How Big Should Living Room Windows Be?

Whether you plan out your dream home or have questions about your current windows, we have the answers for you. The windows in your living room can make or break your space, and it is so important to know what size is just right. We researched this, so you have all the information that you need! Now let's dive in. 

The windows in your living room should be large enough to let in as much light as possible. The average size of a living room window spans from a width of 24 to 96 inches and a height of 12 to 96 inches. That is an insanely broad range, and we are here to help explain it. Every space is different.

As you continue this read, we will go into what styles of windows go with your space and how to utilize them. Every single home is unique, and your windows play a critical role in your space. Let's get all these window questions answered.

Modern contemporary living room with a huge window on the background, white wooden framed sofas, and a wooden coffee table in front, How Big Should Living Room Windows Be?

How do you determine window size?

Deciding on your window size is going to correspond with the wall space directly you are working with. Let's say you have a 20-foot ceiling and don't know what size window you should place to look good. We suggest using tall and narrow windows to open the space without having an entire wall of windows. That also goes for smaller spaces that may be looking into the floor to ceiling styles.

The key to choosing the perfect window is taking into consideration how much glass you can handle. These windows aren't going to clean themselves. 

Our Suggestion 

Vintage styled living room with wooden flooring, white sofas with a wooden coffee table, and white painted walls

You can't go wrong with dual windows, and this example is a great visual to check out. You can see how choosing a more slender and tall window creates almost a wall of light in your room without actually becoming one. This design has an immaculate and modern feel to it, and that may be precisely what you are looking for.

Standard Living Room Window

Interior of a modern rustic living room with brown painted walls, hardwood flooring, brown leather sectional sofas, and a white painted fireplace mantel

This living room is considered relatively standard when it comes to window placement and size. Many homes have one area of their wall that uses a larger window, and this is a great and classic design if you roll like that. We always suggest going with more windows than blank walls, but this is a judgment-free zone. 

How big is a picture window?

Picture windows have been rising in popularity among homeowners and builders for years and aren't going out of style any time soon. A typical picture window will measure 50 by 40 inches and usually go into a living room or kitchen. The cool thing about picture windows is how diverse they are in size and style. Whenever you see a borderless window that almost looks like a frame, a picture window is most likely what you are looking at. 

Picture Window

Modern living room with white painted walls, light gray sectional sofas with blue and white throw pillows, and a huge picture window on the background

This set of windows is a picture style and feels like you could run right through them. Picture windows meet their hype when it comes to their effortless and modern styling. This is a good living room window option. 

How do I choose the right window size?

Choosing the perfect window for your space is going to be entirely up to your design preference. Maybe you are more into a modern and borderless feel and should try out a picture frame window, or perhaps you prefer something more classic. Your windows should match the energy in your space and also measure out at an appropriate size.

Tall Ceilings 

If you are working with a very tall and open space, we recommend looking into taller window options. Slender and double or triple windows create terrific natural light and allow your living room to feel welcoming and livable. Rounded windows also tend to look very good in taller spaces, so we recommend looking into those as well. 

Normal Height Ceilings 

Now, if you have a pretty standard height ceiling, we recommend trying a wider window or set of windows. The overall theme we see in newer homes is a stacked window design that feels very modern and bright. Going with wider and shorter windows in a smaller room will make your space feel much more open. 

Odd Shaped Windows

For those who prefer to go to the beat of our own drum, maybe trying these odd-shaped windows is a great idea. Modern living spaces tend to incorporate abstract features in their design and decor, and this is an exciting take on living room windows. 

Sliding Glass Doors 

Although these are not technically windows, we decided to throw them in as well. Going with sliding glass doors is a great middle of the road option for those of you who may want accessibility in your living room. This room did a great job matching the actual windows to the sliding glass doors and an open-air feel. 

How much space should be between the windows?

Spacing out the windows in your living room is very important when designing. We always say to go with aligning your windows evenly to give your space a well-planned look. Your windows should be divided between singular or panel styles and need to stay cohesive. Even if you are creating a wall of windows, you need to make sure they are all spaced out correctly. 

Evenly Spaced Windows

A large bay window of an empty dining area

Here you can see a perfectly aligned set of windows that came out looking very aesthetically pleasing. This is an exaggerated window example but does give you an idea of how to space multiple windows on a wall correctly. When in doubt, even it out. 

Should windows be centered on a wall?

The short answer to this question is yes. The long answer to this question is also yes. Your windows have got to be centered on your wall, or your space will look very unfinished. That is not to say you can't be creative and have fun with your windows but let's always keep a point of center and reference. 

Centered Windows 

Interior of a gray contemporary living room with a gray leather chair, floral wallpaper on the TV section, and white sleeper sofas

Centered windows have such an elegant and simple look to them and are often overlooked. Even when using many windows on a wall, it is so important to keep them aligned. This window is a picture frame example and turned out pleasing to the eye. 

Non-Centered Windows 

Spacious modern living room with white hardwood flooring, white sofas, black wooden end table, and cream painted walls

Here we have a living room with a non centered window design, and it just looks off to us. Even if this room had added one more window to make it a pleasing three situation, this could have been much better. Having a window on either side of the wall tends to make your space look boxed in and smaller than it may actually be. 



If you wish to add windows on either side of the wall even after seeing the room above, we have found a tasteful alternative. Putting a mantle and fireplace between your rogue windows will frame the space and make it look purposeful. A fireplace also adds a ton of value to your home and ups it's reselling value. 

To Conclude

Your windows create such vital natural light and positive energy in your space, so it is super important to choose the right one. Windows come in such a vast amount of styles and sizes, so it can be daunting to find the perfect one for your room. We always suggest going with a picture frame style and pairing up windows next to each other. There is not one perfect window, but there are much better options for specific ceiling heights. 

When it comes to spacing and aligning the windows in your living room, we always suggest keeping it even and equal. Stacking windows is also a very cool way to create a wall feeling without having to install one. Windows are an essential area in our home and do bring us so much light and happiness. 

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