on a shelf, and even a pouf stored under the table.

Create balance along the length of the table.

If your wall art is centered over the table, then arrange the tabletop with the tallest pieces of decor on the ends and the shortest in the center, with medium-height objects between.  If you've chosen an off-center placement for your wall art, put a tall item like a lamp or a flower arrangement in the gap and shorter decor on the tabletop beneath the art.

Include an organic element.

Add a touch of natural vibrancy by including a plant, a vase with flowers or beautiful cut branches, or even a terrarium.

Play with these elements until you achieve the visual effect that's perfect for your space!

In Conclusion

There are limitless options for styling a console table and the area around it.  You can choose a traditional design, with a large mirror or piece of artwork on the wall above the table and a few smaller items on the tabletop. 

You can also experiment with off-center placement, a collage, or unusual textures like macrame or metal on the wall.  Follow the guidelines above, and you'll create a space that looks great!

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