How Big Should A Coffee Table Be?

Figuring out what size coffee table you need can be tricky at times. Do you want to purchase one but don't know how tall or long it needs to be? We've done the work to bring you the answers you need. 

Your coffee table should be two-thirds the length of your sofa. For example, if your sofa is 96 inches long, your coffee table should be 64 inches. Height-wise, a coffee table should be level to your couch's cushions or a few inches lower.

As we begin, we will cover all things coffee tables and tag some related products. Whether you are going for something simple or want a one-of-a-kind coffee table, it's important to choose the right size. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Luxury interior home with coffee cup and gray midcentury loveseat with coffee table, How Big Should A Coffee Table Be?

How To Choose A Coffee Table Size

When it comes to finding the perfect coffee table, see how much room you are working with. Generally, there should be about four inches of space between your sofa and table, so try finding one that will fit nicely.

Although coffee tables are decorative, we think it's important to find one you can also use. With that said, we recommend a big enough table to fit snacks, books, homework, and whatever makes its way into the living room.

Wooden coffee table and gray corner sofa in living room with window wall

Can A Coffee Table Be Too Big For A Room?

If your coffee table is noticeably taller or longer than your couch, it will look out of place. Like we covered, your coffee table should not be bigger than two-thirds of your sofa and shouldn't be taller than its seat cushions.

How Do You Measure A Coffee Table?

Typically, you should measure a coffee table by its length and width in relation to your space. When it comes to depth, we think it is up to you and will depend on how you want to use your table.

Wider coffee tables tend to be better for everyday life, so we recommend going with that style if you want something practical. On the other hand, if your table is strictly decorative, you can go with a slimmer design.

This engineered wood coffee table has a rustic design, three-tiered shelves, measures 31.5 x 31.5 x 17.7 inches, and promises to be easy to build.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

What Are The Standard Dimensions For A Coffee Table?

In general, coffee tables are between 36-48 inches long and 18-24 inches wide. Of course, if this isn't ideal for your sofa, you can usually find a larger or smaller option depending on the brand.

As long as your sofa is a loveseat or bigger, a standard-sized coffee table should fit with it nicely.

This two-tiered coffee table is wood and metal, measures 43.3 x 21.7 x 17.7 inches, and has six adjustable legs.

Check out this coffee table on Amazon here.

How Tall Should A Coffee Table Be In Relation To The Couch?

Luxury interior home with coffee cup and gray midcentury loveseat with coffee table, How Big Should A Coffee Table Be?

Regardless of your couch's height, your coffee table should be at or below its seat cushions. Depending on the aesthetic you are going with, having your table lower is fine, but we don't recommend going higher.

For anyone after a super modern look, this is when you might want to go with a lower table. With that said, we don't think your coffee table should be more than four inches lower than the seats of your sofa.

This modern coffee table has a high gloss European design, a bottom storage shelf, and 48 x 24 x 12 inches.

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Are Low Coffee Tables In Style?

Although some choose to deny it, low-rising coffee tables are stylish options. Usually, a lower sitting coffee table is considered modern and is a common design choice in luxury real estate.

Low furniture first became popular in the 70s and has gone in and out of style since. If your sofa is on the lower side or you want to modernize your space, we think a low-rise coffee table is a good idea.

This mid-century modern coffee table has a durable particleboard construction, two spacious drawers, and is 23 x 47 x 14 inches.

View this coffee table on Amazon here.

Does A Coffee Table Need To Be Centered?

When it comes to having your coffee tabled centered, we think this is a good idea. Even if your couch is at an angle, keeping your coffee table centered with it creates an aesthetically pleasing look in your space.

For anyone with a round coffee table, we think centering it with your couch is also the best placement.

How Far Should A Coffee Table Be From A Sofa?

In general, your coffee table should be 16-18 inches away from your sofa. This allows for enough legroom and walking space between your couch and coffee table.

Depending on how big your living room is, you might want to leave even more space between your furniture, so move things around if you need to.

What Is The Point Of A Coffee Table?

Large and luxurious interiors of a modern living room with lounge area and dining space

A coffee table is essentially a low, small table that usually goes in front of a sofa or lounge chair. You can put food, drinks, books, and decorative items on a coffee table, similar to a side table.

Although a coffee table won't replace a dining table, it is still a convenient and comfortable place to hang out.

Do I Need A Coffee Table?

When it comes to needing a coffee table, we do not think having one is necessary. With that said, adding a coffee table to your living room is an investment in your home and will be a great place to rest your feet.

If you aren't into side tables or console tables, we think a coffee table is a good addition to your living room.

How Much Does A Coffee Table Cost?

Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $200 to well over $500 on a coffee table. Depending on your table's materials/quality, its price might even reach over $1,000.

Out of the various tables we saw, hardwood, glass, and marble options had the highest price tags.

This mid-century glass coffee table has a Manchurian ash base, durable tempered glass, and comes in a few different wood finishes.

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Is There A Difference Between Coffee And Side Tables?

The key difference between coffee and side tables is their size. Between the two, coffee tables are bigger than side tables and usually sit lower to the ground.

Side tables are more for lamps and essential items, versus coffee tables being good for just about anything. If you need more space and functionality, we recommend a coffee table over a side table.

To Wrap Things Up

Two modern wooden coffee tables with hexagonal tops

Whether you are redecorating or need a new place to rest your feet, knowing what size coffee table to get is essential. From what we found, a coffee table should be two-thirds the length of your sofa and be level with its cushions.

For anyone looking for a new coffee table, low-rise and simple modern designs are good options to try. Price-wise, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a good quality coffee table. Regardless of your home's aesthetic, make sure to measure your space and choose a sturdy coffee table.

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